Monday, December 16, 2013

Addition by Subtraction

John Marine | 12/16/2013 09:48:00 PM | | |
Sometimes, you need to cut people and things out of your life to be and feel better about yourself. Some people are just in your life just to say they are. Some things are in your life because they want to be part of your life. "Addition by subtraction" is the expression of improving your quality of life and your relationships by getting rid of certain things that are just dragging along and hanging onto you. It is where you help yourself by cutting out certain people and things in your life that are bringing you down.

Addition by Subtraction: People.

You may feel like some people are there in your life... just to be there. Just to say they are in your life and not actually contribute. This is like when people try to add you on social media. They just basically want to boost their friend count and to be friends with very popular people. Often times, I want to hope I am contributing to things I become fond of. I at least try to show I care in some sort of capacity. I didn't choose to be friends with certain others or be a fan of certain others, but I wanted to. The last thing I want to feel like to someone I care about is to feel like excess baggage to someone. There have been too many times where I have felt unimportant or feeling like just another insignificant person in someone's life. I at least hope the people I come across can at least respect me for trying to spark some positivity and some interest. If someone wanted to be (and this happened to me on Facebook at times) irrational and uncaring, then I have no other choice than to cut ties with that person and just move on.

Certain professions benefit from removing certain people. This happens almost all the time in certain sports. Poor-performing people often get dismissed and cut from organizations and teams.

Addition by Subtraction: Things.

What things can you cut from your life to make an addition to your life? Things to cut from your life can be certain habits, certain material possessions, and anything that isn't really contributing to your life. Anything that seems to just be a part of you in a bad way can be dropped off and left behind to help you do better and feel better. You could cut down on certain foods if you have some health-related problems. You could probably do without certain things you normally carry and/or use. You can even do away with going to certain places. You can have no shortage of things to cut out from your life to make it better.

Addition by Subtraction: Final Thoughts.

No matter what in life you think should be subtracted from your life to serve as additions to your life, you sometimes need to cut things from your life to add to your life. So consider certain things to remove from your life to make things better. It isn't exactly a terrible thing to remove certain things to add to your life or to add to your quality of life. Honestly, some things simply need to be sacrificed or left behind to help make things better for yourself or for someone else. You can't have everything. You don't need everything. Just know who or what to subtract in your life to make serious additions to your life. With somebody else's life, you can help make sure he/she can be able to subtract people or things from his/her life to the person can live better- or at least what you think will help someone else live better.

What do you think about the concept of addition by subtraction in life? Feel free to share your thoughts and your insight in this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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Harija said...

Great post and the title of the post say it all!!
My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

John Marine said...

It can sometimes be difficult, but sometimes life is better in subtracting certain people or removing certain situations, behaviors, etc. from it. Very, very true!


Loonia Ali said...

Great post. So interesting.

John Marine said...

Oy bro... you should have been in church today. Pastor Eastland talked about the same issues. Very moving :-)

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