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Unconditional Love

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What is unconditional love? Unconditional love implies these things: "You can screw up really bad- I still love you regardless." "You can lose this game in a beat down- I still love you." "You can make a total fool out of yourself, but I still love you." Unconditional love, then, means that for any situation we get in for better or for worse, we are still loved by those who care about us. Some people feel they have to constantly compete for love from a certain party or parties. Some of us don't feel loved enough by others to say we're loved unconditionally. Do we TRULY feel loved enough to where even when we commit our greatest monkeyshines, we are still loved by the ones we feel loved the most by?

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Let me set the mood with a picture:

unconditional love
^ from: - You are loved by others, but are you loved unconditionally by others?

People who don't feel unconditionally loved still feel like they have to constantly compete for love rather than know they are loved and cared for. These are moments when we feel like more can be done to repair (in the minds of those unconditionally loved) any sort of broken link between one person and another.

If you don't feel unconditionally loved by someone whose respect you are trying to win (even if it is from your parents, a family member, your friends, your lover, your peers, etc.), then you'll have to find some sort of way to let that person (or those persons) know just how much winning their trust means to you. You can NOT let someone whom you love and respect regard you any longer as dead weight or excess baggage. You are a human being seeking to be loved and appreciated. If you feel down in the eyes of someone who you truly care about, it is best to share your true feelings rather than hold it all in and feel broken down on the inside. Then, that person has to understand where you're coming from and make an effort to better respect you. It all comes down to an effort to where both sides come together as one and that everyone can feel happy and carefree together. Allow me to quote:

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides."

-David Viscott, from "How to Live with Another Person," 1974

...and who does not want to feel warmth and love, especially unconditionally? Not every day is a sunny day- metaphorically speaking. However, not every day is cloudy and rainy either. Love is protection from our own personal stormy days. Unconditional love is protection from any and all elements- knowing we are protected and cared for even in the worst of circumstances at every moment.

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Gabriella Cozza said...

Aww, that picture is precious! Nice post, John.  :)
♥ Principessa Gabriella  

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