Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KFC's Double Down

John Marine | 4/20/2010 09:47:00 PM | |
I love Popeye's and Kentucky Fried Chicken for fast food chicken. When I went to a KFC on Saturday night, I saw the Double Down on display. So what is the Double Down? It's a chicken sandwich... except there's no bread. You normally think that a sandwich has bread with some meat underneath. Not this one. Apparently, the amount of chicken taste is so much that TWO chicken fillets serve as the "bread" to this sandwich along with some cheese and bacon between the two pieces of chicken. Here is a picture of the Double Down sandwich:

^ from: consumerist.com

--- My Thoughts on the Double Down ---
I would normally want something like this because I'm a sucker for Kentucky Fried Chicken (or even Kentucky Grilled Chicken). The fact is, I'd be disgusted to even have one. My inclination would be to just eat the two pieces of chicken; just not the chicken plus the cheese and bacon. I love KFC as much as I love Popeye's (I actually love Popeye's a little more). However, I'm not digging this Double Down. A number of other people want the Double Down taken off the menu.

Trying different things makes various people and groups better. Credit KFC for trying something different, but I'm just not feeling this double down. My mother says this is a heart attack waiting to happen or something like that. If it were up to me, I'd replace the Double Down with the old KFC Snacker sandwiches. Or go back to the KFC Chicken Littles from back in my youth. You may also bring the KFC Zinger (which I only know of in Australia) to the States. I mean... I'm not feeling the Double Down. I'm not liking the Double Down and wouldn't want one.

Get a bucket of delicious KFC chicken or KGC (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) instead. Get one of those delicious KFC bowls instead. Get a Fill-Up Box. I haven't eaten a Double Down, nor would I want to.

That's my view. Of course, you're free to draw your own opinions on the Double Down. For more information on the Double Down, please visit the Double Down's home page at kfc.com. Thanks for reading!
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