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Vintage Fashion

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Vintage chic has shown that one can show Old World glamour while living in today's postmodern times. This is an inspiration-driven post of vintage looks rather than a completely detailed look at vintage chic. What you will see are various bloggers wearing vintage (as well as vintage-inspired) items. Vintage can range from thrifted old fashions to modern fashions with a vintage twist. It can also relate to vintage fashion touches with makeup and hair styled up in vintage ways. In all of these posts, you will note various fashion bloggers going vintage.

Maybe in future edits, I may expand upon the vintage theme to include more material. For now, this is a blog post mostly about vintage fashions worn by various fashion bloggers.

--- Vintage Chic: Why Do It? ---

While there is nothing wrong with wearing some of today's fashions, wearing fashions from and inspired from the past can be just as lovely. Vintage can range from the rebellious fashions of the 1970s to even taking cues from Victorian-era fashion. Various designers and makeup artists have helped to make vintage style trendy even today. Rather than a lot of people embracing some of today's of-the-moment trends, many have found style going back in time while still looking great in the present and for the future.

Many who enjoy thrift shopping find joy in putting together looks based on vintage items. It is great to have such vintage influences in putting outfits together. You may head to certain vintage stores or thrift shops to put together your vintage masterpiece. Either that, or just find some vintage items that are still every bit as stylish now as they were then. Also, consider those who don't want to always shop at all the major retailers for the latest fashions. Not every girl wants to shop at Forever 21 or someplace for the latest fashions.

I was planning on posting some pictures to set the mood for vintage fashion, but I was unable to find any really good ones. So I won't be using any pictures to set the mood for this blog post.

The real body of this post relies on vintage inspiration from other bloggers. That's what is coming up next!

--- Vintage Chic Around the Blogosphere ---

Vintage can mean many things to many people. Therefore, I will look at vintage from many different angles. Each post has at least one or more pieces and/or items relevant to vintage style.

Each heading features the name of the blog. Each bullet to the section features a blog post featured and the name of the specific blog post. Below each featured blog post is a description of each post. So get an idea of each post before you click on the featured post. It is best you open these links in other windows or tabs (depending on your browser) so you can keep reading the rest of this post of mine.

Oh, and if you get to meet any new bloggers and want to thank me for introducing them to you... then, you're welcome! :) We are all bloggers, and meeting other bloggers around the world is always a cool thing to do.

tiny sailor.

Niki is a girl that loves beachy, vintage chic. So she very much appreciates vintage chic. Her somewhat long hair even adds vintage influence. You will enjoy Niki's blog if you love chic inspired by the beach or by vintage. She is one of the first to come to mind for me in regards to vintage style.

tropical pin-up.
Niki wears a cute vintage romper/playsuit with a halter design. Its color and pattern absolutely cry vintage.

vintage seventies romper.
One romper not good enough for you? Well, how about another? This was featured previously in my blog post about the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots post. Niki wears her "Lita" boots with this vintage romper/playsuit. Vintage meets modern in this one.

it's just tequila and the beach, that's why it's salty when we kiss.
Niki is rocking vintage chic again with a cute pair of flared jeans. This is hippie love from this beachy cutie.

Principessa Gabriella.

Your favorite Italian fashion princess, Gabriella, is up next. Gabriella is a beautiful plus size lady who has some vintage-inspired beauty touches and sometimes vintage-inspired clothing as well.

Never too late...Outfits!
Seven outfits are featured. Outfits #2 and #5 are very vintage in appearance. The second outfit is VERY vintage in looks while #5 is vintage with some modern twists.

Give Me Bows.

Meet Elyse of "Give Me Bows." This young lady's style is sweet and soft with many vintage-inspired looks. You should really subscribe and follow her blog because she has many lovely vintage-type looks. Most of them are mostly lovely dresses or top + skirt combinations. Of all the posts I could have featured, I think you're going to love this blog post if you want to see a beautiful vintage outfit:

Seeing Spots
Honestly, I don't think you can do a vintage look any better than this. A light blue dress with white polka dots is adorned with some cute low-heel shoes. Look at the blog post above. I think you'll love it.


Karla and her very vintage closet are open for you to see her many looks. Many of those looks usually feature some sort of vintage piece or pieces. You will find a few vintage looks in this blog post featuring some of the ones on KARLA'S CLOSET. Three of her more recent posts will be featured here.

Plenty of Sunshine
Here is a lovely dress along with a pair of vintage earrings and a hot pair of Louboutin platform pumps. Karla is in her mid-20s (as of this blog post), but she shows some '70s chic with this lovely outfit post of hers.

Prints Charming
Too good for one dress? Here's another! This is a fabulous '70s short dress she wears in "Prints Charming."

Puffy Prints
While I honestly don't really like the pumps she wears in "Puffy Prints," the blouse she wears in this blog post is purely vintage and lovely.

La Vagabond Dame.

Natalie is a teenage fashion blogger very much into the vintage scene. From Sunnyvale, California, USA (someplace just south of greater San Francisco); this girl has many different vintage-inspired looks. I've chosen a recent post to demonstrate her vintage chic.

bored by the chore of saving face
This is beautiful- a lovely blouse is paired with a groovy pair of flare jeans and some sweet shoes. Have a look at her lovely style in the post above.

Lucy and the Runaways.

Natalie is a young Asian lady born in New Zealand and relocated to Australia. The Kiwi does specialize mostly in vintage-inspired looks. Two of her vintage-style looks will be featured here for your enjoyment.

I'm wearing blue, but I'm not feeling blue because I love wearing vintage
While I could feature this post in my popular post on the "Lita" boots from Jeffrey Campbell (I actually have this featured blog post as part of another blog post I'm working on), the main highlight is the vintage shirt she's wearing. The blue color is a beautiful royal blue color as it compliments her skirt and her booties, both of which are black. So this is a real blue and black outfit she wears here.

Style Diary July 2011 - A collection of my favourite looks
A collage of Natalie's favorite looks are featured here. Of all the looks, a good number of them have vintage influence to them. Feel free to gauge her vintage charm in all of the outfit posts featured in this post.

The Electric Heart Girl.

Among all of the featured blogs, "The Electric Heart Girl" is one of the latest I am following here on Blogger/Blogspot. The young blogger behind "The Electric Heart Girl" is a Tibetian girl from Nepal named Tenzin Kelsang (also known as Ksang (or K-Sang?)). I have a post I'd like to feature of her to keep the vintage theme going:

Can You Be My Flower Boy.?
Her floral pants and sunglasses are both vintage pieces. They are complimented by a belted long shirt and some wedge open-toe boots. See for yourself this young lady putting together two vintage pieces in one outfit.

The criteria for all of this involves the blog creators themselves being featured in blog posts with some sort of vintage influence. Have you a blog post with vintage fashion cues or makeup touches that other readers of "John's Blog Space" may be interested in? Feel free to contact me via E-mail and tell me about your vintage-relevant blog post. If I like your post, I may feature it in future edits to better service my readers.

--- In Case You're Interested... ---

There are some past blog posts that may interest you if you are into old-style fashion. These are past blog posts of mine, many of which are popular (thanks to all of you!). Here is some extra reading:

Pin-Up Girl Style - my popular blog post on pin-up girls.
Heidi Van Horne - whom I call the world's hottest pin-up girl and whom I've met at the 2010 Houston Auto Show.
Katy Perry - the beautiful recording artist who is VERY much vintage-inspired.
Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots - modern lace-up booties with a retro twist. POPULAR post of mine.
Flare Flair - my post about flared bottoms. Very much a vintage-style look.
Exposing Midriff - midriff-bearing has some vintage appeal.
High-Waisted Bottoms - high waist looks are very vintage.

Subscribe to "John's Blog Space" to keep up with all the latest posts of mine. More info on how to do so at the bottom of this post!

What do you make of vintage fashion? What do you think about going vintage rather than always be about the latest fashions? Share your thoughts! Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

Nice post, I love vintage-inspired and actual vintage clothes,makeup, etc.  I wish I could find cute (actual) vintage things but there aren't too many places that sell them near me (that I know of) and even if there are, they probably don't have many plus size items.  I'll just have to stick with vintage-inspired.  :)

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