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Soul Intentions

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The sole intention of @maryjorapini's Soul Intentions is to offer advice and insight to make life better. The advice provided is by psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini is presented in this app for Android and iOS. Those in Houston/Galveston may know of Mary Jo Rapini as she regularly offers insight and advice on FOX 26 Morning News and FOX 26 Morning News Extra. There was once a segment featuring her weekly called "Mind, Body, and Soul with Mary Jo." Others may know her as famously having a near-death experience that made national news back in 2010 or so. Either way, Mary Jo Rapini's advice is offered in this mobile app. The majority of her expertise mostly is with relationship issues, but she also provides her expertise with life issues.

Soul Intentions by Mary Jo Rapini
^ from: (links to app (for Android)) - Soul Intentions by Mary Jo Rapini offers advice and insight on a variety of issues on the go.

Soul Intentions features posts from Mary Jo Rapini's website. If you fancy the advice given, you can rate the different topics offered to as many as five stars. You can check off certain posts as Favorites for you to look back on. Posts can be filtered ranging from date to rating. That way, you can follow some of the given advice on a level you are comfortable with. You can even share the advice she offers among your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Also included with the app is a brief bio on Mary Jo.

This is an app all about offering solid advice from someone as professional and as passionate as Mary Jo Rapini. Most respectful of all is the real "pay it forward" train of thought in expressing these views and offering this advice. As someone who respects Mary Jo Rapini and the advice she provides, I say that this is a must-have app for anyone seeking positivity and guidance. The only reason why you shouldn't get this app is if your mobile device is incompatible with it. Give the Soul Intentions app a try, and I think you'll be impressed with the insight and advice provided by Mary Jo Rapini.

In a little run I had preparing this post, the program did crash on my Android tablet, but I'm sure it probably was just a small glitch that I think would probably could be improved in the future. No program or app is ever 100% perfect technically, though. This is still a fairly rock solid app.

If you wish to procure more information about Mary Jo Rapini or to download the app, here are links to help you:
Mary Jo Rapini's website
Soul Intentions on Google Play
Soul Intentions on iTunes

Special hello to Mary Jo if she may be reading this post! :) Thanks for visiting! I hope you can appreciate this review I made..

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