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Do You Prefer Warm or Cool Weather?

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Warm weather or cool weather? Personally, I prefer cooler weather. There is just something enjoyable about cooler weather than warmer weather. Especially here in Houston, where Summer can be brutally hot, cooler weather is always welcome for us Houstonians. Many people either love cool weather or warm weather. It all depends on what you're used to and what you can really tolerate. There are a number of people from Frost Belt states who lovingly go south and west to get away from the snowy north and east during Fall/Autumn and Winter.

But which do you prefer- warm weather or cool weather? I've been wanting to debut this new label for my blog posts for the longest, and here you go:

About the Label: "Take Your Pick":

"Take Your Pick" is a blog label regarding my readers to pick one or more sides of something. I will mostly encourage my readers to choose between one or more featured items. The point is for my readers to choose between two or more different items featured in a post. My hope is to get some more involvement and commentary from readers.

--- Take Your Pick: Warm Weather or Cool Weather? ---

So where do YOU stand? Please note that "warm" can mean warm days and hot days, and "cool" means cool days and cold days.

Why Warm Weather?

For most people, not having to wear layers or heavy clothing are the main reasons why many love warm weather more than cool weather. There are also those who enjoy going to the beach. No better way to enjoy life on the beach or in coastal areas than on a warm/hot day. People also love wearing shorts for warm days, and many others also love wearing sandals to embrace the warm weather. And not one day will go by where you will see at least one pair of flip-flop/thong sandals being worn on these days.

Most females enjoy wearing capris, skirts, and certain dresses to take in the warm weather. That's why most love wearing their short shorts and mini skirts on such warm days. I refer to this as beating the heat by looking hot. :) These times of year are usually the times where you normally see beach-inspired fashions and surf-inspired fashions take over for wardrobe. Girls usually embrace the warm weather times with shorts and skirts from makes like Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Volcom, and brands like those.

Sports fans enjoy and know warm weather times for sports like baseball. Various Spring and Summer sports are also popular and well-loved around these times of year.

Why Cool Weather?

Cooler weather allows you to dress comfortably and not have to worry about battling the heat. My idea of a beautiful day is a sunny day with temperatures between 65°F to 79°F. I also like sunny cool days that have only calm winds or even breezy days. Considering how hot it can be in Houston, anyone sick of the Texas heat reluctantly look forward to cooler weather times.

For many that love warmer weather, most people dislike cooler weather because of having to wear layers and bundling up. Many people feel like wearing shorts and sandals rather than longer jeans/pants and covered shoes. A number of females are reluctant to tuck jean legs and pant legs into a chic pair of boots. From my popular "Party Time!" blog post, there are lots of ladies who would love to head out on the town in cocktail dresses.

I know and love this time of year for gridiron football. Then later, basketball season rolls around. So it's a great time to be a sports fan this time of year.

So where do you stand- warmer weather or cooler weather? Take your pick! Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I love the colder weather!  There's just something about pretty snowflakes falling outside the window, fireplaces, and hiding under warm blankets that I love.  I also love winter fashion a little more: things like warm cozy sweaters, tights, and boots are fun to wear.  :)

♥ Principessa Gabriella

John B. Marine said...

I like colder weather too! fall is my favourite season, just before it get's properly freezing, but it's really nice to sit in front of a fire with a cup of cocoa, where as in summer it's too hard to sleep in the heat, plus all the bug's! ick! so yes, to conclude defo cool weather!

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