Friday, October 8, 2010

Climate Change and the South Pacific

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Climate change and global warming are two huge issues. They are even more so for the various South Pacific islands and other nations I've made blog posts about. Fear is that changes to our climate and global warming could end up in elevated waters that may completely submerge various South Pacific islands and island nations. There is a YouTube channel called 100PlacesToRemember featuring certain places that may undergo some serious changes in the future. To demonstrate how devastating global warming can be to the South Pacific, have a look at this video highlighting what dark future could await the island nation of Tuvalu as a result of global warming:

That is why when I did my reading online for my blog entry Oceania and the South Pacific, the issue of global warming and climate change is of serious concern to the South Pacific. There are many among the South Pacific who feel a lot more can be done to preserve these island paradises. Even Miss South Pacific 2009 winner, Merewalesi Nailatikau of Fiji, wanted to express her views regarding global warming and how it impacts (or could impact) the South Pacific. This issue is of great concern to people of the South Pacific. We may think global warming will greatly impact developed and more industrialized countries. However, global warming and climate change could devastate the South Pacific (among other locations). Some would take their chances if climate change ends up devastating the South Pacific, but global warming is still a serious environmental issue no matter where in the world you are.

I just want all of you to know- I am NOT in any way any kind of environmental activist or anything. So DO NOT think that I am trying to persuade anybody into doing something to help save our environment and our world. This is just an issue that concerns me in regards to the South Pacific. I've been making a bunch of blog posts recently with the South Pacific in mind to expand my global audience and to meet new people, and part of meeting a new audience involves understanding issues both good and bad with other people and other nations. I do value and appreciate all of my readers from around the world.

Global warming and climate change is a serious environmental issue as it is, and it can be even more serious for various South Pacific islands and island nations. Places like Kiribati, French Polynesia, Micronesia, the Cook Islands, and places like that could be submerged in water for good thanks to global warming. Does this issue concern any of you in regards to the South Pacific? If you are from the South Pacific or Oceania, how does this issue impact your native people? Feel free to comment away.
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