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The Irresistible Force of Love

John Marine | 4/28/2010 04:28:00 PM | | |
(UPDATED: May 11, 2012)

When I watch Maury sometimes, I hear of cheating partners who do unspeakable things. You know... cheating with other people, sleeping with best friends, that sort of thing. A lot of the couples who get dumped on national TV really try to get back together to patch things up and start again. Why do I think scorned lovers somehow try to get back together after some unspeakable act(s) of philandering (cheating)? The one reason to me is the power of love. Love is so powerful that as you try to walk away from one you adore the most and care for the most, love tends to be that unrelenting force within you that makes you want to see the goodness in people you put behind. It makes you think a certain way as to what that someone means to you. This can not only be for couples in love, but also for relationships between friends and family.

--- Love: The Unrelenting Irresistible Force ---

Here is an example for you- a partner learns that he/she has been cheated on by his/her lover. The scorned party dumps her/him and wants nothing to do with him/her anymore. With love as an unrelenting and irresistible force, we look back on the positive qualities of the guilty party. With an unfilled void, we feel empty just thinking about just how much someone means to us. In the back of our respective minds is the fact that the accused party did some unforgivable act. Despite this, and in learning what we leave behind after letting something go, we tend to have better appreciation for how much someone really means to us.

Let's look at another example- a married couple has an intense argument with screaming and savagely foul language. The instinct is to tackle an immediate because are of a "What have you done for me lately?" people. Let's just say the married couple breaks up and wants nothing to do with each other anymore. The couple somehow gets back together because life separated for the two would be saddening. And if there are children involved, it means one party will have to be mom and dad to a child or children. It's like a scorned spouse or lover wants to turn away, but there is hope and promise of trying to be both good spouses and solid parents. So while immediate times may not be promising, at least we have things to look back on as a showing of love. Looking back on what items of promise there are makes us think differently about the ones we've argued about.

What is another example of the unrelenting power of love? Think about when a couple wants to renew their wedding vows. Think about a couple wanting to get back together after some rough times. The promise of a brighter future and hopes of trying to fix a rocky relationship is always something special. It means that two parties have put their differences aside and try to come together in hopes of making and maintaining a special relationship. It means that a couple has something to work towards and live for. It may not be easy to get back together, but at least there is hope that something special is in the works.

Hope and promise always make me happy. They are the reasons I keep believing in people who I love and care about. I at least try to find goodness in people that far outweigh any negativity. I don't want to see people I love and/or respect be at each others' throats constantly. If it's with someone very close, I get extremely nervous. I have had enough negativity in my life that I hate to experience anything extremely discomforting and nightmarish. I don't want people whom I love or really good friends with to just all of a sudden fall into a hole they can't get out of.

--- Can You REALLY Hate a Loved One Forever? ---

I guess you can say that you can never hate something forever. Especially if there are people who you love and feel like you can't live without, even if you hate someone you once loved for some sort of reason, you can never fully hate someone for the rest of your life. At least I think that love brings people together, despite the fact that in the backs of our minds, the ones who have scorned us did some sort of unspeakable act. The amount of love in our hearts help us to realize how much someone means to us. I constantly hear on daytime talk shows about how certain people love someone. If someone we loved was gone for our lives, we feel like we have nothing (or at least, something that helps us feel like life after someone's break up or passing is tough). It is why certain people want to still be with people. Then again, this is why you go on talk shows- you need help. So while it's commonplace to see a couple whose relationship is on the rocks, at least the scorned parties see the goodness in the hearts of those they love most that without the ones they love in their lives, they feel they have nothing. It is the power of love and the unrelenting goodness God brings to the world that helps us want to stay together with people. A child who hates his/her parents CAN come together and regain understanding. High school sweethearts that now hate each other can come back together and try to live happily together without needing to find new partners. Two unhappy spouses who dump each other CAN come back together to try to start over and hope for a promising future. The power of love helps us to recognize and acknowledge what people REALLY mean to us, and also what people REALLY mean to us rather than the "What have you done for me lately?" concern. Love is both an unrelenting and irresistible force. It is the power that bonds us and lets us see things in people we fail to see in them, especially after being scorned by them.

This is at least what I think about the power of love. When there's someone who we love or used to love, love usually helps us to think about what someone REALLY means to us rather than what that loved someone means to us immediately. It's something I like to think of when people drop me from friend lists on Myspace and Facebook. Something tells me that I hope someone may one day want to be friends with me and give me a second chance. That's especially when I feel like I did something I didn't know ended up hurting someone. It is especially when I feel like there were people whom I thought were friends of mine. I just believe that there are people who I wish would give me a second chance because I hardly ever drop friends from my friend lists on Myspace and/or Facebook. If someone just doesn't like being on Myspace or Facebook anymore, that's COMPLETELY understandable. But if it's someone who just drops me without telling me why or wanting to patch things up with me, then I just feel cheated and unloved.

Love is a powerful and irresistible force. The relation of love can be thought of as a boat trying to float on water. Hate is the force that tells us that a heavy boat will drown and be forgotten forever, but love is the water's force that helps a boat remain buoyant and successfully float. I don't think we can ever hate anyone forever. We want to when we've been scorned or done wrong, but I don't think we can EVER hate a loved one forever. Forever means that you try to get ANY thoughts of a past love out of your mind for as long as you live. At one point, we need the people we've once loved because there will be holes that need to be patched up. So because of the buoyant force of love, people sometimes get back with the ones they've once loved and try to patch things up. Life and love give second chances (sometimes, third chances). It is because of this that love... is an irresistible force.

Thank you for reading.

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