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Car Style - The Chevrolet Camaro (4th Generation)

John Marine | 12/27/2010 10:57:00 PM |
The 4th Generation Camaro is special to me. Why? It got me into cars back in 1997. Without it, I probably wouldn't have cared about cars. It is still a head-turner (as much as the recent Camaros) to me. I love the new Camaros, but I have a special place in my heart for the previous-generation Camaro. The 4th Generation Camaro smoothened out the lines of the 3rd Generation Camaro. The lifespan for the 4th generation Camaro was between 1993 and 2002. I enjoyed this car even when playing Gran Turismo 1 and Gran Turismo 2. It is therefore tough to ignore what this car has meant to me in getting into cars. Nothing like this car even today. This is another "Car Style" blog post regarding the car that got me into cars- the 4th-generation Chevrolet Camaro.

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--- Car Style: The Chevrolet Camaro (4th Generation) ---
I loved it because I thought the car looked like a bullet down the road. Here is a picture of the 4th-generation Camaro:

Both pictures from: - (1st Picture) a 4th-generation Camaro from 1993-1997. (2nd Picture) a 4th-generation Camaro from 1998-2002.

You could imagine my disappointment when the Camaro went on hiatus. It is still very much a head-turner. Engines for the 4th-gen Camaro ranged from 160 horsepower from a 3.4-liter V6 to 325 horsepower from a 5.7-liter V8. Back in the mid and late 1990s, the Camaro sold for somewhere between $13K USD to about maybe $18K USD. Far cry from most vehicle prices today. Some of today's inexpensive cars are in the $20K USD range. It was about 1997 or 1998 when I first got to see and admire the 4th-generation Camaro. The color I've always loved was Cayenne Red Metallic for the Camaro. I usually say that the only reason why I didn't like the Camaros 1998 and on was because they didn't come in Cayenne Red Metallic. My all-time favorite 4th-generation Camaro was the Camaro RS, which had a nice rear wing to its design.

To try something different, I will refer to certain cosmetic changes to the 4th Generation Camaro. So I will note "before 1998" and then "1998-2002" to make my descriptions a bit more interesting. This is also the best way I can diffrentiate between the design changes of the Camaro.


The Camaro up front has always been such a beautifully aggressive car up front. The diamond-edge design from the 3rd-generation was made more like a bullet. (before 1998) The Camaro had a pair of square headlights, two on each side. Those headlights were mostly tucked away and hidden. The front air dam had some fog lights in it, and its front bumper had a modest spoiler at the bottom up front. The hood/bonnet of this car was mostly modest and added to both its aggression and its aerodynamic style. (1998 and after) With the big changes to the car's appearance starting in 1998, the Camaro took on a more aggressive and more beautiful stance. Gone are the square headlights. In their place- a more stylish set of headlights to allow for a cleaner appearance up front. The newer headlights also allows for a bit more aggressive frontal design. Especially with the late 1990s models, the SS had an aggressive hood scoop that just made the Camaro even more beastly.

The side details are about the same for just about all 4th-generation Camaros. The 4th generation Camaro's side profile is as much of a bullet as its front. The way the side profile looks suggests that it was born to cut through the wind at speed. Then too, you can't fly through the wind too much in a car that weighs about 3400 lbs. What this generation Camaro may lack in aggressive details, it makes up for with aerodynamic and fluid body design. It seems like the top half of the side profile is a bit more outward than the lower half of the car on the sides. You really tend to notice this if you see the horizontal line across the sides of the Camaro. The lower half seems to be more caved in than the top portion, making it just a touch more aerodynamic on the sides. There is not one ugly angle from the sides of the 4th-generation Camaro.

To make a lasting impression, a car must have a lovely rear view. The Camaro boasts the "Camaro" words on the rear. There were two different styles of tail lights for the 4th Generation Camaro. The older model 4th generation Camaros have some long brake lights with some somewhat small size hazard lights. The tri-color headlights started in 1997 for the 4th-generation Camaro. Regardless of how the tail lights look, the rear looks lovely and polished. The sloping rear windshield only complete the loveliness that is the 4th generation Camaro. The spoiler is very modest while also being fairly aggressive. The rear bumper is smooth-looking and stylish.


It is very tough to do "Car Style" on older cars because it can be tough finding honest-to-goodness interiors for older cars. So I will mostly go on a general overview of unmodified interiors. The interior very sporty for a car of its time. Its instrument panel and gauges are nothing special compared to most of today's automobiles, but it is still very nice looking. The steering wheel is also sporty for a car of its time. The center console is also very '90s, so nothing too special here. All the basic controls and such are all styled nicely for a car of its time. The front seats are styled nicely and in sporty fashion. The back seats (once you fold down the front seats) are equally very nice.

I think I could have done better here, but I hope you were pleased with my effort.

The 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro got me into cars. Its great style is still charming to this day. While I still love the new modern retro Camaro, the 4th generation Camaro still warms my heart as a car fan. I still love seeing this car on the road. This is truly one of the most charming-looking cars of the '90s. It may have seen its last days in production in 2002, and while the new Camaro is an awesome car, it was the 4th Generation Camaro that got me into cars. Without the 4th Generation Camaro, I would have never gotten into cars.

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