Friday, January 6, 2012

John's Corner - Mobile

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This "John's Corner" is about my mobile audience. People who visit my blog(s) via mobile devices are as special of an audience as anyone who visits on basic desktop computers. If I had an iPod Touch or an iPhone or some Internet-enabled mobile phone, I often wonder if I could make my blog more accessible to my mobile visitors.

You see, my purpose is to make my content enjoyable for everyone. Some just say they make it best for everyone; I at least ATTEMPT to make my content enjoyable for all. Part of that involves trying to see if I could make my blogs better for my mobile visitors. There is a big problem, though- I am horribly inexperienced in any sort of mobile media matters. When you use Blogger/Blogspot, there is an option you can use to enable mobile templates. I have mobile templates enabled for all of my blogs. Of course, I'd love the opportunity to dress up even a mobile version of JBS blog in blue and gold.

One thing I might admit is that people wouldn't want to read a lot of what I discuss. I do type a lot, but it all makes sense. One of my loyal readers suggested I be more concise with whatever it is I discuss. I am just not very educated or experienced with mobile devices or mobile browsing. Because of this, I am usually unsure how to make my blog better for the mobile crowd, if there is anything I can really do.

Blogging Insight: Mobile Hits to JBS.

To prove the point that my blog even gets mobile hits, let me share with you some statistics about John's Blog Space. The past seven days leading up to the date of this post, 1% of my visitors visited "John's Blog Space" either with an iPhone or an iPad. I got 181 hits from the iPad the past seven days and 178 from the iPhone, and 132 from Android phones. Less than 1% of hits to JBS the past few days have been from mobile devices (and even a PlayStation Portable). In order: BlackBerry (97 hits), iPod (46 hits), and Nokia (24 hits). I had picked up 24 hits from a PlayStation Portable from the past seven days leading up to this post.

Among mobile browsers, Mobile Safari accounted for 156 of blog hits on John's Blog Space the past seven days. Some other Mobile browser accounted for 37 hits the past seven days. Some of the different browsers used that have visited JBS are some of the more common ones. However, I am not sure if any mobile versions of usual browsers (like Internet Explorer or Opera) visit my blog on a mobile device.

So when you consider the scope of your audience, you want to make things better for everyone. I am just not sure if I can really do anything for any of you mobile visitors to John's Blog Space (or my other blogs). Thanks to all of you for reading!

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