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FL Studio Thoughts

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I downloaded the FL Studio demo over the weekend. I wanted to see if I could make great music using FL Studio as opposed to making tracker music. I am also thinking of what version to buy to enjoy the full experience of FL Studio. This is just a quick blog post I wanted to put out there in regards to FL Studio. This is not a review or anything, I just wanted to share some quick thoughts in regards to FL Studio in trying to maybe get back into making music. If you're reading this and have used FL Studio, maybe you can help me better make my decision as to buy whatever version of FL Studio.

--- FL Studio at a Glance/General Thoughts ---

FL Studio logo
^ from: www.housemusicessentials.com - FL Studio logo.

FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops) allows music makers various tools to make great music. It was created by a Belgian company called Image-Line. The majority of content I've heard in YouTube videos are mostly electronic dance music songs using FL Studio. It can also be used for hip-hop and pop songs as well. For almost any sort of electronic music, users are armed to the hilt with various facilities and utilities to help make great music. Items such as VST instruments, hundreds of instrument samples, and more are all offered to users of FL Studio. Songs created can be put out in a number of different formats, including OGG, WAV, MP3, and more.

Playing around with FL Studio's demo has given me a somewhat limited view on what is possible using this program. Making music and making certain inputs seem simpler in this program aside from making tracker music in MadTracker 2. I haven't yet made a proper pattern and a proper song, but I'm working on it. I'm sure I will have enough experience to make great music if I choose to buy any version of FL Studio.

FL Studio and its Editions.

From the initial download of the FL Studio demo, you already have all you need to make great music with. All you have to do is either purchase for whatever version you want to get. There are four varieties of FL Studio, and here is about as much as I understand about each one:

• FL Studio Express Edition - great for making music loops. No audio recording or piano roll.
• FL Studio Fruity Edition - great entry-level software for making songs. No audio recording.
• FL Studio Producer Edition - great for audio recording and post-production songs.
• FL Studio Signature Edition - the top-of-the-line program and most definitive version. That is... if you have nearly $300 USD to spare.

I am not sure what way to go with getting FL Studio. I mean, I'm considering getting the FL Studio Express version since it has most of what I am looking for in making music. However, I may want to get the almost $100 USD Fruity Edition just to have something solid for making music. The Fruity Edition is about the absolute maximum for me in making music. The offerings for the Producer and Signature editions are just too much for me. They are too much for me, and I doubt I have all the facilities and services to warrant use of anything higher than the Fruity Edition. So I'd be torn between the Express and Fruity editions.

Purchase of any edition gives you lifetime updates, so no more of having to pay for updates. Separate instruments and such for FL Studio can be purchased.

What is Possible With FL Studio?

Here are some music samples to showcase what you can make using FL Studio. Have a listen to these songs.

(NOTE: For performance reasons, I have provided a Jump Break. Click on "Read More" if you are not reading the full post.)

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• Dance/Techno:

• Trance:

• Pop:

• Hip-Hop:

• Rock:

Most of the music I would make mostly would be for my videos and for personal use.

You can learn more about FL Studio by visiting www.flstudio.com. Click on the link to learn more about all that FL Studio has to offer to music makers both amateur and professional. Thank you for reading!

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