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Jean Pocket Detail

John Marine | 1/02/2010 08:33:00 PM |
As hot as a pair of jeans can be, equally hot are a pair of jeans with some nice pocket detail. It is these details that sometimes adds to the loveliness or sexiness of a femme who wears them. Here's a comparison. Which pair of jeans do you think looks hotter:


^ Joe's Jeans "Honey" from

or These:

^ True Religion jeans found on Photobucket and posted on

That will help set the tone for this one.

--- Back Pocket Detail: Basic ---

^ from: - a basic pair of pentagon jean pockets.

Many denim companies have their own signature designs for their jeans. The basic design I'm referring to are the basic pentagon pocket styles you'd normally see on the back of an average pair of jeans. The back pockets sometimes have special stitching and designs to add some lovely appeal. And when you wear something you can wear comfortably, you feel great.

--- Back Pocket Detail: Flap Pocket ---

^ from: - flap pocket jeans. The flap pocket detail can be sexy and attention-grabbing to the female's booty.

Flap pockets are possibly the most eye-catching pocket designs for any bottoms (let alone jeans). Most fashion experts usually suggest flap pocket jeans for those who aren't blessed with a nice booty. Those who do have a nice booty wearing such flap pocket pants only are a touch more bootylicious.

--- Back Pocket Detail: Welt Pockets ---

Welt pocket jeans are pretty rare, as you normally see these on slacks and uniform pants. Some of these jeans are either very casual or are more like denim trousers. You know, like these...


^ from:; jean trousers with welt pockets. Some bottoms with welt pockets have button closures that add a little more attention to the rear.


^ from:

--- Back Pocket Detail: Back Pocketless ---

^ Joe's Jeans "Honey" from - Back pocketless jeans. Some fashion experts recommend back pocketless jeans only for those who have little butts.

While you lose functionality without two rear pockets, you do gain some style. Having no pockets whatsoever at the back can be quite an attention-getter if you've got the curves to rock them in style. Great stitching and style are determinants for looking great for these.

Whatever your body type, it's best to find a pair of jeans you best feel comfortable in. It also helps to have a lovely pair of jeans that help compliment your feature and beautifully accentuate your assets. So be sure to do some shopping around and look for a pair of jeans that best compliments your body. While I've mentioned jeans, this can also apply to almost any kind of bottoms. Skirts and many kinds of pants and shorts have lovely pocket designs. Happy shopping! :)
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