Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Car Deaths

John Marine | 7/30/2010 06:45:00 PM | |
A hot day, sitting in a car for a long time, and neglect/disregard often leads to... hot car deaths. What depresses me the most about these incidents is the apparent neglect most parents have regarding leaving people in hot cars for a long time. The majority of these cases involve children or babies in hot cars for several hours. It gets pretty hot here in Houston during the warm weather seasons and months. It's already hot outside. Despite this, think of how hot it gets inside a car. Temperatures inside a parked car makes the inside feel like being in an oven. I am most disappointed about how some people tend to forget they have babies or children around for hours on end. I am not sure how to limit these deaths, but I think if you know you are going to be in a place for a long time on a warm/hot day, bring your children/babies with you. If a place in question is some adult-oriented place (like a liquor store, a smoking store, or any sexually-oriented business), it's probably best not to bring your baby/child to these places parked in a car.

^ from: - the aftermath of leaving a baby or a child in a hot car on a hot day for a long time can lead to tragedies like this.

These things just depress me. With highs expected to be at 100° F for Saturday and Sunday (as of the date of this blog post), I can only hope that parents are responsible enough to keep their babies and children safe from the heat. Again- these things just depress me. Is it that some people aren't mindful enough that they brought their chilren and left them in a hot car for a very long time, or is it that some people think babies and children can withstand being out in the heat for a very long time? Whatever the case, I'm always disappointed hearing stories like this.

My advice- be responsible, be mindful, and be smart. If you have babies or children with you on a hot day, don't leave them to be baked by the sun in a car for a long time. Maybe allow yourself ten minutes or so to check on your children. Remember- as hot as it can be outside, it can be even hotter inside a parked car. So be mindful of your children if they are in a hot car.

Thank you for reading. Please take care and have an amazing day!
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John B. Marine said...

This makes me so angry but sad at the same time. How can people be so careless!

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