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Black Friday

John Marine | 11/25/2009 06:02:00 PM |
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Besides Christmas, nothing is like Thanksgiving. There's a special reason why Black Friday exists... after you get a little more weight from chowing down on Thanksgiving grub, that's why you wake up early in the morning to walk off Thanksgiving weight (walk it out, player! ^_^). I'm breaking up the two into seperate posts.

This one involves Black Friday. Before some of you racists want to send me something negative, actually pay attention to my material before typing out of your backside.

--- Black Friday ---

Black Friday is the first day when many shoppers nationwide hit the malls and shopping centers to get a leg up on Christmas shopping. Since these stores and malls will be getting all kinds of money from sales and such, it's referred to as Black Friday. Companies and business deals that are profiting are told to be "in the black." Or at least, this is how I learned from the Super Nintendo game, Aerobiz Supersonic.

What does Black Friday mean to me? Two things- exercise and holiday shopping.

--- Black Friday Last Year ---
Last year, I got up around 4:40 AM CST and left the house with my family at 5:31 AM CST. We would go around Houston, around Pearland, and around Pasadena going to various stores looking for various things. We dropped off a few things back at the house before heading out. We even got breakfast at a GREAT place called Dot's. Then in the 10:00 AM CST hour, I visited Katy Mills for the first time. I've spent about six hours there. Katy Mills is a massive mall, but nowhere near the massive and high-end appeal of the Houston Galleria shopping mall. We all headed back home to drop off a few more things in the 4:00 PM hour. Finally, we've been to various other places between 5:00 PM before eventually coming back home around 10:00 PM CST. I didn't really start feeling the pain in my legs and feet until about 7:00 PM CST at a K&G (you know, the men's fashion store that also sells some women's clothing. Yeah, THAT K&G) store. I saw myself dragging my feet at times, feeling like

It was one of the longest days for me. I began to feel it in my ankles and feet as it would hurt a bit to walk around so much. It was also where I learned to wear shoes with ample cushioning. It was thinking of getting some better sneakers, but I never got around to getting some better, more comfortable sneakers. You see, I usually wear these flat American Eagle sneakers which serve me well on a normal day. And when you mostly walk around for a long while, you begin to feel it in your feet. I'm kind of a fast walker, too. So make sure you either wear comfortable shoes or just don't be out for so long.

--- Gotta Love Black Friday! ---
Otherwise, there's NOTHING like Black Friday. It's the only time of the year where Friday morning at a mall (most of which aren't even open so early) feels like Saturday afternoon. It's where being at a Best Buy at 7:00 AM on Friday feels like being at a Best Buy at 2:00 PM on Saturday. SO much activity goes on when it's Black Friday. Depending on how many shops you visit and how much shopping you do, you'll feel it later that day or tomorrow morning, guaranteed!

I hope all of you have a great time shopping on Black Friday. Or if you don't have much money to get anyone anything, then just get yourself some exercise and work off the poundage you got from Thanksgiving. Either way, I send you my best wishes!
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