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There's the age-old myth that robots will replace humans. Then, there's the belief that robots will kill off the entire human race. If you do think that robots will one day replace human beings, then leave it to Kokoro Company Ltd. for their line of Actroids. Some people who like poking fun at these humanoid robots would say that since some men can't get a real girl, there are always humanoid robots. Let me talk more about these interesting robots while supplementing pictures.

--- Actroid-DER ---

More Information:
Actroid-DER (ENG)
Actroid-DER (JPN)

The moment I first saw a YouTube video on these, I was completely amazed (and quite freaked out) at how realistic the Actroid looks and acts. From the site on the Actroid-DER, the Actroid-DER is has smooth gestures and a realistic presence. They are likely used for promoting businesses or whatever. Those even can be made as booth babes to market certain things. Problem is... Japan has many beautiful ladies, and Japanese ladies are very cute (or very "kawaii"). But you also have to realizer... technology is a big deal in Japan. As big of a deal as Manchester United in the English Premier League or the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

--- Actroid-DER2 ---

More information:
Actroid-DER2 (ENG)
Actroid-DER (JPN)

The Actroid-DER2, also known as the Icon Robot, improves upon the original with even more realistic looks and features. She's even cuter than the Actroid-DER (even the website says so!). It's said this model serves as a host and also to show off fashion. I could probably see this as a fashion model. Like... "how would these clothes look on me with my body type?" But still... so real, it's scary.

--- Actroid-DER3 ---

More Information:
Actroid-DER3 (ENG)
Actroid-DER (JPN)

The Actroid-DER3 is the latest model from Kokoro Company Ltd. Boasting even more impressive human expressions, the Actroid-DER3 is a step up from what the previous two Actroids brought. This one can even kick a soccer ball!

If you're still someone who thinks robots will take over the world, then you'd be pretty convinced these Actroids will lead the charge. I am completely amazed and astounded by the realism of these actroids. Want to see them in action? Check out these YouTube videos:

This video is too wide for me to fit properly in my blog, so click here to see the video:
Actroid DER3 (HQ)

Awesome stuff, I tell you. I'm ALWAYS fascinated about Japan.
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