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Skorts and Scooter Skirts

John Marine | 12/10/2009 08:11:00 PM |
(UPDATED: July 11, 2012)

This fashion-themed blog entry concerns skorts and scooter skirts. What are these garments? It depends on who you ask. For those who love these, they are skirts you can confidently wear without feeling uncomfortable wearing a skirt so short. For those who hate these, they are skirts which give perverts a false sense of enjoyment of looking up a short skirt... only to realize they are shorts and not a proper mini skirt. These days, skorts are almost exclusively in sporty and athletic use. Skorts usually have short-shorts/bloomers sewn in that are purely designed for athletic performance. Ever see women's tennis matches wearing those tennis skirts?


JUL 9 2012 - edited look of post; added ShopStyle widgets for any shoppers visiting this post

Skorts of the '90s.

Skorts used to be fashionable in the mid-late 1990s (aside from the '70s) when designers dared test the length and style of these skirts. I can remember first seeing these come along in the mid-1990s. I was a student at Hartman Middle School here in Houston and remembered seeing these wrap skirts. But, they are skorts. They are essentially shorts with a front panel making them resemble skirts. In the late 1990s, I can recall seeing skorts testing the limits of short skirts with a mini skirt all the way around, but with a pair of shorts to provide comfort when sitting down or doing cartwheels or something. Later skorts look like proper wrap skirts, only with the shorts hidden behind the front panel.

Scooter Skirts.

Scooter skirts resemble a skirt all the way around, but have shorts underneath. You normally see these worn on little girls and elementary girls, but there are scooter skirts for older women as well.

--- Skorts and Scooter Skirts on Amazon ---

NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

With people visiting my blog to find some skorts, I invite you to check out these skorts in this section. I am committed to keeping my readers interested. I am also committed to keeping any shoppers interested. I would appreciate it if you order anything you like in this section. Let me know that my efforts to blog on certain fashions are to your liking. Now here are some skorts on Amazon:

NOTE: All sizes are women's sizes unless otherwise specified.

Skorts and Scooter Skirts for Girls.

This section is for those of you who have a little daughter. This section consists of skorts and scooter skirts for girls sizes 2-16. I will begin with school skorts.

^ Here is a skirt that can be worn confidently by your daughter, especially since it isn't a skirt at all. This is a Dockers skort that has a skirt-like design with shorts hiding underneath. Sizes range from 16 Youth to 8 Youth for Girls. Colors are either Navy or Khaki.

^ A scooter skirt looks like a skirt all around, but have shorts hidden underneath. This is a scooter skirt for school uniforms from Dickies. This uniform scooter skirt is available in Navy or Khaki with sizes ranging from 7 to 20.

^ This denim scooter skirt has cute embroideries on it. An embroided butterfly along with floral prints adorn one side of this scooter skirt. Shorts are hidden underneath to cover her when on the monkey bars or going down a slide at recess. Sizes are available in 5 and 6 for girls.

^ One of the problems with mini skirts and dresses are those embarrassing mmoments when someone gets a peek under the skirt. Metrostyle's stretch skort for women offers all the basic appeal of a mini skirt, only they can be worn confidently because of the fact there are shorts underneath. They come in five different colors with sizes ranging in consecutive even numbers from 4 to 18.

The majority of other women's skorts are active skorts. I've made a blog entry in the past about active fashions, including active skorts. If you want to find some active skorts, some will be below, but several more can be found in my blog entry, Sporty Cute!

(Honorable Mention)

^ This is a split skirt from Roxy for girls age 7-14 called C Money. This is a skort that has a gaucho pant-like feel to them in their skirt-like appearance and in their feel. Sizes come in Small 7/8, Medium 10, Large 12/14, and X-Large 16.

These days, there are some shorts that look like skirts, but are still quite stylish. The skort was a passing trend from the mid and late 1990s. Skorts these days are mostly reserved for playing sports and being active. Here are some skorts and scooter skirts on Amazon. Find one you like (if you see one you like):


Shop on ShopStyle for skorts and scooter skirts!

For [women's] skorts:

For [Girls'] skorts:

For [Girls'] scooter skirts:

I would gladly appreciate your business if you bought anything. Enjoy these items, and I hope you have enjoyed coming to "John's Blog Space."

Thank you for reading!

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