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John's Corner - Profit

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I enjoy publishing material online. Despite this all, I have done so without being driven by money. I have no sponsors or are sponsored by anybody. Never have been sponsored. I don't have the luxury of having products offered to me. Even if I was sponsored or got such material, I still like to offer personal opinions on things and not being too politically correct about things. It's me talking one-on-one with you. This sounds like another edition of...

Johns Corner
...John's Corner (and you're right)!

Future Plans...

There are two dynamics to this whole deal. I first don't want to feel as if I am driven by money to make my content online. That is why I am not reluctant to sign on with any sort of deal offered to me to get paid some amount of money. It would be nice to be paid handsomely or even receive products free of charge. Even still, I can only hope I can find ways to financially profit from my work and have some kind of decent income.

I think what I will have to do is find more ways to offer my creative works for profit. I don't know what else I can do that is within my limits and abilities, but I am looking for perhaps the best opportunity to profit. I therefore want to announce I am considering PayPal donations for my creative works as well as joining Patreon. Though I've been blogging since 2009 and doing lots of other work since, I feel now is a time I should consider profiting from my work in more ways than one.

A Passionate Plea.

How much does this mean to me? Allow me to express myself.

While blogging and making other content online is not a proper "job," it is almost basically my job. Almost everything I've created was work of my own. It is rare I collaborate with someone to make content of my own. So while I don't profit much financially for my work, I do wish I could have better recognition and profit for my work. Trying to be one entity among others, I sometimes feel I get lost or disregarded among others trying to make money or make a living. People won't seem to care

I have tried a number of things to try to make some kind of decent profit. I reportedly had only one sale of one of my eBooks. CafePress was an absolute fail. As much as I tried making my own merchandise, I had no sales. No one has even bought any of my songs on Bandcamp. I have never had any kind of financial profit on some things I tried to promote and offer. So why am I even thinking of some other services? It is because I am trying to find something that works. We all do this- you probably do, too. It is all about trying to find and do things that are enjoyable and lead to gratification and satisfaction. I believe more in giving things a chance and trying to be hopeful it will work instead of avoiding something entirely thinking I have no chance to thrive.

Taking on this Patreon direction will help me to realize my potential and my level of stardom among the greater whole of cyberspace. I wonder who will actually support my work to where people pledge money to support me and my work. Should I start making profit, the profit can go towards perhaps funding towards various things to make more online content with (as well as making a semi-decent living). So I would appreciate the support.

Well, are you one of those entities? If so, support yours truly on Patreon! Go to today!

Just know that I will be looking for new ways to try to profit from my creative works. Until then, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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