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Where I Would Want to Visit in the South Pacific

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The South Pacific features many wonderful locations. These are island paradises that are exotic and remote from most of the rest of the world. This blog entry features locations I would want to visit if I actually wanted to travel to the South Pacific. I'll even share what I think about these various locations.

BLOG NOTE: This blog entry is one topic that comprises a new blog label. The new label is called "Pacific and Oceania," and it is a series of blog entries devoted entirely to the Pacific Islands, Pacific Islanders, and more. This is a gift for all of my viewers across the South Pacific whom have visited my blog.

--- Where I Would Want to Travel to if in the South Pacific ---
This is the main point of the blog post. The cities and locations featured are in no particular order. So just because you see one place featured first doesn't mean I most want to visit that place first. Each location is noted by headings. If you see a hypertext link, you can click on that link to visit the location's official website (or a related site). Thank you for visiting and reading!

QUICK NOTE: The places mentioned in this blog entry pertain to places I would want to visit in the South Pacific. However, I will not mention Australia and New Zealand as I have made a blog post long ago about my favorite Australasian cities. You can read "My Favorite Australasian Cities" to learn about my favorite cities mostly in Australia and New Zealand. Please enjoy this blog entry on other South Pacific locations I'd love to visit if I traveled there! :-)

--- French Polynesia ---
Venues within French Polynesia that I would want to visit if traveling...

Papeete, Tahiti.

Papeete, Tahiti
^ from: - a lovely view of Tahiti's capital city of Papeete from a hotel.

Unfortunately, all I know about French Polynesia is Tahiti, and the only city I know in French Polynesia is the Tahitian capital of Papeete (or Pape'ete).

--- Fiji ---
I get blog hits sometimes from Fiji. Allow me to share certain locations I like in Fiji.

Suva, Fiji.

^ from: - a street in Suva, Fiji.
Suva is the capital of Fiji. It is also home to where the Fijian national rugby team plays their rugby football.

Nadi, Fiji.

Sri Siva Subramaniya temple
^ from: - the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple in Nadi.

On the northwestern end of Fiji is Nadi. Nadi is where Fiji's international airport (Nadi International Airport) is located. So considering this, Nadi is an important city in bringing international visitors to beautiful Fiji. This is really all I know about Nadi. Considering this, Nadi is a serious locale in providing tourism to Fiji.

--- Cook Islands ---
I must admit... ever since doing blog entries on the South Pacific, I've become a fan of the Cook Islands. I seem to follow the Cook Islands more than I do almost any other South Pacific location. Part of it was the Miss Cook Islands deal including the beautiful Engara Gosselin. Having said this... I wish I knew much more about the Cook Islands. So this list of places will be very minimal. In fact, only one place is featured:

Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

^ from: - an aerial view of Avarua.

The capital of the Cook Islands (and largest city) is the lovely city of Avarua on the island of Rarotonga. I know it as the hometown of Engara Gosselin, Miss Cook Islands 2009 winner.

--- Guam ---
I know only one city in Guam, and here it is:

Hagåtña, Guam.

From various pictures that I've seen, Hagatna is the only city in Guam I've heard of. It is a lovely city from what I've seen in pictures and in video.

--- Northern Mariana Islands ---

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.

I've done a little reading lately on other locations in the Northern Mariana Islands. However, only Saipan immediately comes to mind. It's the only location among the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) that I know of. It's a great place Saipan is.

I do wish I knew more about the other two locations- Tinian and Rota, but Saipan is a lovely place.

--- Samoa and American Samoa ---
I am combining the two Samoas for this section. Stop me if you've read this before- I wish I knew more about these places. There would be one place I'd probably want to visit if I visited either Samoa or American Samoa.

Pago Pago, American Samoa.

(NOTE: That should be an official site, but when I prepared this blog entry, the site was being rebuilt. So be sure to check into this site if you want to learn more about Pago Pago.)

Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. My heart went out to the people of Samoa, American Samoa, and Niue after these locations were rocked last year by a vicious earthquake. Pago Pago still remains a lovely location in American Samoa.

--- New Caledonia ---
Here's the only city I know in the French Territory of New Caledonia:

Noumea, New Caledonia.

Nouméa is the lovely capital city of New Caledonia. The city has some lovely buildings. It is a great-looking city along with many of the surrounding
As I learned from Wikipedia, Nouméa is Sister Cities with Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; and Nice, France.

--- Individual Islands ---
These are locations that I don't know any major cities for. Instead, I just put them out there to show my admiration of these places.

Christmas Island.

While Santa Claus doesn't make his Summer home at Christmas Island, the Australian territory of Christmas Island seems very fascinating. A YouTube video I saw shown off the MANY Christmas Island red crabs that occupy Christmas Island. I'm not any kind of natural adventurer (I'm more of a city boy), so I'd be fearful of these red crabs. On a more pleasant note, the island is home to a cute bird known as the Brown Bobby. So I would say that Christmas Island is a natural wonder.

Solomon Islands.

There is nothing I know about the Solomon Islands. When I saw a YouTube video courtesy of Sunrise on 7's YouTube channel (which is like the Australian equivalent of Good Morning America here in the States), I heard of struggling health system in the Solomon Islands. A 2009 report by Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice talked about how the Solomon Islands has just one doctor per every 30,000 people living on the Solomon Islands. Basic things like immunization shots are tough to come by, and not every child gets to have this shot. The Solomon Islands are not a developed nation, so it's not like they have lots of cars and a massive highway system to go around on. One woman even walked for two hours to reach a hospital, then wait a bit longer through the searing heat to give her children the needed vaccinations for her children. If anyone is reading my blog from the Solomon Islands, my hopes are with everyone to help improve the health care system in the Solomon Islands so children of the Solomon Islands can live happier and healthier. Apart from this, the Solomon Islands boasts some beautiful tropical scenery. It is a lovely location with some lovely views.


I hear so much about all the phosphate mining that goes on in Nauru. It would just be incredibly interesting to see what it would be like to actually visit Nauru.


My knowledge of Palau is extremely poor. I was using Google Earth to find Palau, and it's (try to follow me here) some distance east of the southeasternmost portion of the Philippines. I looked up Koror in Palau and think it's a lovely place. That's probably the place I'd most want to visit if I visited Palau.


Vanuatu is a chain of about 80 islands of volcanic origin. I've heard of Vanuatu from "Survivor: Vanuatu" and "Exiled." I've never seen a single installment of Survivor. Exiled was the spinoff show from "My Super Sweet Sixteen." As for the islands themselves, what can I say- paradise! Surely worth visiting if I actually want to visit Vanuatu.

Norfolk Island.

Okay. I wouldn't know whether to feel glad to arrive in Norfolk Island, or be haunted by this island's brutal past. Regardless, Norfolk Island is a very beautiful place. It has a beautiful blend of South Pacific and Europe in this lone island.

Easter Island.

The extremely remote island governed by Chile is Easter Island. I would surely want to see the world-famous moai (or mo'ai) statues if I visited.

Kiribati (Honorable Mention!).

The only place I've heard of in Kiribati is Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati. I've seen a few pictures and thought Tarawa is a nice place. I think Kiribati has one of the coolest-looking flags of any nation.

And finally...

--- Hawaii ---
I still regard Hawaii as a lovely place. The game "Test Drive Unlimited" opened me up to and exposed Oahu (or O'ahu) Island to me. A friend of mine online who opened me up to Hawaiian music on Myspace is from Hawaii's Oahu island.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Honolulu is the capital and largest city in Hawaii. It is also the only city I know best in Hawaii. This city has a spectacular mix of downtown buildings and scenic mountains. It is a most incredible sight. I know this city as the home of Aloha Stadium (where the [Rainbow] Warriors of the University of Hawaii-Manoa plays football. It is also the home of NCAA Division 2 non-football school (Hawaii-Manoa is about the only NCAA football school in Hawaii) Chaminade University-Honolulu, home of the Chaminade Silverswords. Honolulu can also a somber place because of the Pearl Harbor kamikaze attacks on the USS Arizona back in 1941 by the Japanese imperial forces. The USS Arizona Memorial is a memorial site remembering the thousands of U.S. sailors who died from the kamikaze attacks. It would be a surreal feeling to visit this site considering what happened in 1941, but it's very much a part of visiting Honolulu as almost any attraction this city has to offer.

Waianae, Hawaii.

The pictures of Waianae are scenic and beautiful. This area is nicely known for the Waianae Range which adds to the city's beauty. Waianae is on the western coastline of O'ahu Island.

Kona District, Hawaii

Just to show that I'm trying to learn about other places, the Kona District of Hawaii island (or "the big island") is well known for the Kona Ironman Triathlon. The location itself is lovely from what I've seen in pictures.

--- If You Are From Any of the Cities or Countries Mentioned... ---
I want to offer my support of you all and say that you all come from some wonderful locations. If I didn't mention your hometown or home country in the South Pacific, I probably don't know much about it to comment on it. Remember that this blog entry is about places I'd want to visit if I were traveling to the South Pacific, so I didn't name every last place and city imaginable. Most of the cities I've come across were as a result of Google Image searches and Google Earth usage. I appreciate all of my readers around the world.

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