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Blogging Before Blogspot

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Let me tell you a little story. Did you know that before Blogger/Blogspot, most of my blogging was on Myspace? My Myspace blog still remains intact today! I would mostly blog about anything that crossed my mind- just like here on John's Blog Space. Since a lot of my friends became interested in what I had to type about and post in bulletins back in the glory days of Myspace, I would share some stories with everyone including some personal thoughts of mine. I knew I had friends who cared about me and could offer some great words when I am not feeling strong. So because of this, I was able to share some of my issues. Nothing EXTREMELY personal, though. I even mentioned once about blogging for money in my Myspace blog. Over time, I became interested in starting a blog elsewhere. And in so, I chose Blogger/Blogspot.

This blog highlights on my past blogging on Myspace before graduating to Blogger/Blogspot.

--- Blogging Before Blogger/Blogspot ---

My Myspace blogging thoughts and history will be explained here. You will get to learn about my blogging past before coming onto the Blogger/Blogspot service.

From Myspace Blogging to Blogger/Blogspot Blogging.

Anyone who may know my story knows that I have apparently set up a Blogger profile in 2007, but never posted an actual blog post until 2009. And at that time, I didn't even think about a specific name for this blog. I then eventually came up with "John's Blog Space" to define and establish my blog. It was initially intended to be about the Gran Turismo series (among other things). After posting certain blog posts, I decided to focus my blog more on various topics as I was getting bored trying to stick to the Gran Turismo series. Once I became more serious about blogging, I decided that I wanted to try to monetize my blog. After all, I wanted to profit from my work because I wanted to feel like my work was actually being valued. So I took up on Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. I was uncertain what kind of occupation I wanted to take part in or what college aspirations I actually want to complete, so I stuck with doing blog posts and YouTube videos. I enjoy doing both.

I always kept a little text file stored on my computer or on some external media storing my work. I've always had this sort of knack for typing up a lot of text that would eventually lead to detailed posts. I would fear that I'd lose all of my text in case the computer crashes. Also, I want to make sure that if I did screw up something, I could quickly edit it and edit the previously-released post with the new data. This is a practice I still do. Only instead of using Wordpad (because I did not want to have to load RTF files in Microsoft Word), I mostly use text files with NoteTab. NoteTab is also more flexible to me in all that I do in posting blog entries.

Lessons Learned from Myspace Blogging.

Really, I didn't get to gauge my appeal in blogging until I started becoming more experienced with HTML. Myspace doesn't really allow you to get really creative with your blog. I started learning more techniques to enhance blog posts as I became more experienced using the Blogger/Blogspot interface. Even more so when I started using the Blogger in Draft features. When I was trying to promote my YouTube channel, I used my Myspace blog to get my Myspace friends to care about my videos. So Myspace has meant many things to me in trying to promote my material.

Has Blogging on Myspace Made me Better for Blogger/Blogspot?

To an extent, yes. I could communicate with a much bigger audience compared to my days on Myspace. More people have found John's Blog Space than hardly anyone finding my Myspace profile (let alone its blog). I just became more confident in what I post when I started doing more blogging on Blogger/Blogspot than on Myspace.

Myspace is also where I tried to meet many people from around the world. I wanted to try to be friends with others to try to expand my international appeal. Sort of the international appeal came over time when more people started viewing "John's Blog Space." Even more so when "John's Shop Space" and "John's Gran Turismo Space" got their respective views. To this date, over 170 to 180 countries and territories have visited any of my Blogger/Blogspot blogs at any time.

In all honesty, though... I sort of taught myself how to be better as a Blogger in going from Myspace to Blogger/Blogspot. Part of the maturation came in learning HTML and CSS to enhance blog posts. The main part of blogging that still matters at the end of the day is content, and that is one element that hasn't changed one bit in my blogging.

I guess you can say I've come a long way. :)

--- A Salute to my Myspace Blogging Roots ---

With Myspace being a sinking ship, I just want to thank Myspace and all of my Myspace friends for even caring about my blog on Myspace. I never thought I would care so much about blogging that I would graduate to Blogger/Blogspot. I am thankful for everyone to see my primary blog. As Facebook's popularity was growing, I started focusing more on my Facebook audience while still staying true to my Myspace friends.

I still eventually want to have my Myspace friends who have Facebook to friend me on Facebook and "like" my Fan Page. Since Myspace is dying (or dead to many others), I do not want to completely lose touch with my loyal Myspace people.

--- Was I Destined to be a Blogger? ---

One last thing...

Is Blogging Really My Trade?

You know, I've had a knack for making long and detailed material. So you can probably say that I've perfected becoming a blogger by simply typing up a bunch of stuff while making sure it all eventually makes sense. Since I habitually do lots of typing, you could say that blogging has been both a hobby and a profession to me.

While I do try to profit from my blogging, I hate getting the impression (not that anyone says it about me) that I care more about blogging for money than I do blogging for the love of posting blogs. Sure, I want to profit from my work, but it is more important that I share my mind and meet new people all the while. I felt like I have become a better blogger over time ranging from Myspace blog posting to making detailed posts in online forums. Sometimes, a habit or a hobby ends up becoming your strongest trade.

Want to See My Old Blog?

If you want to see my blogging before Blogspot, you may visit my old Myspace blog here: my old Myspace blog.

These days, I mostly use my Myspace blog to tell my Myspace friends to visit my Facebook fan page as well as my blogs- John's Blog Space, John's Shop Space, and John's Gran Turismo Space. You never forget where you came from. That statement surely is true in regards to where I've come from as a blogger and my further evolution as a blogger. I will never forget about my Myspace blogging roots. Trouble is, I never thought I'd be THIS serious about blogging to where I actually took it like a profession. There are many more blogs that get more traffic and probably earn more money than here on John's Blog Space, but I still enjoy what I do and still enjoy getting visitors from all over the world. I feel my international presence is greater on Blogger/Blogspot than on Myspace.

You now know about my roots in blogging before I seriously took into blogging. Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I used to post a lot on an old LiveJournal account (it was lame and I eventually deleted it).  Then I posted a lot on a GameFAQs board (blog-ish stuff about games).  I'd say I've been doing this for 8-9 years.  Remarkable.  Keep up the good work.

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