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Too Ugly

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This is labeled in Motivation for a reason. There have been people whom have said that I am too ugly to be on YouTube. I do try to look presentable in all that I do. But for many people, I'm still ugly to most people. I even got a comment to a video of mine simply saying "you're ugly." If you feel you're in this category, let me try to see if I can help you feel better.

--- John's Motivation: Too Ugly? ---
Let me say that all of us are beautiful in our own ways. We are all beautiful and unique in many ways. But as with many things, it's society who has their own preference as to what is considered lovely and what isn't. I like to think of myself as handsome and presentable. But as you know, somebody has to disagree. When I do my YouTube videos, I do try to put on something different from sleeping clothes. I imagine that when I do my first non-webcam video, that when I'm seen from head-to-toe, that people are going to find any such reason to complain about my looks. I just KNOW it.

I've known femmes that are very beautiful and attractive. I've known some femmes who are more boyish in appearance. I've even known a young lady with a deformed face. But all the while, it's the inner beauty that shines best in people rather than outer beauty. When I did my video about only beautiful people being accepted to a dating service, I noted something like how this website called British folks the most unattractive-looking people in the world. I'm not going to buy that garbage.

Not everyone is beauty contest material. Some people are too stupid to realize inner beauty, only focusing on one's exterior features. Society's ideal male in society has a muscular build, handsome looks, get-the-girl charm... almost anybody you'd see in one of those men's fragrance ads. Society's ideal female in society has to have big breasts, a big butt, a slender figure... almost doll-like perfection. And anybody outside the boundaries of what is considered acceptable is heckled upon by society. I see beauty in all things and in all people. I've called females beautiful when hardly anyone else calls them beautiful. It's because I see beauty in all people. Just because society thinks there are strict guidelines on how everybody should look. It's why the geeky boys/girls at school gets ridiculed each day while the attractive boys/girls don't get heckled much at all.

If there are any females that may be reading my blog entry here, let me tell you something. You are beautiful in your own way. Don't let society set and enforce their own guidelines as to what is beautiful and what isn't. Fact is... you're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you're not confident about your own looks, then you can always try to improve your image. Incorporate a level of swagger or charm into your routine or looks to give yourself a new edge. And most of all, love who you are. So maybe you aren't as attractive as certain celebrities. You're obviously not a celebrity. In this case, it's best just to be yourself and incorporate your own style. Have your own interpretation of beautiful.

I'm not in any way beautiful to anyone (in exterior appearance), but at least I try not to be ugly in my looks and actions. Some people think I'm so ugly that they are ashamed I put myself on webcam. If that's what you think about me honestly, then fine. Not everyone is going to call me handsome or attractive. I think I'm handsome, but even I sometimes think I'm a bit ugly. But I can only do so much. At one point, I just have to be myself and not care what anyone thinks about me or my appearance. That's what I think everyone else should do too. So what if I'm too ugly for YouTube (at least in the minds of my critics)? Who says YouTube is only for beautiful people? If someone is ugly (in your view) on the outside, will you still call them beautiful for their inner character? Or are you only trying to be with beautiful people like you're a big time celebrity?

In other words... nobody is ever too ugly for anything. People whom can see beauty within rather than just external beauty are really a blessing to this world. Or as the famous saying goes- "true beauty comes from within." And there's also- "God loves ugly."
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