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Car Style - The Lexus IS-F

John Marine | 12/09/2009 04:32:00 PM | |
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The car:
Blue is beautiful, and so is this Lexus IS-F.
(picture by me, taken from the 2007 Houston Auto Show)

This was the picture I snapped in 2007 because blue is my favorite color. The IS-F is one of Lexus' lovely vehicles. You are talking about an automobile that packs about 400 horsepower (actually, 416 hp) and really delivers the goods. I downloaded a mod for rFactor that featured a car mod featuring the Lexus IS-F. This car has AMAZING sound! Find a video or something where you can just hear the car humming along. The 5.0 Liter V8 sounds awesome. Sweet engine music.

--- Style Report: The Lexus IS-F ---
The primary complaint about the IS-F in its design are the tail pipe designs. But if you look at the rest of the car, everything is sharp and stylish. I tend to want sharpness and style for luxury-type cars. This car has plenty of it. Its grill and headlights are beautifully designed even with the big Lexus badge on the grill. The little fog lights are miniscule compared to the headlights, but they still look great, as does the front bumper. The side profile is beautiful, too. The tail lights are also designed with sharpness and style.

The interior is pretty minimalistic with the exception of the big navigation system. The pedals are performance-oriented and all shiny and metallic. I probably would have liked a more aggressive steering wheel or a more stylish one. The instrument panel and gauges all ooze in my favorite color- blue. It's a sweet car on the inside, but even more so outside.

This Lexus is a beautiful car. Can't go wrong with the IS-F if you consider this to be a sweet car.

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