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Unusual Lipstick Colors

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Wear lipstick? You probably have multiple shades of red and maybe some pink ones. Fashion is a "dare to be different concept." So what happens when you consider going with different colors of lipstick? For some people, anything other than red or pink for lipstick is usually disliked. Some designers, however, dare to be different. You may remember from my blog post about Doe Deere that Lime Crime is one of those designers who try to go with lipstick colors other than red or pink. There is also another designer who showcases different colors of lipstick. Ka`Oir Cosmetics is another designer that specializes in lipstick colors other than red and/or pink. The creator of Ka`Oir Cosmetics, Keyshia Dior, is a "dare to be different" Jamaican lady who showcases various shades and colors of lipstick. Her YouTube channel features some of the different colors of the Ka`Oir Cosmetics line.

For my female audience who wears lipstick... you may love your red or pink lipstick, but would you wear lipstick colors like these:

• blue lipstick?
• mint green lipstick?
• lavender lipstick?
• white lipstick?
• black lipstick?
• yellow lipstick?
• (any neon-colored) lipstick?

Even celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have embraced unusually-colored lipstick, when Lady Gaga wore some turquoise blue lipstick as well as Ke$ha sporting blue lipstick herself. Should you try different colored lipstick? Would you try different colored lipstick? This blog post is all about those unusual lipstick colors. Get some insight and feel free to offer your opinions on these different lipstick colors.

--- A Look at Unusual Lipstick Colors ---

Let's look around online for some inspiration of colorful lipstick. Here is your look at what a difference going with an unusual color of lipstick can do for you. Have a look around and get your inspiration of unusual-colored lipstick.

Inspirations: Ka`Oir Cosmetics.

Let me lend you some YouTube inspiration. First off, here is some color from Ka`Oir Cosmetics. Come and get your colorful lipstick inspiration by checking out this video:

This is a look at two lipstick colors I will feature in this post. The first is Pool Party (turquoise), and the second one is Virgin (white). Check these out and Keyshia Dior's descriptions:

^ "Pool Party," from Ka`Oir Cosmetics.

^ "Virgin," from Ka`Oir Cosmetics.

So what do you think about this?

Inspiration: Lime Crime.

And this one is from Lime Crime:

Kiss the Sky lipstick Lime Crime
^ from: - "Kiss the Sky" blue lipstick from Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is usually the first one to come to mind for me in regards of different-colored lipstick. The beautiful Doe Deere believes in strong and popping colors for lipstick.

These two are two of the more popular brands online. To learn more about the respective makeup lines featured here, you are invited to visit the following links:

Ka`Oir Cosmetics
Lime Crime Makeup

Thank you for your support!

--- A Look at Unusual Lipstick Colors: Blogging Insight ---

Here are a few fashion bloggers who sport some unusual lipstick colors. Unusual in the sense of a non-red or non-pink colors.

"Partied way too hard in a Zara skirt and Stanwells' Carthusia Perfume Ligea" (Lucy and the Runaways)
^ Natalie wears orange lipstick along with a bold orange skirt and some Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties.

"Purple Lips!!!!" (Styles 4 Curves -For the Curvy Confident Woman)
^ Meet a lovely curvy fashion blogger from Mississippi named Venessia. This lady sports purple lipstick in this blog post.

"lime crime permanent lipstick collection review, swatches" (miss kitty charms)
I am only including this post just to showcase the different colors of lipstick offered by Lime Crime with this lady reviewing these shades and colors. This one focuses on colors offered by Doe Deere's Lime Crime makeup line.

If I find any more unusual lipstick color blog posts, I will place links to those posts in any future edits.

--- My Own Thoughts on Unusual Color Lipstick ---

A lot of people would normally dislike the notion of me not appreciating anything fashion forward. I think colors other than red or pink are certainly different. But of course, different doesn't always mean better. Unusually-colored lipstick can be tacky and ugly if done wrong. It's tough to look fashionable when you wear lipstick, and especially when you wear a lipstick color other than red and/or pink. How do you style the rest of your look besides wearing a certain unique lipstick color? Wearing different-colored lipstick is a good way to stand out. Thing is, you can either look very fashion forward... or very tacky depending on your choice of lipstick color and how you style the rest of your outfit.

Much love to females who can sport lipstick colors other than red or pink and look great. I wouldn't even dare attempt this trend if I were a female. I am so old-fashioned. I am used to red and only modest variations of pink. But ask if I would prefer a female wear lipstick colors other than red or pink, and I'd probably say "no" unless she knows what she's doing going with some other color of lipstick. It is entirely too easy to look horrid with any unusual lipstick color. Rather than take a chance, stick to the classic colors. But of course... it is definitely up to you as to whether if you want to go with any unique lipstick colors or not.

What do you make of these unusual colors of lipstick? Do you think unusual colors of lipstick are trendy and stylish? Feel free to comment away! Love John's Blog Space? If so (and if you haven't yet subscribed or followed), Subscribe and/or Follow! Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

This post is near and dear to my heart (and not just b/c I'm featured on this one but thanx so muchhh for the shoutout) but b/c I LOVE LOVE LOVE unique lipsticks.......It IS very risky to try unusual colors but I think sometimes the risk is worth the payoff if you do it right....I actually own three of the Kaoir lipsticks but I tend to rock them in the summer b/c of their boldness. I am in MS so you can IMAGINE what kind of looks I got when I wore the blue lipstick lollllllllll but I would rather die knowing I took risks with fashion than die "safe". I know ur not a fashion blogger but am loving this makeup post :)

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