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Time to take the test! The TEST is a daytime talk show hosted by the soft-spoken, yet very cool and calm comedian Kirk Fox. Guests on the show suspect others of various things. The next step in moving forward after having doubts is for suspected parties to be tested. This daytime talk show is the first step in offering life-changing results and helping people move forward. This blog post is my own personal review of "The TEST."

--- The TEST ---

The TEST is a daytime talk show where guests are tested for a number of issues. Unlike most of the popular talk shows of today, The TEST is aired in Los Angeles, CA, USA; as opposed to the New York City area. The majority of issues featured are covered in lie-detector tests. There are also episodes featuring paternity tests and drug tests.

Types of Tests.

What kinds of tests are there on The TEST? These are among some of the featured tests offered:

• Lie Detector Tests
Guests who suspect others of cheating or of other issues are tested under lie detectors.

• Paternity Tests
Men who deny or doubt being the father of children are put through paternity tests.

• Drug Tests
Guests suspected of using and abusing drugs are tested with drug tests. The test consists of guests being tested for a number of different addictive drugs. Aftercare may consist of guests being offered programs to enter in further aiding in recovering from drug abuse.

• Fertility Tests
Guests who are unsure if they can produce children are given fertility tests.

Other Material on The TEST.

Especially in the case of drug tests, a service is offered to certain drug-addicted guests to go to certain programs to help guests curb and recover from their drug addictions.

How An Episode Goes.

This is a sample of how everything works on The TEST.

Guests on The TEST are subject to having both sides tell their side of the story. What ends up happening usually results in arguments and guests sometimes leaving the stage (and even the studio). Some guests even get into verbal altercations and physical altercations. Physical violence is NOT tolerated on The TEST. Results of administered tests are held in Kirk Fox's hands ready to be revealed for the truth to come out. To provide drama, exciting music and various camera views hype up the results before they are announced. And afterwards, the truth is revealed. After the big reveal, it's time for guests to move forward and decide what is next in their lives.

This show is all about getting the truth and moving forward.

--- The TEST: Review ---

"The TEST" is actually a very good show. I like how Kirk Fox helps handle situations between guests on the show. This show has a great deal of drama from the guests. The guests are completely real and don't act like drama kings/queens. At the same time, though, nothing seems overly dramatic. Kirk Fox provides great lighthearted humor often times while still being serious with the task at hand. There are much less cliffhangers in shows like Maury. Most important to me with talk shows is resolution; and The TEST offers a great deal of resolution once results are revealed. You really feel a sense that the air is cleared and that there is a great opportunity for parties to recover from such horrible situations. One last thing I want to mention is the fact this show contains some mature subject matter. What seems to be commonplace on many daytime talk shows is often and consistently featured in a disclaimer. I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing for this disclaimer to be constantly featured, but it's nice that some show acknowledged how discomforting some topics can be on shows like The TEST.

Here in Houston, "The TEST" airs weekdays at 2:00 PM Central Time (3:00 PM Eastern Time).

Video Sample.

Here is a sample of "The TEST." Enjoy:

^ Coming This KNOWVEMBER: On The Test!

Take the test!

For More Information...

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John Marine said...

sounds fascinating :) thanks for sharing this

John Marine said...

The concept sounds familiar, but I haven't seen this show before. As long as there is some positive change and it helps people to deal with certain issues, such a program makes sense. Usually I'm not a fan of reality TV or shows based on that principle, though.

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