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Who doesn't love a good pizza? Taking a bunch of dough to make a circular disc of bread topped with all sorts of goodies makes for one delicious meal. This is usually enjoyed either at home or at various functions. There are so many ways to top pizza with all sorts of toppings, herbs, and more for that deliciously satisfying experience. Go easy on the toppings (like I do)... or pile on as much as you like- it's YOUR pizza. This blog post is another Food and Drink post regarding that delicious pizza pie. I'll try not to get you hungry thinking about this topic. :)

--- Pizza at a Glance ---

(NOTE: Some information on this topic provided from searching on Wikipedia.)

^ from: - Who doesn't love a good pizza pie?

The origins of pizza dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks, who covered bread with oils, herbs, and cheese. Modern pizza, however, originated in Italy with the Neapolitan pie. They added cheese to it in 1889. Before the Italians popularized the pizza we know and love today, countless other cultures in Europe and the Middle East have come along with their own offerings for pizza.

More on pizza from Wikipedia can be found here: Wikipedia entry on pizza. A more in-depth look at the history of pizza can read at Wikipedia's article on the history of pizza.

Most pizzas are usually shared among family, friends, groups, and more. It's a great-tasting way to bring people together. Some may just enjoy pizza for dinner, after a group function, for movie night, parties, and more. You may even see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles chow down on some pizza pie while battling evil.

No matter what the occasion or how you top it, there is nothing like pizza. It is a food best enjoyed with others. So go ahead and slice up and share that pizza- there's plenty to enjoy for everyone ranging from two people to a whole group!

--- How Do You Like Your Pizza Pie? ---

Whether you prefer restaurant pizza or store-bought pizza, there are many styles of pizza for many who want that great-tasting disc of bread with all kinds of toppings. The most common and basic pizza is your usual pepperoni and cheese pizza. There are some who prefer pizza with loads of cheese toppings. Some even fancy hamburger pizza. For those who love their pizza with meat, some will have pizza with different kinds of meat. The more vegetable-friendly kinds have their pizza with various vegetables and fruits as toppings.

Store Pizza.

Pizza you can buy in the frozen foods sections can be prepared in an oven or stove. Some can even be prepared in a microwave. Everything is all pre-made. All you have to do is warm it up and cut slices. Some pizzas are small and can easily be prepared. In addition, there are always pizza pockets, which offer all the rich taste of pizza in small, breaded pieces.

Some stores even offer pepperoni separately so you can make your own pizza. You can even buy or prepare some dough to help create your dream pizza.

Restaurant Pizza.

The best thing about restaurant pizza is how much control over what you want topped on your pizza. If a restaurant offers pizza in a certain way that you can customize, feel free to order a pizza to have whatever toppings you want. Some of the most popular pizza chains in the United States include Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Cici's Pizza. One other pizza chain that you don't hear much about (but still exists) these days is Little Caesars.

Italian Pizza (or Margherita Pizza).

I'll need the help of my Italian readers to help me with this part. Either you all, or my friend Gabriella of "Principessa Gabriella." I think I remember watching a TV show once about Italian pizza. Authentic Italian pizza is MUCH different from the pizza we all are used to in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Italian pizza is much less fancy-looking. Instead, it is a fairly simple-looking pizza that still delivers great taste... not to say I've had an authentic Italian pizza. I'm so used to American pizza that I don't know what Italian pizza is like. But again, I am not as educated on authentic Italian pizza to explain it here.

Foods to Go Along With Pizza.

Many pizza chains let you purchase other items to help sweeten the experience. Among others: soda, chicken wings, breadsticks, cinnamon bread sticks (with or without icing), pasta, and more. This helps you to enjoy pizza long after you're done with your pizza. In case you're wondering... I did get myself a bit hungry for cinnamon bread sticks with icing (like what you get with Dominos Pizza). I even get myself hungry sometimes preparing these Food and Drink posts! :D

No matter how you like your pizza, at least you know and love that magical disc of bread that makes for a great pizza.

--- How Do I Like My Pizza Pie? ---

Most of the time, I prefer a basic pepperoni and cheese pizza. What I go for depends on what a restaurant offers. I think I've prepared a few store-bought pizzas in an oven before.

My Dream Pizza.

This would be my dream pizza... whether healthy for me or not:

• cheesy stuffed crust
• cheese
• pepperoni
• chicken (maybe barbeque chicken)

And if I could have certain sauce or something to go with it, definitely garlic sauce from Papa John's. That stuff goes great for dipping pizza into for a great taste. Cinnamon bread sticks with icing would be a sweet way to finish off my pizza-eating experience.

--- Pizza Resources ---

These are various links to help you with pizza. More links may be provided in future edits.

Pizza Chains.

Here are places to order pizza online. These are mostly American pizza chains. You can order pizza online from these sites. Most of these offer more than just pizza, and some of these have international sites. So for example, one pizza chain may have its own site for your specific nation if you aren't from the United States. So have a look around and enjoy pizza:

Dominos Pizza
Pizza Hut (site also offered in other countries)
Papa John's
Cici's Pizza
Little Caesars

Spanky's Pizza and Italiano (Houston area)
Empire Cafe (Houston area) - offers gourmet pizza

Pizza Recipes.

Make your own pizza by checking out these resources:

Pizza Recipes on
Pizza Recipe
Pizza Recipes
Pizza Recipes on
a recipe on authentic Italian pizza from Forno Bravo

Making Pizza for Cheap.

I want you to know that I prepare a blog post on the show you are about to see below. If you are wanting to make your own pizza on the cheap, Live Well Network show, "Deals" once aired a segment on how to make pizza for cheap. Host Katishia Cosley (or Kat Cosley) did this segment on how to make pizza for cheap. Save dough while making your own pizza pie. This link includes an article and a video featuring the beautiful Kat Cosley. Here you go:

"Pizza 101," as shown on Deals

And just to say again, I may prepare a blog post for "John's Blog Space" regarding a review of "Deals." So make sure to keep reading John's Blog Space! Remember that I may include more links in any future edits I may make.

No matter how you like your pizza, at least you're fond of something that tastes great and brings together people like no other food. How do you like pizza? What's the best pizza you've had? Please feel free to share your comments. More than ever, thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

Hi John!,

   Like many
people, I love pizza!  In particular, as someone who has grown up around
various Italian restaurants/pizzerias (owned by various family members) and
been to Italy a few times, I have developed an appreciation for this Italian
classic.  I remember learning in Italian class that the
"Margherita" pizza is called so because a chef in Naples named it
after the Queen of Italy at the time.  This traditional Italian pizza is
topped with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil (red, white and green) to
represent the Italian flag.  Pizza in Italy today varies depending on the
region and particular place though.  From my experience, the pizza in
Rome is amazing!  There's both Roman style pizza (generally thinner and
crisper) and Neapolitan style (very thick and softer).  I've
heard the actual Neapolitan pizza in Naples is great as well, but
I've never been there to say for myself.  I've also noticed that pizza in
Italy is either 1.) very simple (yet amazing) with just sauce/tomatoes, cheese,
and oregano or 2.) you are given a huge list of a million different kinds
of pizza and toppings (including a lot of different things you
wouldn't usually see in the U.S. like potatoes).  For example, one of my
favorite is the "Quattro Stagioni" or "Four Seasons" pizza,
which is divided into four parts for each season and contains mozzarella,
tomato, mushrooms, ham, artichokes, olives, and olive oil. 

my opinion, no matter where you go, pizza in Italy (or any food really) is
different (and a little better!) tasting than pizza in the U.S.  I'm
pretty sure it has something to do with both the fresh ingredients made/grown
there and the water.  But for those of us who live elsewhere, since we
can't usually just jump on a plane to Italy, I'd recommend eating pizza at
a smaller, "actual" Italian restaurant/pizzeria that makes
homemade pizza. (Chain restaurant and frozen pizza horrifies me, no offence to
anyone that likes it; I'm picky when it comes to Italian food.) :)  

Wow, I didn't know I had
that much to say about that! Lol!, I'm going to stop now. Hope that was
helpful! ♥ Principessa

John B. Marine said...

Maybe I should have had you type up this blog post on pizza as a guest. Anyhow, thanks a lot for the comment! :D

John B. Marine said...

You're welcome! :)

John B. Marine said...

 Yum I love pizza great post! Urgh for some reason I always have trouble commenting on your posts :( a couple times my computer froze as soon as I came in to your blog. I think I must need a new computer!

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