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This is a difficult topic; but a difficult topic to bring to light. Murder-suicides are acts of cowardice where one person takes others' lives, then takes his/her own life. Such people who commit these acts know they are going to lose, so they kill others before taking one's own life. It is one of the most extreme acts of cowardice. It is as if one admits he/she will face severe penalties- such as lengthy prison terms or the death penalty, so rather than own up and admit and accept justice, they take kill themselves after taking the lives of several others. As a saying goes...

Two wrongs don't make a right.

This difficult topic discusses murder-suicides. I actually didn't want to discuss this topic during the Holiday season, but considering this is the one-year anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, it is a tough issue I want to bring to light.

--- Murder-Suicides ---

Killing others is wrong. Killing oneself is just as wrong. Killing oneself after killing others is just despicable. Such people who commit murder-suicides know they are going to lose and know they are going to commit the ultimate wrong. It is like admitting and eventually knowing you are going to lose a battle you know you aren't going to win. What's wrong? Know you're going to do the wrong thing and know you're going to pay a severe penalty for what you've done? Such people are seemingly unhappy with themselves that they feel they want to take others lives before taking his/her own life. They don't even want to face the judge and admit wrongdoing. If you do the crime, you got to do the time.

My guess is that a person who take others' lives and then takes his/her own life does so after either realizing the error of his/her ways after killing others, or after one feels he/she has served his/her purpose on earth and serves no further purpose. Either way, this is both despicable and heartless.

What is even more scary about murder-suicides is the psychology of someone as to why to kill another person or a group of people. Someone may try to kill someone out of revenge or anger and then kill oneself. One who commits mass murder and then kills himself/herself afterwards may say something along the lines of embarking on a mission from [a higher power] to kill multiple people. The only thing scarier than murder-suicide is understanding the psychology of someone who commits murder-suicide.

Possible Hope.

Even in today's society, people whom have done wrong work to rebuild their image and reverse any negative criticisms about them. People pay their debts to society and work to make things better for both themselves and people around them. Killing someone or something is not going to be forgivable by anyone- especially the parties closest to the slain people or slain animals. You are never going to be in the good graces of someone when you killed someone or something near and dear to one's heart. For example, if someone killed a neighbor's dog, the neighbors absolutely will not forgive that person and want justice for the dog's slaying.

Let us now turn the attention over towards being suicidal after killing someone or something. Doing something absolutely horrible is not easy to tolerate. You know you've done wrong if you take the life of a person or some animal. However, sins can be forgiven. There are times where you can screw up and be given second chances. Sometimes, you may even get extra chances. Killing anyone or anything is wrong as it is, but would you rather spend a long time in jail for murder rather than kill yourself after committing murder? Some people don't even give themselves a chance to rebuild their image if given a second chance.

A Message to Any Victims of Murder-Suicide.

I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to victims and their friends and family who were the victims of murder-suicide. I am deeply saddened such dark fates had to happen to you and had to be dealt to you.

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

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I know I've discussed a difficult topic, but I'm doing all I can to provide many different issues to my blog.

I just want to say again- I almost did not want to release this blog post considering the festive time of year we are engaged in. However, horrible people and heartless crimes never take a break or have a holiday. It was tough to bring an issue like this to light. However, I do have a voice and opinions on this matter. So I hope you were able to gain some insight and opinion from me on this issue. Thank you for reading.

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John Marine said...

I think there are different kinds of murder suicides. There are those that take their own life because they feel bad about what they have done and then there are those that are aware they will face death penalty so in that way maybe they feel they're regaining some control. Difficult topic, indeed. There is no case when such an act is justified yet I do feel that there is a lot of difference between individual cases. I do believe that in some cases the person just feel so guilty that he cannot face what he/she has done. However, it is tragic choice to make because it is only when you admit you have done something wrong that you have the chance to fix it.

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