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My Blogging Struggles

John Marine | 1/03/2010 04:29:00 AM | |
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I made a YouTube video called "Struggle." I shared what I tend to struggle with in making YouTube videos. This is some personal commentary of mine that's completely true.

--- Follower Struggles ---
When you love a YouTube channel and you're on YouTube, subscribing is the best way of saying thanks... without saying thanks. I think I've amassed some FeedBurner subscribers. However, nobody wants to Follow me on Blogspot. It makes me feel like nobody cares about my blog. And trust me... I know what feeling like nobody cares about you is like. It's why I struggle to get many more YouTube views than what most of my videos are worth. I'm thinking world class, but I'm still stuck at the bottom. Blogging is no different. The feeling that nobody is willing to follow my blog really makes me feel like I'm not getting as much support from the blogging audience I work so hard to type blog entries for. That's like trying to come up with song after song, but nobody wants to buy an MP3 or buy an album from an artist. I moved my Google Followers down to the bottom of my blog previously because nobody cared to follow my blog. Just the feeling that nobody cares about something I'm trying to grow and expand makes me feel terrible inside. And I'm being honest.

Or let me give you an example of myself. I try to respond to every Blogspot blog I come across. If I can offer a decent comment, I'll do what I can to post a relevant comment. And if I appreciate his/her/their work, I follow them. It may not mean I will actively participate in each blog I follow, but it's a showing of appreciation. Here is a reason why I feel so bad about not getting followers. As of the date of this blog entry, I have 27 blogs that I follow with Google Friend Connect. How many people have followed MY blog as of the date of this blog entry? Nobody. I want to feel like my words and blog entries mean something and that I'm credible. I'm certainly credible in all of my material, but hardly anyone wants to show their appreciation of my work. I don't know why. Can anyone hear my cries and offer me hope?

I've even set up a widget for networkedBlogs. NOBODY from Facebook who reads my blogs wants to follow me. I'm sorry... I feel terrible inside. I know the feeling of being unloved. So PLEASE follow my blog if you like what you see here.

--- Feedback Struggles ---
I once had four comments to blog entries in one day. But unfortunately, they were all racist and hateful. That's why I went ahead and allowed comments to be moderated. I don't want to have spam comments fill up anywhere on my blog. I want to get some attention and relevance, but I don't want to sacrifice getting spammy material in the process. I've come along with many comments. Many people come along, but very few actually comment on my material or want to offer some feedback.

I invite you to post a comment on anything that interests you in my blog. I don't just post anything silly just to get attention. I would rather earn my audience than cheat. I invite all of you readers and subscribers to check out my blog and comment on ANY topic. Don't worry about the comment approval I've set up. If you know common sense and don't try to attack me, you have nothing to fear. This is just a measure to put idiots in their place. How am I supposed to know if you approve of my work or disapprove of my work if you don't tell me? How do I know I have a sustainable audience if nobody tells me how I'm doing? Help me feel relevant by posting comments.

These are just a few struggles I face in blogging. Not making any significant progress after exhausting everything to get popular makes me feel unimportant. I don't want to keep asking, "what more do I have to do to get through to all of my friends and fans to view my blog and comment?" All I'm asking is that if you love my material, I want you to show it by following my blogs. The only deal where I have followers is MyBlogLog. But with MyBlogLog told to be killed off this month, I need the support of people around the Internet to follow me and offer me comments to my blog. Just follow my blog if you love my work and if you have an account with any of the following services (Google Friend Connect, Facebook with networkedBlogs, etc.). Don't just read my blog entries... comment! Be involved. Make me feel like my work means something to you. I'm trying to grow and expand with my blogging online. There are other Blogspot people who have a huge number of followers and who offer quality content. I offer my own quality content, and hardly anybody seems to care. So all I'm preaching is... if you love my blogs and all of my blog material, PLEASE follow my blog and offer comments on blog items you want to comment on. That's all I ask. Nothing more. Help me feel like I'm appreciated. Please?
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ikert24kfan said...

I know how you feel about your struggles with blogging. I myself am having the same troubles. I have been blogging for three years now and have no success in either generating traffic or income. Despite this I don't want to give up. Your lucky because you were able to use some of blogger's features while I still have trouble understanding them. Right now I still haven't gotten the hang of placing adsense within my blogger post and it's driving me nuts. Though personal in nature, my blog is also dedicated to rare and classic 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's songs that are being played on 99.5 rt's 24K Weekend program, hence the name 24K Forever!!!! Recently my father passed away which gives no urgency to generating more traffic and income on my blog because I don't want my other brother's to bear the burden of this recent tragedy in my family. I write because I promise to follow your blog and give support that I can because how it feels to try hard at something that you really feel passionate about. I either blog about the song or relate it to my experiences or personal views. I hope to hear from you. My blogsite URL is

Good luck and God Bless.


John B. Marine said...

ikert24kfan... I don't know what to tell you. THANKS so much for your post and your support. It was very kind of you to post what you did. I followed your blog and wish you the absolute best. Also, great job for staying with what you love. My blog is getting better and getting traffic, but still worlds away from powerhouse status.

Thank you so much for reading and posting! People like you make my blogging days. By the way... my deepest thoughts and prayers go out to your late father.

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