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Plus Size Beauties - the World Tour!

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(UPDATED: March 13, 2017)

To everyone who thinks plus size women can't be beautiful, I am here to prove you wrong with this post. This post was created by semi-popular demand based on hits I've gotten to my blog post on plus size fashion. Curvy models, bloggers, celebrities, and more will be featured here in my salute to lovely plus size women. Consider this a World Tour of beautiful plus size women because I want to showcase lovely plus size women from around the world. And as anyone would know, I do NOT use the "world" to just mean a couple of different countries. I am here to share with you that you can be a plus size girl AND be beautiful looking at the same time! I am also here to show any critics that you don't have to be Barbie-doll slim or perfect to be a beautiful woman. If I can, I want to try to find as many plus size beautiful women to feature from various parts of the world.

That's right- plus size beauties... the World Tour! And... I'm your tour guide!

NOTE: I read online that there are actual differences in terms like "curvy," "plus size," "full-figure," and terms like that. I will mostly use "plus size" and "curvy" throughout my post almost interchangeably. However, I will NOT use the word "fat" to describe anyone here. Not every link provided will lead to any existing pages.


MAR 13 2017 - added many more personalities

Big and Beautiful: Plus Size Beauties

This blog post was created as I've seen how people have found my post on plus size fashion. I extended my look at beautiful plus size women. "Plus Size Fashion" was a blog post that has helped me to gain a good amount of respect among the plus size community in the blogosphere and even on Facebook. I have had the opportunity to visit blogs, meet new people online, and things of that nature to help enhance my profile online.

As a Houston native, I'm in a city that has been considered the "fattest city in America" in the past. So I've gotten to meet a number of plus size women before. What is really sad about society is that people can't appreciate that beauty comes in many forms. Most people in society have nothing better to do but to just make fun of and disrespect women just because they aren't slim. You know, calling them "fatties" and stuff like that. Perhaps most misconstrued is the correlation between slim and healthy. There are larger-size females who are active and fit. Heck... I have even see larger size women do splits! Another misconstrued factor is what actually qualifies as "plus size." What some people think are plus size females are average at best.

Curvy and Proud.

The idea of being slim leads some curvy females to feeling disappointed that they can't be as loved and as respected as slim (or at least average) size female. Some curvy women want to lose weight. Some, however... are happy with their size. So what happens when you still want to look good while still flaunting your curves? Unless you find some great-fitting and good-looking clothes, your options are fairly limited because a lot of average fashion designers don't cater to or have garments meant for larger-size women. Your luck really runs out if you are among the BBW (big beautiful women) crowd, with clothing sizes north of 5X. But on the other hand, accepting your larger frame and wanting to accommodate yourself with clothes for larger figures can be a challenge. It really feels great knowing there are designers that do cater to larger sizes when there are designers who fail to cater to larger sizes.

Why Are Plus Size Females So Disregarded?

There are people who have characteristics of what makes a woman beautiful. I certainly have my own. Many people just think that plus size women just aren't as attractive as slim and slender women. Some people who think that being curvy is not only unattractive, but also unhealthy. This goes back to a social ideal in which every female should be as attractive as a Barbie doll. A number of these plus size ladies would probably feel unattractive because of their size. They would feel so unattractive just because they don't get as much attention or as much appeal as any slim and slender women. Because of this, a number of curvy women feel disrespected, disregarded, and simply ugly. Like, "do I really have to be as slim as a Barbie doll to be considered beautiful?" Or on the other hand, correction- people DO love curvy women... as long as curvy women lose weight.

I just can't see how there are some people out there who are not as willing to accept certain thick women as being as beautiful as any slim women. Sometimes, I think some curvy women can be as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than some slim women. A curvy lady in a hot short dress with some platform pumps can be just as sexy as a slim lady in a short dress and platform pumps. Some people, unfortunately, think that being thick or having some extra body fat doesn't equal sexy.

If you don't think curvy women can be beautiful, check this video out (or just read the rest of this blog post!). This is a video from the FOX reality show "More to Love." These curvy women look beautiful all dolled up here:

Curvy women can be just as beautiful as any slender woman. Can curvy women be sexier than (or as sexy) as any slender girl, however? The answer is a resounding yes if you watch this Torrid video:

So there you have it- curvy girls can be just as beautiful as slender girls. Just too bad many people don't appreciate curvy beauty.

Plus Size Beauties: World Tour!

These include various curvy ladies of many kinds. The ladies range from bloggers to celebrities.

The only criteria- "more to love" or more. It's about being plus-sized/curvy/extended-size. No slender ladies will be featured here. The point of this post is to show that plus-size women can be just as beautiful as any slim and slender lady.

Just to show this is a "World Tour" of curvy beauties, their location is noted in parentheses (). I want to do this to show that there are many beautiful ladies the world over. And in the case of this post, there are many curvy beauties the world over. Visit the links in each lady's heading to visit either their official website or fan page.

(ADDED: January 3, 2012) This post features other peoples' blogs. If you encounter someone's blog that I post here, and if you like the blog in question; you are more than welcome to follow that person's blog. Just about all of the blogs featured are on Blogger/Blogspot, so feel free to introduce yourself to some new blogs if you love plus size fashion.

Part of my method of enjoying blogging is in helping others find related blogs and sites of the same category. So by all means, get to meet various other blogs in case what you find in this post interests you.

Shay Shaunte' (USA).

One of my most popular blog posts, "Plus Size Fashion" featured one lady who goes by the stage name of Shay Shaunte. I wanted to find a plus size lady to show that even curvy ladies can be every bit as attractive and hot as any average slender girl. The one I eventually found was Houston native, Shay Shaunte'. Her website can be visited from the heading to this section.

Coupon Conte$$a. (WordPress Blog; USA)

(ADDED: January ??, 2012)
As featured on Live Well Network's "Deals," Nora Kapche, also known as "the Coupon Contessa," is a woman who is all about getting and seeking good deals on many things. She has been featured in a number of segments on "Deals," and she even play-tests certain frugal offers. Will any work for you? The Coupon Contessa will let you know in her own way!

Nora may be about couponing and saving money, but her beauty is priceless. Her advice is also priceless. Here is a look at the Coupon Contessa:

"Walk for Deals" - on Deals, on

Nadine Moon (USA).

(ADDED: January ??, 2012)
The beautiful Nadine Moon is the owner of Houston's premier cake studio- Who Made the Cake! This Texas native has created some of the most unique cakes you will ever see. She is one artist who creates delicious and unique masterpieces. Nadine Moon was featured on the Live Well Network program "Deals" a few times before. This video below showcases Nadine Moon, so here is a chance for you to see this lovely woman while being interviewed by another lovely woman, Katishia (Kat) Cosley. And if you like this video and want to learn more about the video's topic, visit the link below this video:

"Cupcakes" - on Deals, on

I am considering a blog post with a related topic to this section. Stay tuned to John's Blog Space for a possible future post on an element regarding this section you just read.

Andréa Matillano. (USA)

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
Andréa Matillano makes YouTube videos on beauty. If you think she looks beautiful, listen to her speak confidently and professionally with makeup. You can visit her YouTube channel to not only see this beautiful lady in action, but also to check out her various videos.

Trisha Paytas (USA).

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
It's Trisha Time! She describes herself as "a mix between Woody Allen and your local hooker." I think she has a very pretty voice. Trisha is also quite lovely to me. Most of her material is mostly in her YouTube channel. You can also take a look at Trisha's other YouTube channel.

Principessa Gabriella (USA).

Gabriella is beautiful and charming. This Pennsylvanian princess offers charm both American style and Italian style. "Principessa Gabriella" is her blog devoted to almost anything (mostly fashion and beauty). Speaking of beauty, she has beauty in abundance. Gabriella's style can primarily be defined as girly and cute. She is unafraid to showcase her style in her own way. Her range of styles even includes vintage-style glamour. I encourage fans of my blog to visit Principessa Gabriella because she is a wonderful person and a great supporter of my online work.

Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman (USA).

Here is a lady named Venessia from the state of Mississippi. Blogging since June 2011, Venessia showcases her sense of style to the world through her various blog posts. The curvy beauty can be girly and cute with her style, but she can always turn up the heat and showcase a little fierce style. Her glorious hair and sweet smile are as lovely as the outfit posts she makes.

Allison, of "Curvy Girl Chic." (USA).

Allison Teng is the lady behind "Curvy Girl Chic." She boasts one of the cutest smiles and some of the cutest looks in her blog. I discovered her flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue or Seventeen magazine. I have since appreciated and admired her lovely sense of style. In trying to find curvy ladies from around the world to feature, she is the only Asian I could find, as she is both Cantonese and Taiwanese.

Paula Deen (USA).

The Southern cooking queen is one Paula Deen. Born in Albany, Georgia, USA; Paula Deen is both a cooking superstar as well as an inspiration. She has lived through many hardships and remained strong to become the figure she is today. I think more people should appreciate her for getting through rough times rather than just know her as the highly entertaining cook she is. Not to belittle her cooking or anything. She is about the oldest lady I'll feature here, as she is (born: January 17, 1947) years old. Here is a little insight on Paula Deen's and her entertaining style:

This was an old blog post I did about Paula Deen: "Paula Deen" on John's Blog Space.

Nikki Blonsky (USA).

Sweet as sugar and completely down to earth, Nikki Blonsky of Great Neck, New York, USA is an actress and a singer. This is someone who is very lovely in looks and in spirit. One thing that makes her special is how she is not afraid to be herself. Nikki is not letting the fact that she's curvy be any sort of deterrent to her being successful in any arena she partakes in. One thing I didn't know about her- she's short! This sweet petite is 4'10". She is so cute! Don't believe me? Check this out:

Oh, and I blogged about her a long time ago: "Nikki Blonsky" on John's Blog Space. :)

Jordin Sparks (USA).

The winner of Season 6 of American Idol is Jordin Sparks. This young singing star from Glendale, Arizona delivers a powerful voice while also sounding sweet. She has sung a number of great songs. My personal favorite of hers is "One Step at a Time." Other classic songs include "No Air," "Battlefield," and more.

I have not ruled out doing a blog post on her. I actually want to do one on her.

Gabi Gregg (USA).

Gabrielle (Gabi) Gregg's claim to fame was in being MTV's first Twitter jockey. This beautiful lady from Detroit showcases her curvy style in everything from outfit posts to even a swimwear post she once did. Any one curvy girl who is unafraid to showcase her style is one GABIFRESH. Visit her blog to see her broad range of styles from this lovely curvy lady.

Candy, of Curves Ahead (USA).

Candy is a makeup artist behind Curves Ahead Makeup and the blog "Curves Ahead." This candy girl from North Hollywood, CA, USA is sweet with a delicious sense of style. She will commonly share her beauty expertise as well as showcase a number of her looks, often called her "Weekend Girlie Looks." Also part of Candy's fashion repertoire is a shoe line called Fancy Steps. This luscious Latina also lends her fashion and beauty know-how to YouTube. Visit Candy's blog to get a taste of her beauty and style.

Or if you are on YouTube, you can see her YouTube channel by visiting "Curvesaheadmakeup" on YouTube.

Bigg Badd Wolf (USA).

The plus size Baltimore beauty known as The Notorious ZAG delivers her own unique sense of style. Her blog has a lot of different fashion looks as well as various insight on all sorts of looks. Her interest in my blogging work has earned me full respect in all she does. Because of her support, I am including her among my Plus Size Beauties post. Why not pay a visit to Bigg Badd Wolf?

Queen Latifah (USA).

Dana Owens to some people is Queen Latifah to many others. As one of the best hip-hop artists of the 1990s, Queen Latifah's talents were taken into acting as well as in going from hip-hop to sultry jazz numbers. Many may remember Queen Latifah from the '90s FOX sitcom "Living Single." While I am not any kind of fanatic of Queen Latifah, I best remember her song "U.N.I.T.Y." from the '90s.

Betsy Ruth (USA).

Here is a BBW (big beautiful woman) who can wrestle you. From what I read, she's no longer wrestling; but former TNA Knockout Rosie LottaLove (also known as Betsy Ruth) is a (born: January 17, 1985) was born MaryKate Duignan Glidewell. She stands 6'1" and weighs 250 lbs. I think she's beautiful. Maybe not glamourous, but there is a little pin-up beauty to this BBW. Here is a link with pictures of her: LethalWOW page on Betsy Ruth (Rosie LottaLove).

Kia Stevens (USA).

Awesome Kong or Kharma is what many professional wrestling fans know her as. She is one of the most physically imposing professional wrestlers today. She is Kia Stevens away from the ring. As of this post, I hear she's still becoming a mother. So while her time in the WWE is fairly short up to this point (as Kharma), there is hardly anyone in women's professional wrestling who is as imposing as her. I actually think she is a lovely woman to be 5'9" and weighing in at a crazy billed weight of 272 lbs. Think of Awesome Kong/Kharma as the Big Show of women in pro wrestling because of her imposing character and power. Pictures of her can be seen here: page on Awesome Kong/Kharma.

Ashley Graham (USA).

Controversy arose when a Lane Bryant (a plus size fashion specialist) commercial was banned from being shown on television at a certain time of day because of "too much cleavage." The model at the center was young Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham is a beautiful curvy diva from Lincoln, Nebraska (that's right, college fans- Cornhusker Country). This sparked outrage from some people, including one Queen Latifah. The plus size community would argue that for as much as we see slender women parade around on TV in lingerie, it is somehow a double standard that we don't see classy, beautiful plus size women showcase their beauty in lingerie. If anything, Ashley Graham should be an inspiration for plus size women.

If you don't believe that Ashley Graham is a beautiful curvy lady, you might have a change of heart after seeing this video:


Crystal Renn (USA).

One Florida-born girl's dream was to be a supermodel. Her name was Crystal Renn. She would be someone who could grace the cover of magazines like Vogue... on one condition- only if she lose over 70+ pounds. In the rat race to try to be slim and slender, Crystal found herself not accepting her body much and nearly dying from eating disorders. She tried to give into society accepting slimmer women over those who don't just be themselves, and it almost killed Crystal Renn. Accepting her body was the best choice she ever made.

The link takes you to her Facebook fan page. She has an official page, but I was NEVER able to pull it up.

Whitney Way Thore.

(ADDED: March 5, 2015)
The Learning Channel's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" features the life of a once slimmer Whitney Way Thore. I've seen a few episodes of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" before featuring this lovely lady. This video is a feature of the lovely North Carolinian:

^ "'Fat Girl Dancing' Star Whitney Thore Gets A TLC Show | TODAY"

Loey Lane (USA).

(ADDED: March 5, 2015)
Loey Lane (or "Loeybug") is a beautiful lady from Georgia. She runs her own YouTube channel on beauty as well as a blog called "thecurvydiaries." To me, I think the nickname "Loeybug" is so cute! Kind of like "ladybug," but cuter. :)

Meghan Trainor (USA).

(ADDED: March 5, 2015)
Nantucket, Massachusetts' Meghan Trainor is a plus-size blonde cutie who gained fame through her wonderful singing. Standing at 5'2", this pop star is a curvy petite. Check out this interview showcasing Meghan:

^ "Meghan Trainor Bares All: Her Unexpected Big Break, Being Bullied and Embracing Her Body"

Cassandra, of "Style Cassentials" (USA).

(ADDED: March 5, 2015)
Hailing from the Midwest, Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" is a curvy petite whom is also a wonderful supporter of my blogging work. She is even shorter than the previous beauty I mentioned- 4'9" is how tall Cassandra is. Her beauty with work-appropriate and romantic-type outfits far exceed her short stature.

I am NOT done here! I am providing this Jump Break to improve the performance of this blog post, so click on "Read More" to continue reading if you are not looking at the full blog post. I have not yet featured some non-American curvy ladies. So read on to find more plus size beauties!

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Kai Lee (USA).

(WARNING: Link leads to content NOT SAFE FOR WORK!)
Kai Lee is both a girl gamer as well as a lovely model. I can appreciate her as a Gran Turismo fan. She is a big booty model who is very lovely as well as very fit and active. My respect for her grew when she discovered my blog and decided to friend me on Facebook. There is no doubt that she is a very cool person. So I've included her among the curvy beauties.

To keep this blog world friendly (and to avoid linking to a highly explicit website), I am including her Myspace fan page as the link to where you can see more of Kai Lee.

Hello Lucie! (USA(?)).

Lucia (or Lucie) is the young blogger who also loves interior design. She is a beautiful lady with great style. Her smile and style will amaze you and warm your heart. Why not visit Lucia's blog today to prove the point?

Jennifer Hudson (USA - Honorable Mention!).

Even before losing lots of weight, Chicago's Jennifer Hudson remains a beautiful lady. This lady still remains a very good singer. I personally think her singing is incredible. She's a slimmer diva now (disqualifying her as "curvy" here), so I'm placing Jennifer Hudson as Honorable Mention.

I have not ruled out possibly making a blog post on her.

Gazel, of Bonjour Gazel. (Canada).

Sometimes in my Beauties-themed posts, I include certain names because I want to include certain people that I think my readers would probably appreciate me posting about. I personally select whomever it is I want to feature in my blog posts. That even includes material I don't necessarily like or admit being a fan of. So while I don't read her blog or visit it often, I am including Canada's Gazel (pronounced "gay-zelle"). This young Asian fashion blogger from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the creator of "Bonjour Gazel." It is a very popular fashion blog regarding plus size fashion.

Marisa, of Viva Voluptuous! (Canada).

(ADDED: February 19, 2012) It is sometimes discomforting for a plus sized lady to not be able to romantically showcase her curves. Marisa of "Viva Voluptuous!", however, plans to change that. This is a plus size fashion blog not afraid of showcasing curves in a romantic and classy way. She isn't afraid to wear lingerie and showcase her curves to you. A lot of her posts mostly feature outfit she's put together or feature some inspiration for curvy women. I honestly think Marisa will really change your perception if you think curvy women can't be as beautiful as any slender woman.

Amanda, of (LATEST WRINKLE) (Canada).

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
Amanda Montgomery is a plus-size beauty who showcases her beauty in her blog posts and on the LOOKBOOK circuit. This Canadian lovely has a number of cute and stylish outfits. You can see some of many fine outfits by going to her blog called "Latest Wrinkle."

Vida Guerra (Cuba).

Vida Guerra was one of the first to showcase that curvy can be beautiful. She did so by gracing the cover of FHM Magazine. She was both curvy as well as short. Still, Vida was hot enough to win the hearts of most men who gazed at her. Vida was the hostess of "Livin' the Low Life," a show dedicated to lowrider culture.

Emma, of SELECTIVE MEMORY (Mexico).

Representing Mexico is Emmy of "SELECTIVE MEMORY." This curvy Mexican sort of has a little of everything in her style posts. Nothing too girly or cute is featured. However, parading in combat boots is uncommon. Her style is a little of everything. Have a visit to SELECTIVE MEMORY to check out this lady's style.

Fluvia Lacerda (Brazil).

If you prefer some South American loveliness, Brazilian beauty Fluvia Lacerda is a very lovely plus size model.

Vanessa, of Fofoleca (Brazil).

The Portuguese blog "Fofoleca" is run by a curvy Brazilian named Vanessa. "Fofoleca" is not a real word as Vanessa tells me. "Fofoleca" is a combination of "fofo" (meaning "cute") and "moleca" (meaning either "tomboy" or "a witty girl"). This sweet-faced and super-cute lady shares her fashion and beauty style along with a little insight on losing weight. Her blog is still worth visiting even if you don't understand Portuguese. Vanessa's beauty translates well in any language. All you have to do is visit "Fofoleca" and say "ola!" to my lovely Brazilian friend.

Camille, of Sachê e Bombom (Brazil).

(ADDED: March 12, 2012)
Even though her blog is in Portuguese (with English subtitles), Camille is a young Brazilian who has outstanding beauty. She is a curly-haired beauty with a sweet smile and a cute face. Her blog is called Sachê e Bombom. As I mentioned previously, her blog is in Portuguese but with English translations. Have a visit to Camille's blog and check out her many different styles.

Georgina Doull and Charlotte Doull (England, United Kingdom).

I am including these two sisters in one section. The older sister here is Georgina. Georgina is the blogger behind "Cupcake's Clothes." "Cupcake's Clothes" can be thought of as a playful showcase of fashion and style. Georgina has many creative outfits and looks. Besides outfits, she usually enjoys playing around with nails and making creative nail polish touches. It is worth a visit to check out this curvy cutie's blog. Georgina also has her own accessory line called Dolly Mixx, so you may visit that too if you enjoy her work.

Georgina's younger sister, Charlotte, is the creator of "Sugar and Spice." She is as lovely as her older sister. Charlotte's trade is in making beautiful artwok of pets called PAWtraits. You can learn more about her Pet Pawtraits by visiting the Pet PAWtraits by Charlotte Doull Facebook Fan Page.

The Woolen Mitten (England, United Kingdom).

"The Woolen Mitten" is the blog of one young curvy blogger named Sara. She also happens to be a petite in addition to being curvy. I am including her out of respect for her work.

Adele (England, United Kingdom).

While I am not really a fan of her music (she's alright to me), Adele is a charming, curvy lady. She certainly has great musical talent though. "Rolling in the Deep" is EASILY my favorite song of hers. Most others just haven't been to my liking much. I just don't like her music as much as other people do. But again- I don't hate her music. Adele brings soulful Motown style with some modern instruments and beats. Considering this lady is from England delivering soulful MoTown singing style is worth some love.

I am not ruling out a blog post about Adele, so be sure to stay subscribed to "John's Blog Space" to see if I do post about Adele.

Kathryn, of "liquid grain." (Scotland, United Kingdom)

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
Kathryn is a very cute, plus-size, Scottish fashion blogger. Besides sharing fashion and lifestyle insights in her blog, she is also into rifle sports. The link takes you to her fine blog.

Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles ; a fatshion blog. (Ireland).

Dee is a beautiful Irish girl behind "Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles." When she smiles at the camera, her smile is sugar sweet along with many of her outfits. Part of her appeal mostly lies in vintage-type outfits. Her outfit posts can range from very cute and soft looks to somewhat edgy looks. She still maintains a modicum of girly-girl charm in all of her outfits and all of her posts. Perhaps an underrated aspect of her blog and her style is in all of the soft colors she presents in her posts. You'll see how lovely she is once you check out her blog. So go on- visit!

Charlotte Coyle (Ireland).

Charlotte Coyle is an curvy Irish fashion model. The 5'11" beauty born in 1982 is undeniably beautiful. Real sweetheart she is. Courtesy of, you can learn more about Charlotte Coyle by seeing her pictures and reading about her at this page on

Lique Fleur (Netherlands/Holland).

Lique Fleur is a delicious Dutch diva. This curvy woman is very angelic in beauty. Lique has golden blonde curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, a sweet smile, and a very charming personality. Her beauty is breathtaking in my view. To see modeling pictures of this beautiful woman, please visit this thread on featuring pictures of Lique Fleur.

Angy's Tea Room (Russia).

If your spot of tea involves fashion, Angelica Ardasheva of "Angy's Tea Room" should be to your liking. She is a Russian fashion blogger based in Italy. She has a range of styles showcased in both outfit posts and in inspirational fashion posts.

Mia, of "The Little Something." (Finland)

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
Though it hasn't been updated in quite some time, Mia's blog showcases her fine fashion style. The fabulous fashionista from Finland has both a smile and hairstyle that are absolutely sweet as her beauty comes alive with her mostly casual outfits.

Aarti Sequeira (India).

(ADDED: January 12, 2012) Meet Aarti Sequeira. She's a curvy beauty who made her fame by winning "The Next Food Network Star." This (born: August 19, 1978)-year old used to be a producer for CNN before taking on food. Her show, "Aarti Party," highlights on making great meals with a little twist of India. She is a beautiful woman.

To read my blog post on Aarti, check out "Aarti Sequeira" on John's Blog Space.

PLUMP, or The Plump Pinay (Philippines).

This blog features two Filipino bloggers- Stacy and Danah. Both of which, are 5'7" plus sized young women. Their dimensions are unlike the average Filipino woman. Through accepting your body and living healthy, Stacy and Danah promote themselves respectfully on PLUMP and in discussing plus size fashion the way they see fit. Stacy and Danah even offer their own outfit posts.

Rebel Wilson (Australia).

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
Rebel Wilson
^ from: - This is the Aussie beauty Rebel Wilson.

From her many acting roles to dissing the Kardashians, there is no denying Rebel Wilson is a fabulous plus-size beauty. The (born: March 2, 1980)-year old from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is a most interesting actress and comedian. Many know Rebel Wilson for her acting in the "Pitch Perfect" series. She also supplies the voice of Hopper- the Dish Network kangaroo mascot for the Hopper. Oh... and what about Rebel trashing the world-famous Kardashian family? Well, she declined to take part in presenting at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards with the Kardashians mostly saying that the Kardashians and the Jenners have absolutely no talent. She also proclaimed that what the Kardashians and Jenners stand for are totally against what Rebel stands for. Regardless, Rebel Wilson is a plus-size beauty who is very entertaining.

To be honest, I couldn't care less about the Kardashians and/or the Jenners. I'm not as indulged and interested in them as a lot of others are. So I can kind of relate to Rebel Wilson. I just wouldn't go on a public rant or anything, though.

Sydney Sparkles. (Australia)

(ADDED: November 27, 2015)
The lovely lady known as Sydney Sparkles is Kayla La Vende. She is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and mostly specializes in pin-up and vintage style fashion. I am not sure how I came across her except by looking around Instagram. For a sample of the lovely Sydney Sparkles, take a look at this video below (NOTE: Turn up the volume.):

^ "Kayla La Vende Face of FFFWeek 2015 Submission"

Olivia, of "WaitUntilTheSunset." (Australia)

(ADDED: November 26, 2015)
Meet Olivia of "Wait Until the Sunset." This Australian fashion blogger has a variety of different fashion blog posts ranging from various spotlights on certain trends and fashion, and she also challenges plus-size fashionistas to "Fatshion Faceoffs." Despite the noted time of this update, I've followed her blog for a few years well prior to the updated date I added this post. Olivia is very cool. So be sure to visit her blog today!

Brony, of "Fat Aus!" (Australia).

Fat Aus! is the blog of a lady named Bronny from Australia. This Aussie's curvy style is showcased nicely with a vast array of outfits ranging from girly to edgy. I actually discovered this blog in trying to come up with any sort of international curvy ladies.

Phebe Rendulic (Australia).

A photographer, a musician, and a blogger; Australian Phebe covers many bases in media. She is a native of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; and she lends her love of many things (including fashion) to her posts. Her blog is called "Lightning Heart." She is part of a band called Radio Spectacular. This is a young lady with a little of everything. The link in the header takes you to her official home page.

Do you know any other beautiful plus size women? Perhaps any BBW's (big beautiful women)? Contact me via E-Mail! If I like your suggestion(s), I will be sure to add them in a future edit. I will also add names to this post if I personally find some online lovely enough to be mentioned here.

What I Hope I Have Accomplished in This Post

I hope my blog post has helped to showcase the beauty of plus sized women as well as reverse any perceptions most people have against plus size women. It began with "Plus Size Fashion," which was a general blog post devoted to plus size fashions. The popularity of that blog post ultimately lent itself to this one regarding curvy women. I felt like I needed to create this post to showcase the beauty of curvy women and oppose any stereotypes or double standards regarding curvy women.

If You Are One Many Women Represented in This Post...

If you enjoyed my post, I am glad you did. I do whatever I can to try to give back to my audience. You are very welcome for me featuring you if you enjoyed my work. Thank you very much!

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading

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^ I mentioned the Coupon Contessa (Nora Kapche) and Nadine Moon of Who Made the Cake! Both featured on "Deals." This blog post of mine is a review of "Deals."

"Fat and Proud - Part 1" - YouTube
^ If you want to see the "Fat and Proud" series on YouTube, you can start by watching Part 1 of this special by clicking on the link above. It highlights on curvy women in the United Kingdom.

The Judgment of Paris: Plus-Size Models and Timeless Beauty
^ A Canadian website devoted to beautiful plus size women.

• (ADDED: February 24, 2012) PLUS FOR US
^ PLUS FOR US features all sorts of resources for Plus Size women.

Again- if I find more links to feature, you can be sure that I will update this post as many times as need be.

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John B. Marine said...

Thanks so much for including me in this post among all these gorgeous, amazing, and talented women, John! I'm not having the best day, and this made me smile. :) I believe someone's size has nothing to do with whether they are beautiful or not; true beauty comes from within, whether you are a size 0, 16, 28, or whatever. It's nice that you support women of all sizes though, you're a sweet guy. :)

Principessa Gabriella 

John B. Marine said...

I really loved this post John I was introduced to other curvy beauties that I had not heard of previous to this post. Thanx so much for including me in your world tour :)

John B. Marine said...

I love what you are doing. I think curvy women don't get the attention they should and its great that you showcase them here.

John B. Marine said...

Love the new layout!

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