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Three Years of John's Blog Space

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It was this calendar day in 2009 that I posted my first post on John's Blog Space. My Blogger/Blogspot profile notes that I've been on Blogger/Blogspot since 2007. However, I didn't post here until January 23, 2009. John's Blog Space was initially intended to be my Gran Turismo blog. That all changed when I set up "John's Gran Turismo Space." Most of my GT material have been deleted on JBS and updated for JGTS. Because I feared people may visit my blog think I blog for money, I made John's Shop Space devoted entirely for people who want to do some shopping based on material I post.

John's Blog Space is best classified as a Personal blog. While "anything and everything" is the primary topic of this blog, and while the topics vary greatly and with total randomness; this is first and foremost a personal blog. I am not paid to post about anything. Money doesn't drive me to post. Instead, my own desire to post on certain topics helps me to post online. I am not suggesting that people blog for money by what I just said. All I'm saying is that I have a true passion for posting material online.

Almost anything I post is my contribution to society. These are my contribution to the cyberspace society. I feel anything I post can serve some use or importance. I don't do "random" posts. At the expense of people thinking I'm too serious or don't have fun with what I do, I care more about giving readers what they may be interested in rather than just posting anything just to add to my post count. I care more about meeting people and having more loyal readers than just posting for fun. My semi-professional approach to blogging has led me to the amount of respect I've garnered among readers and among other people.

I celebrate the three year anniversary of the first post to John's Blog Space on this day. To everybody who have been loyal enough to visit and keep visiting John's Blog Space- thank you! I want to meet more people and get more Subscribers and Followers. I want more people to get involved with my blog posts and their many topics. I want to get more people (not spammers) to comment. I would like for people who don't mind shopping around check out material featured in my posts in all of my blogs. I know you probably don't care too much about it, but I would greatly appreciate it if you support my work financially (if you can) if you buy items from blog posts of mine. All I want is support and love from my audience. Just show me know you care about my work if you enjoy coming here and interacting with my work.

--- Three Years of JBS: Most Popular Posts ---

Here are the ten most popular posts of all-time on my blog (Blogger/Blogspot stats). This is your chance to visit some of my most popular blog posts of all time as of the date of this initial blog entry. They are all listed in descending order (10th most popular to 1st most popular):


Each post is dated based on the month the post was initially made:

• 10th: "Androgyny in Fashion and Art" (October 2010)
^ My blog post regarding androgyny in fashion and art. Even includes various androgynous personalities.

• 9th: "Grid Girls" (April 2010)
^ This blog post is about the grid girls that occupy the racing grid and become the living, breathing marketable personalities that are as beautiful as most of the cars that take the grid in a race.

• 8th: "Sporty Cute!" (January 2010)
^ Being active doesn't have to be frumpy and boring. This blog post highlights the cute side of being a sporty girl.

• 7th: "Pin-Up Girl Style" (January 2010)
^ While there is no problem being modern or postmodern, some girls prefer pin-up girl style. This blog post highlights on pin-up girl style.

• 6th: "Wedding Hairstyles" (April 2010)
^ Have beautiful hair as you get married. This was a digest I created highlighting on beautiful hairstyles for weddings.

• 5th: "Short Hair" (August 2010)
^ This post highlights on short hairstyles.

• 4th: "Braided/Plaited Hair" (May 2010)
^ Braided/Plaited hair can be stylish. I take my own personal look at braided/plaited hair.

• 3rd: "Leggings and Tights" (August 2010)
^ While I've personally gotten tired of leggings and tights a lot of times, this remains a popular blog post. So this was a look at the various leggings and tights from me.

• 2nd: "Party Time!" (July 2010)
^ "Party Time!" was a post devoted to fashions for a night out. This includes semi-formal fashions as well as formal fashions. I focused on things like party dresses and various other evening-appropriate fashions.

And the most popular post of all-time from me:
• 1st: "Long Hair" (January 2010)
^ Whoever thought a digest post on long hair would be my most popular blog post? Well, that's the way it goes. This blog post was a look at long hair and what makes long hair stylish. Can you believe that lots of people the world over have visited my blog post? This is my look at long hair.

Remember- YOU made this possible, so thank you! If you can notice, all ten blog posts are "Fashion and Style" posts or have "Fashion and Style" themes. Everybody whom have contributed to the popularity of these posts are all people whom I thank for making my posts so popular.

--- Three Years of JBS: Loyal Reader Salute ---

I won't call anyone by name, but you loyal readers of JBS know who you are. Thank you for reading my blog and all of its posts since I've been posting here starting three years ago. Thank you so much for supporting my work. Thank you for commenting on my work accordingly. Thank you for Following and subscribing to my blog.

I love all of my loyal readers and visitors! I love all of you who occasionally check into JBS; but may have not Subscribed, Followed, or whatever.

Thank you for visiting...

John Blog Space
^ John's Blog Space (old logo)


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John B. Marine said...

Congratulations, John! 3 years is a big milestone. Keep blogging and uploading videos, and more people will grow to love your work.

John B. Marine said...

Three years! Congratulations, that's awesome! :) Ha, it's interesting that a post on long hair is your most popular. I remember reading that one...and almost all of the others too.  I usually read almost all of your posts, I just don't always comment (usually if it's about something like a game or something that I have no idea about...I don't comment, lol).    Anyway, good job, keep blogging! :) 

John B. Marine said...

Oh wow it's been three years! Congrats John! Hope there is many more years to come from your blog! 

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