Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bottoms with Graphics on the Butt

John Marine | 12/19/2009 08:25:00 PM |
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A nuisance for most people is seeing bottoms with graphics on the butt. For those who tire of these, it's almost a cheap way to have attention called to a girl's backside. Most commonly, I've seen black bebe drawstring sweatpants with the "bebe" logo in rhinestone detail on the butt. It can be a guilty pleasure for most to try to read what message is on a female's bottoms, especially if she's really got "junk in the trunk," so to speak. Also, I see some fashion "Cheer" shorts or "Rah Rah" shorts sometimes worn. You can see some examples of these shorts by clicking this link. Just today, I saw a teen girl sporting some sweatpants with an "Abercrombie" logo on the butt at a Walmart.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be a guilty pleasure trying to read graphics on the butt of some pants, shorts, skirts, or whatever. It adds a sassy edge and really calls attention to booty. Some argue that this is more like when certain businesses use strobelights (anyone still use strobelights anymore for businesses?). It's attention, but cheap attention. Speaking as a guy, it is a bit of a guilty pleasure to take a peek at a girl's butt, even with pants/shorts/skirts that have some kind of logo or writing on the back. Sometimes, logos or graphics on the butt are almost like seeing pants with a hot pair of pockets. Graphics on the butt of pants can be just as hot as flap pockets or a sexy pair of pockets on a pair of jeans.

Okay. Maybe I took the other side of this issue. It's called an opinion. Comment at will.
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