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Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots

John Marine | 2/18/2011 11:59:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 11, 2012)

Many blogging fashionistas have what has been the trendiest lace-up this cold weather season- the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. These vastly popular platform boots have been worn by many fashion bloggers and other fashionable types. The "Lita" boots feature a platform sole and a chunky high heel. The shoes either come in any variety of materials and with either a wooden heel or a synthetic heel. The material types are very vast. What's your favorite style of Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots- leather, suede, glitter, fabric, or even shag? Initially, I set up this blog post to discuss lace-up boots. However, I decided to focus my blog solely (no pun intended) on the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots.


JUL 8 2012 - added more resources


Thanks to everyone who have visited "John's Blog Space" for my ideas on the ever-popular Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. Since they are so popular and since there are lots of fans of these (as well as a bevy of haters), I am pleased to present this blog post to all of my readers. I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog if this is your first visit.

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--- Thoughts on the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots ---

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
^ from: (best I could find) - the "it" shoes of Fall/Winter 2010-2011... the "Lita" boots from Jeffrey Campbell.

So who is Lita? No, we're not talking about former WWE Diva Amy Dumas (who went by the ring name "Lita"). Lita from Jeffrey Campbell is a girl who loves to stand tall and trample on anyone (or anything) that stands in her way. There is nothing little about Lita. She's a girl who balances (but never compromises) style and toughness. The fact these are lace-up boots shows this is one girl who shows you can be stylish and tough without compromise. Lita isn't any kind of meanie- she'll only fight back when provoked.

Most of you may know that I am not really into lace-up boots. Just on the silhouette alone from the sides, though, the Lita boots are tough to beat for their style. I would say these are a happy medium between a sexy pair of high-heel booties and combat boots. The combination equates to a pair that has been understandably been adored by many fashionable types. These are more like pumps for the tough girl. That's why many fashion bloggers love the "Lita" boots- these are a tough pair of shoes that still have a modicum of chic to them. So these booties aren't overly tough to where they are borderline punk or Goth. These are not combat boots. I guess in the minds of those who want something different, at least wearing these is different from wearing a chic pair of booties, sandals, or pumps.

Many fashion lovers, however, are overly bored and tired of the "Lita" booties because it seems like every fashionable girl (used loosely) and almost every blogger wears these boots. Some people get the impression that the "Lita" boots are all played out and annoying. Whether or not these look good to you depends on how you wear them and what you wear them with. Because of their popularity and high price, many different designers have made their own knockoffs of the "Lita" booties. So fashionistas can enjoy the "Lita" booties' style without having to pay "Lita" prices. By all means- get the authentic Jeffrey Campbell "Litas" if they fancy you. But if you don't have the money, there isn't much shame getting knockoff "Lita" booties.

(ADDED: April 7 2012) These days, I am kind of liking pairing the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties with certain dresses. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts with the Lita booties make a nice combination. Certain short dresses offer an unexpected touch of chic when "Lita" boots are worn as opposed to say, some platform pumps or some platform sandals.

Someone considered the "Lita" booties as beautiful; I don't necessarily think so. The silhouette of the "Lita" booties is not as sexy or as attractive as a hot pair of boots or sandals.

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots: Basic Details.

(ADDED: August 15, 2011)
Despite whatever style or materials they are made out of, here are the basic figures on the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes (all measurements in Imperial, and courtesy of
• 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) high overall
• chunky wooden high heel is 5.25 inches (13.335 cm) tall
• 2-inch (5.08 cm) high platform
• various materials, patterns, and styles for these shoes

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots: Why the "Lita" Namesake?

(ADDED: October 14, 2011)
From the blog on Jeffrey Campbell's website, there is a reason why these booties are called "Lita." These boots were named "Lita" from Lita Ford of '70s girl band, The Runaways. It is the '70s appeal that has helped these boots to be as popular as they are among fashionistas and fashion bloggers. To read more on the "Lita" booties, I invite you to visit "HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, LITA!" on Jeffrey Campbell's blog.

Shaggy Litas.

(ADDED: March 2, 2011)
Perhaps you've seen these. If not, have your first look:

Jeffrey Campbell Lita shag
^ from: - The shaggy version of the "Lita" shoes.

You might have seen this version of the "Lita" boots. These are a shaggy pair of "Lita" boots. A tweet I read from Curvy Girl Chic's Twitter feed called these shoes as "the Cousin It" shoes. Personally, I'm confused as to why animal rights activists aren't crying "cruelty to animals" to these shaggy Lita boots, because they look like a poor animal with a wooden stake driven up its backside. Surely shoes I would stay away from if I were a female.

In the next section, I will link you to blog posts showcasing certain bloggers (right here on the Blogger/Blogspot interface) to showcase the many ways to wear these "Lita" boots.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots Around the Blogosphere ---

Many a fashion blogger have sported a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" boots in their looks. What you are about to see are various bloggers who proudly wear their "Lita" boots in blog posts.

I would like to salute all the bloggers I mention in this section. The links are all provided for educational purposes. I will show you links to these blogs and not show pictures (just to avoid any sort of copyright issues). The examples that stand out to me will be featured here in this section.

Lita Inspiration: My Capacious Bottega.

Mulika (or "Milly") of "My Capacious Bottega" was one of the first to sort of introduce me to the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes. I came across this blogger when I was around the Fashion Spot's forums. Milly tells me of how comfortable they are to wear and walk in. Here is a sample of one of her looks paired with the Lita boots: "Non-Cursory" on My Capacious Bottega. If you want to see more pictures of her in Jeffrey Campbell shoes (not just the Lita boots), please check this out: all Jeffrey Campbell pictures from My Capacious Bottega.

Lita Inspiration: tiny sailor.

As unusual as it sounds, the young blogger "tiny sailor" made it work. Here's the story. The Arkansas girl named Niki found this lovely vintage prom dress from the '70s. It was a pink floor-length dress that she shortened to just below mid-thigh length. Niki paired this dress with black tights and... a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties. So two things accomplished- give new life to an old dress while also wearing a wildly popular pair of lace-up booties. And surprisingly- this combination of the shortened prom dress and these Lita boots is incredibly chic! See for yourself: "seventies prom dress." on tiny sailor. I still prefer pumps or sandals for any formal-type dress, but this unusual combination of a prom dress (with tights) and lace-up booties is surprisingly chic. Niki just did this in such a way that even I appreciate this look.

In what appears to look as a two-piece shorts suit, Niki of "tiny sailor" wears a cute vintage romper. While the romper is from the '70s, this '70s romper is modernized with a pair of "Lita" boots from Jeffrey Campbell. Vintage meets modern in "vintage seventies romper." on tiny sailor.

Lita Inspiration: my bliss is this way.

The creative titles of "my bliss is this way" are met with some stylish looks in pictures. This blog post is the most recent one from "my bliss is this way" where I want to showcase Litas being worn under a pair of flared jeans. You have to admit it's pretty hot hiding a hot pair of lace-up booties under flared pants or under a long skirt or a long dress. Have a look: "Why did I agree to cook ? I must have been sober. That won't happen again." on my bliss is this way.

Lita Inspiration: My Own Private Xanadu.

Xiomara of My Own Private Xanadu released a recent blog post featuring a cute dress and a lovely necklace... and one of her two pairs of "Lita" boots. I will show you two blog posts from this young fashion blogger to give you insight on wearing the "Lita" boots. These are two "Lita" shoes in two different colors:

(UPDATED FOR: May 23, 2011) Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots in black in this post: "Litas and the Itch" on My Own Private Xanadu.

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots in Mustard in this post: "Hare Raising Adventure" on My Own Private Xanadu.

Lita Inspiration: living spree.

(ADDED: September 3, 2011) Though a very old blog post on a blog that hasn't been updated any time soon, Jeanna of "living spree." features not only a picture of her in her Lita boots, but also a video. So check out Jeanna and her "Litas" in "Project Style: Victoria Gardens" on living spree..

Lita Inspiration: Lucy and the Runaways.

(ADDED: September 3, 2011) A new entry to feature is that of Lucy and the Runways. Natalie sports a pair of Lita boots along with a nice sweater. She also shows her wild side wearing an animal print skirt. Natalie shows you her style with the "Lita" boots in "Sunset skies calls for sunset hues and sunset sunglasses" on Lucy and the Runaways.

Lita Inspiration: The Fancy Teacup | a style diary.

The Fancy Teacup is a blog of a young lady named Jamie. This petite cutie admits not being fond of the "Lita" boots until laying eyes on a pair of "Lita" boots with cat tapestry prints on them. So Jamie decides to pair these with a blouse and a skirt. Do you like Jamie going with this purr-fect look in "holy meow." on The Fancy Teacup | a style diary?

Lita Inspiration: Pink Glitter.

(ADDED: May 17, 2012)
The entire blog of this Australian blogger features her with Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. Check out her collection in a special page devoted to her collection of "Lita" boots. She has other shoes from Jeffrey Campbell besides the "Lita" boots. But if you fancy her "Lita" boots, have a visit. Here is a sample of her "Lita" collection: "Updated Lita Collection" - Pink Glitter.

Lita Inspiration: Albina's blog.

(ADDED: June 12, 2012)
Aibina is a fashion blogger from Kazakhstan. This blog post features her wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots along with a lovely long dress. Perhaps you can say that pairing a long dress with the "Lita" boots can be a lovely combination. The dress is gorgeous, and to me... the "Lita" boots are not a bad choice of footwear to compliment her dress in "Look: Trees" - Albina's blog.

Lita Inspiration: Black hair style.

(ADDED: June 23, 2012)
"Black hair style" is a blog whom I've recently followed. The lady behind this blog is named Nahoko. This Japanese blogger was featured on Jeffrey Campbell's website. If you know what shoes are being discussed in this blog post of mine, you'll know she's sporting a pair of "Lita" boots; and for your pleasure, check them out and what outfit she's wearing with her Litas: Resort green - Black hair style.

Be sure to Follow these Blogger/Blogspot blogs if you loved these images and enjoy their work. Or, you may visit these links to see their latest blog posts:

If the bloggers represented are reading this, then I'd like to say hello to all of you and express my support of your material. Keep up the great work!

If you want to see more fashion bloggers I am fond of, please visit my blog post entitled "Fashion Blog Shoutouts!" to see more great fashion bloggers! And to the ones who thanked me that I mentioned in this blog post... you're welcome! :) Feel free to connect to more fashion bloggers and blogs that I mention in that old post.

Lita Inspiration: DulceCandy87 (WordPress).

(ADDED: October 24, 2011) You may know of the Beauty Guru known as "DulceCandy87" on YouTube. If so, this is her blog. The blog post in question features some this young lady wearing a bright shirt, some black shorts, and a pair of "Lita" booties. Get a taste of this candy girl wearing her "Lita" booties in "Fall-ing for Brights!" on DulceCandy87

Polyvore Influence (Bonus!).

For the first-ever time in my blog, I make mention to Polyvore. Polyvore is very popular in brainstorming and putting together various fashion items to make one dream look. Take a look at what looks with the Lita boots Polyvore users came up with for some inspiration on what to pair the Lita boots with.

Flickr Influence (Bonus!).

(ADDED: May 24, 2012)
Here is a Flickr gallery devoted to fans of the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots:
"Jeffrey Campbell Lita" search result on Flickr.

There is your inspiration from around the blogosphere.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots on YouTube ---

(added: December 14, 2011)

People whom have visited this blog post want some reviews on these ever-popular boots. So what I did was do a search on YouTube for the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. I want to give you the opportunity to see these boots as they are or even being worn. One video I came across featured the "Lita" booties, and here it is:

(ADDED/EDITED: December 15, 2011) Finally, here is a video just showing the shoes being worn followed by her own review:

Want to see more videos on the "Lita" boots? Here is a YouTube search I did for you. All you have to do is click on the link and check out the available videos. Have a look and enjoy: "Jeffrey Campbell Lita" YouTube search results !

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Boots Online ---

You've read about the "Lita" booties through my point of view. Now, it's time I give back to you all by sharing the "Lita" booties online for you to buy (in case you're interested in shopping). Consider this my way of saying thanks to all of you for reading.

EDITED: October 14, 2011
The Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots are surely popular. The Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots in case you want to get these online. These boots cost about $160 US Dollars. Check each item for proper information on styles, sizes, and other things. Not all of these shoes may be available currently. All sizes are in US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted. Here are these boots on Amazon:

THIS LINE (from left to right):
• Lita, black distressed.
• Lita, black glitter.
• Lita, taupe suede.
• Lita, cosmic print.
• Lita, cat tapestry (similar to the ones from "The Fancy Teacup" blogosphere post).

(items are all available on Amazon as of the date of this edit)

(ADDED: July 8, 2012)
Here are some more "Lita" shoes for you, on ShopStyle. Have a look around:

You may also look elsewhere for these "Lita" shoes. Here are some online stores offering these boots:

new shoes on Nasty Gal (includes the "Lita" boots as well as other Jeffrey Campbell shoes)
all Jeffrey Campbell shoes on Solestruck (including the "Lita" boots)
"Lita" boots on
Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" on

Finally, see more Jeffrey Campbell items on Amazon by visiting my Jeffrey Campbell blog post on "John's Shop Space"!

I think what a lot of females love about these shoes is their combination of sexy styling with tough combat boot like chic. Regardless of why they are so popular, these are very loved by fashionistas. Or at least... by fashion bloggers. But, what do you think about the "Lita" booties? What makes them so stylish and trendy? How do you feel about these shoes? Thank you for reading, and happy shopping! :)

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