Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gymnastic Ribbon

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No style of rhythmetic gymnastics can be more graceful than gymnastic ribbon. While I don't watch gymnastics competitions much, I do admit that there's something beautiful and graceful about twirling around a gymnastic ribbon. So what does gymnastic ribbon competitions entail? A female gracefully twirls around a ribbon as well as perform various dancing routines with the gymnastic ribbon. Just seeing how a girl can twirl around a ribbon while also performing beautiful dance routines is just amazing. Sometimes, she even tosses her ribbon up into the air while tumbling on the floor and gracefully catch the ribbon. A number of different routines are put together to wow the crowd. There is NOTHING like gymanstic ribbon. Here is a picture to set the mood:

^ from: edmontonrhythmics.com

There is also gymnastics with a gymnastic ball, but I love gymnastic ribbon much more. What I have done is include a video to give you a demonstration of what makes gymanstic ribbon so beautiful and graceful. Check this out:

^ These are some beautiful moves from this little gymnast!

To all of you who take part in gymnastic ribbon, I salute all of you! Keep making those jaw-dropping moves and twirls to keep the audience on edge! :D Here are some gymnastic ribbons on Amazon if you are looking for some gymnastic ribbon wands and streamers:

Thank you for reading!
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