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John's Corner - Recent Changes

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This installment of John's Corner features some recent changes you may or may not have noticed about John's Blog Space. I am willing to share with you a few things to help you to see what has change and of what changes may be on the horizon. Thank you for visiting my primary blog, John's Blog Space!

--- John's Corner: Recent Changes ---

Here are recent changes to John's Blog Space:

Goodbye LinkWithin, Hello nRelate!

To help promote past blog posts, I moved from LinkWithin to nRelate. One of the biggest advantages of nRelate to me was that I was able to give people the most recent changes to my blog. Some old blog posts get lost in time and get very little (if any) views. If LinkWithin shows a related page to a blog post I deleted, and if a visitor tries to access it, he/she will be unable to go to that post. To combat this, nRelate offers up a service for which it re-indexes your blog/site so that your visitors will hopefully be pointed in the right direction after you update your blog. I read of nRelate and what all it has to offer. nRelate works most the same way as LinkWithin if you are familiar with LinkWithin. Another problem with LinkWithin is that I have been unable to properly update thumbnails. Not sure how nRelate does its deal, but posts without images are shown with these generic images.

I will keep working to make nRelate work for John's Blog Space as well as my other blogs.

+1 My Blog and its Posts!

I have finally been able to implement the popular Google +1 to my blog posts. +1 is a metric for which you personally recommend certain websites and blogs. It aids in making sure that some of the best posts are featured. For a while, though, none of my blogs properly featured the +1 button as part of the sharing feature. That has now changed, as I have recently found out how to add the +1 button to my blog posts. If your Blogger/Blogspot blog doesn't feature these share buttons, learn how to add the +1 button to your posts by visiting "Adding Google +1 Share Button in Blogger Templates" on Southern Speakers.

PLEASE NOTE: This advice only applies if you are using any Classic templates.

A Note About Updated Posts.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or on Facebook know that I may update my posts from time to time. The service I am using, (which will be featured in a future blog post) is what I use to feed my latest blog posts. I have used to feed my latest posts, taking over for Twitterfeed. Any post of mine you see that has "(UPDATED: MMMM DD, YYYY) means it was the exact date in which I made the edits. Past posts will be updated with new content for a number of reasons. Among the various reasons:

• spelling errors
• adding/editing content
• changing any used pictures or embedded content
• taking old posts and editing them with latest template changes
• closing comments to posts (only on posts consistently attacked/targeted with spam)

When your blog is at least three years old like "John's Blog Space," and when you've made so many posts on so many topics, you want to update your material so that readers can enjoy your posts more. I am even taking posts that have very little views and consider making brand-new posts to hopefully draw more attention and get more views. One of the latest successful attempts at making a new version of a past blog post was when I deleted and re-made my "Ao Dai" blog post. Previously, it had gotten so few views. It now has more than 2K views all time since making the new version. One of the most popular posts on JBS is "Dresses With Cowboy Boots," which also was a poorly-viewed blog post until I edited it.

Also, past blog posts will have dates of the previous entry so you know that I once blogged about it. These past posts are a great indication of how much blogging I've done before and what I have blogged about for your reading pleasure.

I have not ruled out a post about In fact, I actually had one planned as of this post.

Google+ Debut!

Apparently, Google Friend Connect has been discontinued for any sites that aren't Blogger/Blogspot blogs. I have recently made my debut on Google+. I am not sure if this is going to be any better in engaging my audience or not, but I'm willing to try [almost] anything once.

To see my Google+ Page, please click here to visit my Google+ page.

Looking Ahead...

I am always looking ahead in blogging. There are things I am considering or looking into. Among other things:

• I am considering changing this blog's theme again.
• I am considering other options for my audience to interact with me.
• I am still thinking about changing the layout of my three blogs, especially "John's Shop Space," which is seriously in need of an update.
• I may try to learn more HTML and CSS to further enhance the appearance of my blog as well as make more interesting blog posts.
• (YouTube) I may consider doing videos of a certain theme. This, to hopefully generate some profit.

These, and other things are in the pipeline for John's Blog Space as well as most of my other material.

--- Where Are All My Loyal Fans? ---

As much as I'm glad to get so much support from others, I wish I could have more fans and more followers. It's sad that I don't have as many loyal fans of my work as I think I have. So let me just ask something of you- please support me in various ways online. I am really failing at trying to find new ways to get more people to subscribe and follow my work. Your help and your support is all I ask. Don't be shy. Let me know that my work means something to you and that you care. I've added peoples' Facebook fan pages that I love (not just "like") among my favorites. I would please ask you support my material in return... if you don't mind.

You "Like" most everything else on Facebook, but you haven't "liked" my work yet? Here is your chance to support my work via Facebook. Just click the "Like" button to keep up with my blogs on Facebook. This even includes those of you Facebook fan page owners. I'd appreciate your support and your love. So go ahead... LIKE! What makes liking my page any different from liking every other page?

"Like" my Facebook Fan Page

Also, don't forget to follow me with Google Friend Connect. At the end of almost every post in my blog post, I have a bunch of links to a lot of content. I want you to subscribe and follow if you love my work. It would make me feel better each day knowing I have fans and not just visitors. So please show your support any way you can.

This concludes another installment of John's Corner. I am still somewhat considering a special graphic for my "John's Corner" posts, just so you'll know they are my "John's Corner" posts. I thank you in the meanwhile for reading my post. I want you loyal folk to get social with me! Here are a few ways how:

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