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GT5 Commentary: Why No Canadian Love?

John Marine | 1/20/2010 06:20:00 PM | |
The Gran Turismo series has NEVER had a Canadian venue. And I think as much as we love our motorsport here in the United States, Canada is very well educated and versed in motorsport. Should Gran Turismo 5 include any Canadian venues, here are some venues I wouldn't mind seeing (in terms of real-life venues)...

NOTE: This blog post includes lots of YouTube videos. You may need to click on the video to see them separately to not suffer so much connection-wise.

--- Permanent Canadian Courses ---

Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve.
First of all, it's great that the F1 Canadian Grand Prix will return to this lovely course. This is one of Canada's finest race tracks. Its high speed character reminds me a bit of the old Hockenheim. This is a challenge to race on no matter what kinds of race cars are on the track.

YouTube one-lap video sample (video uploaded 3/28/2007):

While I'm glad NASCAR has races at Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve, I do think Mosport is more suiting towards the style of NASCAR stock cars. This undulating circuit has some high-speed character to it along with some tricky turns. Victory at a track like this can be tough to come by, so be prepared to fight hard each lap.

YouTube one-lap video sample (uploaded 1/25/2009):

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.
Mont-Tremblant is the track I consider the most beautiful race track in Canada. This is also a very technical course. There's nothing like the serene beauty this track provides. Lots of trees and lush scenery makes this track every bit as beautiful as Lime Rock Park here in the United States. Unlike Lime Rock Park, however, Mont-Tremblant is much longer. I think this used to serve as the home of the Canadian Grand Prix back in the '50s or the '60s. If you want to see how this track looks, check out the YouTube video I've included. The lap is in wet conditions.

YouTube one-lap video sample (uploaded 12/20/2006):

--- Other Considerable Courses ---
* Toronto street course
* Trois-Rivires street course
* Edmonton airfield race
* Vancouver street course (from 1999 or so)

I made a past blog entry a long time ago about other international locales. As much as I'd love to see Australian courses featured in Gran Turismo 5, I feel even strong about seeing Canadian venues in the GT series. What do you think? Comment at will!
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