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Car Style - The smart fortwo

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The car: The smart fortwo

You might have seen these quirky little cars around town before. I usually see these in yellow/black, but a few in silver/black. This car has been around for a decade and change in Europe. If you think the Smart fortwo is a boring FWD mini, then this car could greatly change your mind. However, there's a problem. You see, this car has a Porsche-style drivetrain: rear-engine/RWD. No FWD

The Smart fortwo is a quirky little car. This is not a tire-shredder. This is not a car that's going to lay down 10-second passes down the quarter mile. This is a city car. And considering I'm from Houston, it isn't like Houston is a small town where there isn't much traffic. If anything, this is go-kart with lights, a full car body, suspension, and room for two.

--- Car Style: The Smart fortwo ---

Unless you're tall or have some extra baggage, you're probably not going to get a snug fit into this car. The car is in no way cute. The headlights are very subtle in design and simple. The way the front grill is designed makes it look like this car wants to get out and play, as well as meet and greet people. A couple of fog lights are on both sides of the front bumper.

There is some character on the side with a little streak along the sides. There's a slight overfender around the wheels to give it some muscle. There's a little scoop on its left side above the rear quarter panels, and a blacked-out gas cap on its right side. That scoop is more than likely to feed air into this car's engine. A nice set of nine-spoke wheels adorn the tires with this car.

The rear of the car isn't guaranteed to scare off wild beasts or werewolves. The rear bumper has a little muscle to it as it bulges forward. The tail lights are minimal and basic. It even comes with a tail light at the roof of the back of the car.

The Smart fortwo has an interior that makes Aston Martins and Bentleys running scared. Actually, not really. However, the car does look very nice on the inside. A huge speedometer up front lets you know just how fast you're going in this mini speed demon. A little electronic display below the speedometer. The center console is very nice for a car like this. Two extra gauges adorn the dashboard over the center console. The Smart fortwo even has what looks like a pretty good pair of seats.

This car is very quirky in its design. It's a head-turner because you just don't really see cars like these on the road. It's one of few small cars with RWD in the United States. You need to see these cars and be up front with them to believe these small wonders.

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