Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Wish...

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It doesn't have to be Christmas for me to offer kind wishes to my loyal and loving fans. Allow me to take this opportunity to give all of you my best wishes and share with you what I want for all of you. This video from JohnMarineTube, my YouTube channel, showcases what dreams and visions I have for you. So if you don't mind, please have a look at this video:

--- I Wish... ---

^ "I Wish..." by JohnMarineTube

I wish to all of you:

• the best life has to offer
I hate seeing honest-to-goodness people have to struggle and/or suffer for whatever reason. Life, school, work, love, parenting... I want you to be happy and want the best for you. That's even if you hate me for whatever reason.

• happiness
Because life stinks when you're hanging your head low with no hope of a brighter future (I know this feeling all too well), I wish yo happiness and joy.

• good fortune
We often times want to be fortunate enough for things to go our way. I wish you good fortune in hopes that times get better and that you get great breaks.

• prosperity
Grow like a flower. Don't just stop where you are- go as far and reach as high as you wish to achieve. Try to shake off anything and everything negative that dare challenges your push towards prosperity.

• positive progress
Keep the wheels turning, baby! Ride that wave of positive momentum. Be as happy as you want.

My best wishes are with all of you because I love my loyal audience. I hope this blog post gives all of you some lighthearted and motivational support. I love all of you loyal fans like my extended international family.

Because you are reading my blog, here is a bonus wish that I have for you:

• Love and Peace!
"Love and Peace" has been my traditional sign off in my YouTube videos. Love is always better than outright hate. Spreading peace is always better than always trying to start fights. So chill out and show some love!

That is a blogging salute to my fans, family, friends, and all of my many supporters worldwide.

--- One Extra Note... ---

Here is one important thing I want to stress in this blog post and with my video:

This is NOT a Christmas Blog Post!

Again, why does it have to be Christmas for me to wish things like this to people? This blog post was not created just because it's Christmas time as of this post. I mean, some people only look to holidays to think about things we should be thankful and mindful of every day. Not once in my video or this post have I mentioned ANYTHING related to holidays or Christmas. This is an all-year thing. I posted this video for any time of the year.

But if it's important that I post something regarding Christmas, then you've just read my post and seen my video. Enjoy.

To see more of my videos, please visit "JohnMarineTube," my YouTube channel.

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John B. Marine said...

Merry Christmas, John!I wish you all the best!

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