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Car Style - The ASL Garaiya

John Marine | 12/12/2009 01:02:00 PM | |
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The car: ASL Garaiya

The Garaiya by Autobacs Sport Labs (ASL) was released sometime back in 2002 or 2003. This car, despite its funky appearance, is actually very beautiful. It is a Japan-only vehicle. The glamour and appeal of this car lies in the stylish and swoopy curves of this car. To my estimation, it's only in right-hand drive. It means that I'd have to shift with my left hand, but I'm right-handed.

The car's exterior styling is rather strange. This car is like a Japanese Ferrari 360 Modena. The front headlights are nicely designed. Its grill on the front bumper is styled cleanly along with the nice vent on the front hood. The side profile is a bit funky in its design. It's kind of like "Ugly Betty" in which things seem disproportionate, but still somehow comes together nicely. Evidence of this can be found in the design of the side windows and even the somewhat miniscule side air ducts. A racing-style gas cap adds some racy appeal to this car. Its side profile seems very strange, but comes together nicely... like Ugly Betty (but not the beautiful America Fererra, who plays as Betty Suarez on the hit comedy/drama). The rear of the Garaiya completes the racy look. Its tail lights and twin mufflers suggest a car that's truly sporty and stylish.

The interior is equally sporty. It contains a black interior with lots of red accents and trims, adding to the overall sporty and peppy character of this car. There are plenty of metallic accents as well ranging from the shifting knob, the handbrake, and the pedals. Not a bad car to take someone with you and drive off in.

The ASL Garaiya is a most interesting car in its design. Funky? Yes. Weird? Yeah. Boring? Not at all. Very unique car.

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