Friday, February 19, 2010

Because You're Here...

John Marine | 2/19/2010 05:35:00 AM | |
Allow me to provide a little literature to you. I simply call it, "Because You're Here." You'll see why when you read the rest of this blog entry. This is a blog entry I want you to dedicate to people in your life whom you love if you are touched by my words.

If Dedicating to a Friend...

Because you're here... life is happier. You are a friend who can drive away storm clouds in my life and give me the sunshine I need to live each day happily and safely. Even if it does eventually rain, you are my umbrella because as long as you're here, I have reason to live.

Because you're here... ... my outlook on the world is better. I feel happier each day knowing there's someone besides God and my family who cares about me and loves me. I don't have to hang my head down wondering when my luck will run out.

Because you're here... I can smile and feel happy. Being friends with you is something I will always cherish and celebrate. I could have made friends with people who couldn't care less about me, but because you're here and because you're a true friend, I feel better each day knowing I have you by my side.

If Dedicating to a Family Member...

Because you're here... I have wisdom and direction in life. I can stand my own ground, but even I need the loving support of a great (family member) like you. Because you're here, I can look to you for support and love. You are my true best friend no matter how many friends I have.

If Dedicating to a Lover/Spouse...

Because you're here... I have someone to love. It is not that I am weak when alone; it is that with you, my strength and your strength equals a strong force. Our loving bond is powerful enough to shatter anything from boulders to pure diamonds. Speaking of diamonds, every facet of you is beautiful. You sparkle in so many ways that I can't be any more happy to be your lover.

Because you're here... I have someone to love, to hold, to embrace, to hug, to kiss, to admire, to praise, to honor, to celebrate, to cherish, to imagine a fruitful future with. I love you very much. Your presence on this Earth and in God's universe makes me feel better as a person. God made something special when He created the heavens and this universe, and he made something equally as special when you were given life. Because of this, I am forever grateful you are here. And I am thankful you're here.

So basically, because someone is there for you and loves you, you are a happier person and can live a happier life. I don't have a girlfriend... so I want to dedicate this to some of my true friends and those friends of mine whom helped me to feel better about myself. Thanks so much! Love and peace (as I say as a sign-off of my videos)!
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