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Car Style - The Volkswagen Passat CC

John Marine | 12/12/2009 04:14:00 PM | |
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The car: The Volkswagen CC and this...

Remember the Volkswagen Phaeton? It was an attempt at making a proper big luxury-type car. It didn't fare too well, unfortunately. So meet the Volkswagen CC.

If you ask me, the Volkswagen CC is the most beautiful Volkswagen since the Karmann Ghia. The full name of this car is the Volkswagen Passat CC. Would I take this car or a standard Passat? Surely the CC.

The exterior styling seems to resemble an economy-type car with luxury-type car style. The frontal dimensions of the CC are nothing short of breathtaking and eye-catching. It is in no way bland, but it isn't a car with an ego trip. The headlights are stylish and sharp to match the front grill. The front grill is outlined in metallic accents with two horizontal bars on the front grill. The side profile features some deep character lines to add some style and charm. The design is edgy, charming, and handsome... all at the same time. The different wheel options only add to the overall sweetness of the car. The swoopy design heading towards the rear makes this car stand out even more. The tail lights are beautiful and well-designed. Its overall exterior image is nothing short of fantastic.

The interior is styled beautifully, but I wish the inside (especially the dashboard) was styled a little more better. I would have liked a little more wood trim, maybe go with a black and silver interior or better almond and wood trim accents. The seats are all styled beautifully and tastefully. Maybe the CC could have benefitted from its Audi brotheren with the Audi A4 or something.

Overall, the Volkswagen CC is either the most beautiful Volkswagen area, or is the most beautiful VW since the Karmann Ghia. You're getting a stylish car which is full of style and charm. I do wish the interior was a little more interesting in design to match the sensual character of the exterior.

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