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If you ever pick up a magazine of duPont Registry, you'll know what to expect when you flip through the pages. This magazine features lots of exotic cars and other high-life goods. duPont Publishing Inc. was founded in 1984 and based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. I know the duPont REGISTRY for its many automobile advertisements, but homes, boats, and watches (among many other things) are offered in the pages of this monthly publication. The scary truth is... if you see something that you like and that you have money for... you can actually BUY stuff offered in the pages of the duPont REGISTRY. An edition of the duPont REGISTRY is available for about five or seven dollars elsewhere. However, the Florida-based publication is available FOR FREE if you are in Florida (or so I hear).

This blog entry is about the magazine that helps us dream at night about what the heck we'd want to buy if we all became rich and famous- the duPont REGISTRY!

^ the 2009 edition of the duPont REGISTRY.

--- duPont REGISTRY: Automobiles ---
Only the finest automobiles are offered in the pages of the duPont REGISTRY. These include sports cars, exotics, luxury cars, and other high-end machines. So if you're looking for a Plymouth Laser with about 30,000 miles on it and in fairly good shape, you would be out of luck flipping through the pages of the duPont REGISTRY. Conversely, if you are looking for a great quality restored 1963 Sting Ray Corvette, you may be in luck. The duPont REGISTRY never ceases to amaze me o nthe automobile front. The kinds of cars offered up in advertisements and pictures are nothing short of sensational. A few pages are even devoted to some feature cars.

Various auto dealers across the United States are featured in the pages of the duPont REGISTRY. Even some Houston-based companies and Houston branches are featured. Houston's own Hennessey Performance Engineering is featured in this magazine with an ad for instance. I think Houston's Expo Motorcars was featured in the pages of the duPont REGISTRY as well. You'll even see various Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and other dealerships of high-end sports cars and exotics featured as well.

In addition to exotic cars, motorcycles and classic/vintage cars are also featured. There are even some race cars offered by sellers. A few machines you've almost never even heard of are also featured. For example, in the June 2009 edition of the duPont REGISTRY, a massive SUV called the Knight XV by Conquest Vehicles is featured. How much does it sell for? How does $489K USD sound for a hand-built SUV? Almost anything that is on wheels and can be driven can be yours if you have the money. You can even purchase upgrade kits and wheels among other things. That's the cool, but scary reality of items featured in the duPont REGISTRY- you can actually buy this stuff, and it's all real!

--- duPont REGISTRY: Homes ---
So that rinky-dink two-car garage home isn't good enough? duPont REGISTRY has a publication devoted to luxurious homes. Almost everyone who wants to be rich and famous wants to live in a home that reflects their wealthy lifestyle. Well, the duPont REGISTRY has this kind of scary-but-true reality to all readers. I visited dR's website, and there are houses being either for sale or auctioned off. The cheapest-priced house I see from early pictures is a mountain home in Colorado that costs $1,795,000 USD! The most expensive home I've seen on the duPont REGISTRY's homes page is this beautiful harbor house in Boston that costs $55M USD. In other words... don't shop for a house with these guys and gals unless you've got LOTS of money!

--- duPont REGISTRY: Boats ---
If the way you spend your weekends is on the seas on luxurious watercraft, the duPont REGISTRY has items for the water lover. Everything from lovely boats to full-on yachts are featured. I personally can't deal with water since I can't swim. My older brother even wants a boat, but I'm sure he wouldn't be able to afford the super-luxurious watercraft in the duPont REGISTRY. At least you know that you can have any of these machines that usually cost anything north of $1,000,000 USD. Sometimes WELL north of a million US dollars.

--- duPont REGISTRY: Other Items ---
This final section is devoted to other goods I've seen featured in the pages of the duPont REGISTRY. One time, I bought an edition of the duPont REGISTRY featuring high-end watches. Not just Citizen, not just Tag Heuer, but many you've likely never heard of. I have even seen some things like dating resources, home goods, home furnishings, and more. There are even some services for pet dogs... as in canines that start at $25K USD from one company. I flipped through a few pages to find a security system called SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments) cores. In a few advertisements, there are even items for personal aircraft.

So you'll never know what you will find in an edition of the duPont REGISTRY. Part of the fun of this publication is in finding out what is available and for how much.

--- What I Would Say to the duPont Registry if They Read This ---

duPont REGISTRY collection
^ [Some of] the editions of the duPont REGISTRY that I have. June 2009 (top left), May 2007 (top right), October 2007 (bottom left), December 2006 (bottom center), and June 2008 (bottom right).

Keep up the great work! You all do an absolutely amazing job featuring such awesome machines, luxury goods, and more. I have the utmost respect for your work, though I'm fairly sure I will never be able to afford any of this stuff!

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