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There is an app for positivity! @Goodspire is an app featuring a handful of positive stories and messages to help shine positivity in today's negative world. Created by Jarrell Liner, this app offers positivity for your life and for others. What you get with the Goodspire app is a handful of stories in certain categories- such as daily struggles, financial health, and more. It is safe to say that an app like this covers all the bases and almost always is capable of delivering a home run (or even a Grand Slam).

^ from: (links to Twitter feed) - "Change the World. Today!" -Goodspire slogan

To be honest, I rarely use the app. However, I do get notices every morning saying my inspiration is ready. At least you know that you will have at least some sort of positive influence and inspiration every morning. Why so? Because good inspiration and motivation never takes a day off. What this app provides is quality material scattered across cyberspace and available to you on your mobile device. If you're feeling down or want some positivity, there is no reason to not feel convinced at what Goodspire offers. Just the simple fact you get positive advice and positive material is enough to even care about what Goodspire has to offer.

You can download the Goodspire app for Android and iOS. Here are links to link you to the Goodspire app. Be sure to follow these links to if your device(s) can handle Goodspire:
Goodspire on Google Play
Goodspire on iTunes

And for more information on Goodspire, please visit And if Jarrell himself (or even other people behind the Goodspire app for that matter) is reading this blog post of mine, I'd like to welcome you to "John's Blog Space." Cheers to you for reading my post, mate! :)

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