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Speed Channel Showing... the English Premier League?

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Speed Channel viewers were either upset or disappointed they would see something OTHER than cars or racing. Earlier today, Speed aired an English Premier League match with today being Survival Sunday in the EPL. There is NOTHING at all wrong with the EPL. I often times watch some association football. I usually catch a few big time matches in the EPL, the UEFA matches, and of course... watching my Houston Dynamo of the MLS. However, it is quite disparaging when a motorsports network showcases something other than cars or racing. That was the case in this one-time deal where an English Premier League match was aired after the 2012 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. The Survival Sunday coverage in the United States was a joint effort between the ESPN networks and the FOX networks.

Sometimes, other peoples' comments and thoughts fuel my interest to blog. This is one of them, and this post concerns Speed Channel airing something other than racing. Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic if you have something to share.


OCT 1 2012 - changed title to "Speed Channel Showing... the English Premier League?" from "Speed Channel Showing... the EPL?"

--- Speed Channel Showing... Football? ---

Please note that when I mean football, I am (of course) talking about what us Americans call "soccer." Or should I say, association football.

Here is my take on this. I thought it was pretty low for Speed (of all networks) to air something other than what it normally airs. One could make the case for why TruTV would air March Madness games as opposed to what it normally airs. I don't even watch TruTV, so that's no problem to me. I do, however, watch Speed Channel. So imagine my disbelief when I'd see something like an English Premier League football match. Even Speed Channel's Facebook fan page made note of the featured EPL game.

So why did I mention TruTV earlier? TruTV is NOT a sports channel; Speed Channel IS a sports channel. Racing IS a sport. However, us racing fans are our own sort of niche (at least to most people). Many of us watch such a channel for racing and almost exclusively racing. So why, then, would a MOTORsports network show some traditional sport? My only guess was that there may not be other networks that would air coverage of the English Premier League's Survival Sunday, so Speed would showcase one game. National Geographic is a FOX channel, and that channel wasn't even used for showing one of these games. Even FX was used to air one of the games! The action sports network- FuelTV- even shown one of these EPL games.

When a network shows something other than what it normally does, it can say a number of things. Some people would say that it's a slap to the face to fans of a certain network to show what Speed shown earlier today. A lot of people who watch Speed do get bored or disappointed about certain reality shows and such that are featured. Like, I don't see how a show like "Pass Time" stays on Speed, but even more people would probably see "Pass Time" than a match of the English Premier League on a motorsports network. And if you thought I took this with skepticism, you should see what some of the people on Speed Channel's Facebook fan page mentioned about this coverage.

On the Other Hand...

To Speed Channel's credit, however; at least they didn't hype up the EPL Survival Sunday coverage like they do with NASCAR's All-Star Race. Speed would be damaging their own credibility as a motorsports channel by promoting something other than racing or cars.

I must say that this weekend was a rare weekend which I saw a live F1 race. While I did see most of the 2012 F1 Spanish Grand Prix, I was disappointed that the national anthem ceremonies for both the winning driver and winning team wasn't aired as per usual. Yet Speed HAD to air this. I think it's disappointing. Most people critical of Speed would probably ask if curling or frisbee tossing would be shown on Speed next.

Let me just say one last time- there is absolutely nothing wrong with the English Premier League. My issue has mostly been that the EPL is somehow much bigger than any usual motorsports or automotive programming on Speed Channel that Speed had to air this instead of something it usually shows. That is what saddens me as a Speed Channel viewer.

If you're a Speed Channel watcher, how do YOU feel about Speed airing an English Premier League game instead of racing or cars? Thank you for reading and commenting!

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