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Car Style - The Mosler MT900

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The car: Mosler MT900

What looks like a mid-engined Corvette C5, and goes like hell (like a Corvette)? You're talking about the Mosler MT900R from Mosler Automotive. Based in Riviera Beach, Florida, USA; one of the most beautiful beasts they breathed life into was the Mosler MT900R back in 2001. This is a sexy car powered by a Corvette engine. A lot of the cues were taken from the C5 Corvette in its design ranging from the headlights, to its overall profile, and (the deadest of dead giveaways) the tail lights).

--- Car Style: The Mosler MT900 ---

The entire car is beautiful. It is more like a beautiful and and easy-going young lady... who is also capable of tearing you apart if you do her wrong. The front headlights are a bit reminiscent of the Corvette C5-Rs that have done so amazingly well in GT sportscar racing. Big louvers accentuate the front as well as above the wheels. The front of the car can be thought of as an exotic Corvette C5.

The sides of the car is purely exotic. Like you'd see on prototypes and GT cars, there are clamps holding down some of the body parts of the car down. Exotic details extend to the small side ducts near the front tires, then you notice the larger side ducts heading towards the rear tires. Its profile is swoopy and sweet. Towards the rear of the car lies an extra duct, almost exactly like on the Callaway C12.

The tail lights make you think this is a super Corvette C5 as they look almost exactly like the C5, which the whole car is based on. There are two mufflers at the rear of the car. Situated below the rear bumper and the mufflers is a rear diffuser. This car means business all the way around. That big GT wing shows this car means business. Some MT900's don't come with the GT wing.

I haven't talked about how the rear windshield looks because I don't know how to describe it. It looks like it has multiple spoilers on the back of it. I've seen this before on some older cars, but I don't know how to describe it best.

You could legitimately start a race in any kind of GT racing championship from the inside. The instrument panel and gauges are purely ready for racing. The center console and shifter are all about racing. There are even some Sparco racing seats in the car ready for you to enjoy getting your speed freak on. While the inside and outside of the car mean business, the car's steering wheel appears completely out of place. For a car like this, you'd imagine you'd get something along the lines of a racing-spec steering wheel. Perhaps even one with a digital display and a MoTeC data logging system. But... you get a plain-jane steering wheel.

Swap out the steering wheel with a more racing-appropriate steering wheel, and you can pretty much start any GT competition you wish. All you need to know is that this is one of the most beautiful cars this decade. Perhaps even one of the lovliest American cars this decade. The car goes like hell and looks like it could easily win any race it enters. Greatly-designed car. I think it's still raced today in certain series.
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