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Ibiza (or Eivissa)

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Ibiza (or Eivissa) represents two things to most people- a Summer party place for the electronic dance music set or a beautiful island that is vastly underrated as a tourism destination. Many people know Ibiza for the wild nightlife and the lovely electronica and electronic dance music that bumps from the clubs. Ibiza is about 79 kilometers (or about 48.089 miles) south of the lovely Spanish city of Valencia. In "Test Drive Unlimited 2," you will have the chance to drive on the roads of Ibiza. And yes, there is a car from SEAT called the Ibiza. So this Balearic Island is either a party destination, a beautiful island that most people don't realize is there away from the nightlife, or both. If you've read some of my past blog posts, Ibiza is the birthplace of one of my Fictional Characters, Marisol Castillo. The nightlife aspect of Ibiza is a big part of me coming up with this character. This blog post will try to be my contribution to Ibiza as a party destination and as an island paradise.

Ibiza is either Ibiza or Eivissa (its Catalan name). I will almost exclusively use "Ibiza" to avoid confusion. THIS is Ibiza:

^ from: - Welcome to Ibiza- both a beautiful island and a party destination.

THIS... is also Ibiza:

Ibiza party
^ from: - Rules: arrive, party your butt off, leave. :) With many popular clubs in Ibiza, it's tough to not find a good club to enjoy partying the night away to pulsating electronica and electronic dance music.


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--- Ibiza: Party Destination ---

^ from: (YouTube) - Welcome to Ibiza- dance to the music! :)

Ibiza is a small island that is big in the realm of nightlife. I somewhat apologize for making this parallel, but Ibiza to fans and performers of electronica and electronic dance music is like Woodstock to rock fans. There are not very many places in the world that match or exceed the character and charm Ibiza provides. How can a lovely island also be such a happening party place?

What Defines Ibiza and Its Music?

I think Ibiza is defined by tropical-style, Latin-style music. It is music that is nicely defined more by mellow Summer tunes rather than any hard-hitting progressive trance songs. There are even Ibiza chill sessions devoted to great chill and downtempo music. Since Ibiza is best known as a Summer party place with a very vast and beachy lifestyle, I think the music which defines Ibiza has to fit this mold properly to be true to Ibiza. That even includes any chill-style Ibiza songs. If you check out the videos in this blog post regarding Ibiza's music, you'll get somewhat a good indication as to the style of music that defines Ibiza in the realm of electronica and electronic dance music.

--- Ibiza: Club Scene ---

The biggest industry in Ibiza is the tourism industry as well as the Summer party scene. Ibiza is a small island that is big in parties. It is almost seen as a holy land for fans of electronica and electronic dance music. Between about May through September (or between June through October), is the Summer season of clubbing in Ibiza. Most of these clubs are closed when it's cold weather times. They usually don't open up again until Spring the following year. This is where the popular Ibiza clubs have their usual circuit of hot parties with world-class DJs and artists supplying hot music to the masses in attendance. Among the many different clubs, there are at least four that are the most popular- Space, Pacha, Amnesia, and Privilege. One thing that is famous at Ibiza clubs are the foam parties, where foam is shot out of these cannons and soaking the crowd in foam. There are also various dancing acts and vastly creative dancers making the Ibiza experience even more over-the-top.

It is safe to say that Ibiza provides perhaps THE biggest club experience in the world. In fact, you can call Ibiza as clubbing paradise. You must be at least 18 years old to enjoy the clubbing experience in Ibiza. It is said that August is the most stressing time to try to party in Ibiza since the queues are so long. For more tips on how to survive the Ibiza clubbing scene, all you need to know can be found by visiting "Tips and tricks on how to survive an Ibiza clubbing holiday!"

Here is a piece on four of the most popular clubs in Ibiza. Visit the official web sites of these by clicking on their headings.

(NOTE: Some or most information in this section taken from Wikipedia)

Space Ibiza.

Space Ibiza is an outdoor terrace club best known for their "We Love Sundays" sessions that last between 4:30 PM Sunday and go all the way into 6:00 AM Monday. Do the math- that's about 13.5 hours of partying! The Summer season of music here lasts for 16 weeks. The action runs between late May through early or middle September. When it's not the Summer season of music, the club is pretty much closed until at least next Spring. So if you want to enjoy Space Ibiza, better enjoy it while during the Summer season!

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING... ...the 2011 Summer season at Space Ibiza starts on May 29! Visit for more information.

Pacha Ibiza.

^ from: (YouTube) - a promotional video of Pacha Ibiza from 2007.

The Pacha club franchise is international, and one of the biggest of the franchise is Pacha Ibiza. In fact, the Pacha Group is headquartered in Ibiza. The Pacha logo is two cherries attached to each other. There are over 20 different Pacha clubs internationally, seven of which in Spain. Pacha Ibiza is the largest and most popular of the Pacha clubs. Of the Pacha clubs, only one is in the United States- Pacha New York.

To learn more about all the Pacha nightclubs, click on Pacha's main page or click on Pacha's page featuring all Pacha nightclubs.

Amnesia Ibiza.

Having Amnesia can a good thing, especially if you call Amnesia Ibiza your sanctuary. The World's Best Global Club celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010. I don't know as much about Amnesia Ibiza as I would like to. However, you will get a mostly general idea of Amnesia if you visit the website to this heading. You can enjoy streaming electronic dance music from Amnesia if you visit the site above. Check for listening times.

Privilege Ibiza.

Not to be outdone on the Ibiza club circuit is Privilege. It began life as a restaurant called Ku in the 1970s. This is the world's largest nightclub according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Imagine a nightclub that can pack over 10,000 people! You have to imagine all 10K of them are wanting to hear some great music. It used to be home to the Manumission event, which has since moved to Amnesia after some disputes between the Manumission organizers and the Privilege owner.

That is the Ibiza electronica and electronic dance music fans know. In the next section... the Ibiza you MAY NOT know about.

You have reached the Jump Break of this post. Please click on "Read More" to read the rest of this blog post as well as visit some more links to expand your Ibiza reading experience. Disregard this line if you are reading the full blog post.

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--- Ibiza: Travel Destination ---

Ibiza Old Town
^ from: - Ibiza is often seen as misrepresented for what it brings away from the party lifestyle.

While many know Ibiza for its club life, many others don't know of its personality away from the club scene. I will provide only limited insight of Ibiza when the name of the game isn't partying or clubbing. Do NOT look for this section to be a complete and thorough guide on Ibiza. This is merely just a digest of information online.

VIDEO: A Basic Look at Ibiza.

I think this video is a HUGE indication of what Ibiza is REALLY like away from the party scene. I could probably explain in deeper detail more of what I read online about Ibiza, but these videos tell it much better than I ever can. So please have a look at these videos:

VIDEO: Agrotourism in Ibiza.

Family-Friendly Ibiza.

It must be tough trying to push for a family-friendly Ibiza when the biggest industry in Ibiza is the Summer club scene. Ibiza, however, can be a family-friendly place away from the club scene. There are many places to visit and stay at for family-friendly (and even pet-friendly) fun. The best site I can recommend to where you can find all about Ibiza's family-friendly atmosphere is by visiting Family Holidays in Ibiza on Ibiza Spotlight.

Gastronomy of Ibiza.

Various Balearic dishes compliment the range of foods and drinks of Ibiza. Seafood makes up the vast majority of Balearic foods in Ibiza, and wine (along with more traditional liquor) is the most prevalent beverage in Ibiza. A popular Ibiza dish is that of fish with rice. Some of the different dishes include burrida de ratjada and bullit. If you don't particularly fancy Balearic cuisine, there are always British and German foods for you to enjoy in Ibiza.

Learn a little more: Ibiza Gastronomy

With this insight in mind, you now know that Ibiza is more than just a party destination. I've read that Ibiza's waters are among the cleanest among Mediterranean Islands. So these beaches and waters are about as clean as most South Pacific island nations that I've highlighted on in past blog posts regarding the South Pacific. Why do more people know it better for a party atmosphere rather than as a tourist destination? Well, if you liken this as a balancing scale, then the heavier weights would be on the side of Ibiza as a party place rather than as a tourist destination. Even in my blog post regarding what I love about Spain, I considered Ibiza to be an absolutely lovely place. Ibiza (especially Ibiza Town) is very lovely with its Old World beauty. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 for its Biodiversity and Culture. Learn more about Ibiza as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site on Ibiza.

Enjoy Ibiza for the partying, but never second guess Ibiza's beauty away from the partying scene.

--- New Appreciation for Ibiza ---

By playing "Test Drive Unlimited 2" on my PlayStation 3, I have enhanced appreciation for the beauty of Ibiza. The country drive as well as the more modern parts of Ibiza (including Ibiza Town) are all lovely locales. Test Drive Unlimited 2 even features the Privilege and Pacha clubs. Too bad you can't go to them, though. :(

So if you play "Test Drive Unlimited 2," be sure to play it to get a feel for what the roads of Ibiza. Also, be sure to check me out [in the PS3 version of] TDU2.

Now you know about Ibiza from two perspectives. Want more Ibiza? These links may provide you some company... :)

Links: Ibiza Clubs.

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Amnesia Ibiza
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Privilege Ibiza official
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Links: All Things Ibiza.

...because you don't have to reside in Ibiza to show love for Ibiza! :) These are various other links related to music of Ibiza or more information about Ibiza itself. Learn more about Ibiza or set up a travel package for Ibiza

Love Ibiza
Ibiza Clubs on Love Ibiza

Ibiza Spotlight

Ibiza Global Radio 97.6 FM (live streaming of electronic dance music)
Ibiza Global Radio's Facebook Fan Page
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Ibiza Sonica 95.2 FM (other forms of music streaming
(other streaming Ibiza stations online) (purchase MP3 dance music of many varieties from Ibiza music producers and DJs)

the official tourism website of Ibiza (English)
Ibiza Holidays
All About Spain: Ibiza

Ibiza on Yahoo! Travel

Ibiza Music on Amazon.

If you're interested in music on Amazon influenced by Ibiza, please use this widget to find some good Ibiza music. Consider this my gift to you for reading the full blog post and (hopefully) enjoying my blog post on Ibiza. Feel free to find some great music with this widget. The search term is automatically set to "Ibiza" so you can find some Ibiza music on Amazon. I would appreciate your support if you do find something you like with this widget, so thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading!

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