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Motorsports Style - The Mazda 787B

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A Japanese manufacturer has never won the 24 Hours of Le Mans until Mazda did it in 1991. Their rocketship was the crazy fast 787B. It was a car that made green and orange sexy. You'd better bring a potent challenger if you plan on winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright. This car looks like it was born to take on Le Mans. Take note of its low and swoopy character and the low wing. You can almost immediately imagine this car blasting down the Hunaudieres with this car's loud rotary engine roaring loudly.

Here is a look at the Mazda 787B:
Mazda 787B
^ from: - Mazda remains the only Japanese make to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright when they won in 1991.

Now let me talk about how this car looks, as I do in all of my style blog entries.

--- Motorsports Style: The Mazda 787B ---
I wish I knew much more on the old Group C prototypes. I was first introduced to this car and appreciated this car from "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec." It was here where I had a chance to see how insanely fast this car is. Even for a car with a five-speed transmission, this car has a distinctive rotary roar from this car's four-rotor engine. Its style is lovely as you can see just how swoopy this car is.

The Mazda 787B has two glass encasings, each housing two big lights and a little signal/hazard light between the two lights up top. Under the headlight encasings are some smaller openings. A long front air dam compliments these two extra openings. The canopy of this car is fairly narrow, but not extremely narrow to where the dimensions appear completely off. Its aggressive design cannot be appreciated until you look at it from the sides. The 787B appears as a Hell-spawned speed demon when you look at the swoopy side profile, including the two large side ducts and the big wing at the back. Big Dunlop tires are complimented by gold five-spoke wheels with silver colors around the perimeter of the wheels. The rear wing is set at about the same height as the rest of the car (cockpit notwithstanding). This car was basically MADE for the high-speed characteristics of Le Mans. From the rear, this car has two little brake lights on either side of where the rear wing is mounted.

Overall, this car was built for speed and built to take on the finest prototypes from Europe at Le Mans. Even with the respective misfortunes of Jaguar, Sauber-Mercedes, and others... the four-rotor Mazda 787B held on to survive the treacherous test of 24 hours of racing. Mazda remains the ONLY Japanese manufacturer to win Le Mans outright, but Toyota almost made it two Japanese manufacturers to win Le Mans until their dreams were dashed in 1999.

The Mazda 787B fantastic car. I'm even inclined to want to learn more about the days of the Japanese Sports Prototype Championship because of this car. This is a great racing machine. Just make sure to have some ear plugs on hand if racing this thing.

(ADDED: May 29, 2011)
Thanks to the many people who view this blog post! Do you want to hear this thing rev up? Have a listen... you won't be disappointed! :)

This is what four-rotor power sounds like:

Thank you for reading!

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