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Sweater Dress With Boots

John Marine | 12/28/2010 02:03:00 AM |
(UPDATED: December 2, 2012)

A look I've become fond of is sweater dresses with boots. If there is one thing I've learned about cold weather fashion for females, it's all about wearing your most fabulous boots while also looking equally fabulous. I've liked this as a bare-leg look. If it is too cold to go bare legs, warm tights or warm leggings are always a nice way to still look hot even while it's cold. Let me showcase this look in pictures:

sweater dress with boots
^ from: kaboodle.com - Stay warm while looking hot! This sweater dress is paired with a lovely pair of boots.

sweater dress with mid-calf boots
^ from: www.modcloth.com - A super-cute purple sweater dress paired with honey brown mid-calf boots.

sweater dress with boots and tights.leggings
^ from: www.gap.com (originally through Stylehive) - Too cold for bare legs? Try tights or leggings underneath your sweater dress.

This blog post is a brief look at the sweater dress + boots look. You are welcome to comment on your thoughts about this look.


Thanks to everyone for making this post popular! I figure with temperatures getting cooler that such a look was going to be popular. I hope you enjoy your time here reading this blog post. PLEASE be sure to comment on how you feel about this fashion combination if you love my blog post.

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--- Sweater Dress With Boots ---

You've seen the look, but what do you go with for this look? Here is a look at pairing sweater dresses with boots.

The Sweater Dress.

The best look to me is pairing a sweater dress with some fabulous knee-high boots. I think the sweater dress has to fall to about mid-thigh (meaning I'm mostly fond of mini sweater dresses). And of course, the sweater dress has to be fabulous-looking. It should be chic and beautiful and comfortable to wear. Chunnky knit sweaters can be super sweet to wear.

The Boots.

On the topic of boots, I mentioned knee-high boots. The kinds of boots I had in mind with this look are a pair of slouchy knee-high boots. Either that, or a chic pair of knee-high cuffed boots. These are the best and appropriate boots to remain stylish. I am not recommending going with combat boots or anything real tough. If you want lace-ups, you can always go with a chic pair of knee-high lace-up boots. A good pair of ankle boots are also acceptable to go with a sweater dress. However, they probably aren't recommended if your legs get cold. That is where you'd get some warm tights or leggings to cover your legs for extra warmth.

This look is great once you have the items put together to form the sweater dress with boots look. How do you wear the look?

--- Sweater Dress With Boots: Videos ---

I have some video inspiration for you all. I want to show you some videos featuring sweater dresses and boots. The first video is :

Here is a video look featuring a sweater dress with boots, and paired with leggings/tights:

And there are your video and pictoral inspirations of sweater dresses with boots! I are good blogger, eh? :)

(UPDATED: November 14, 2012)
So if you wear sweater dresses with boots, I commend your style. Look as fabulous as you want!

You may find some items on Amazon that may interest you based on this blog post's topic. Have a look around and buy anything that interests you. This section has been updated with material from my "StyleSpace" blog:

(NOTE: All sizes are meant mostly for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted.)


Other Sources.

Here are some other sweater dresses for you to look for online. If you prefer any other sort of retailer or store, this is where you can find any number of sweater dresses:

sweater dresses on Amazon
sweater dresses on eBay
sweater dresses on Shopbop
sweater dresses on Modcloth
sweater dresses on Nordstrom
sweater dresses on Neiman Marcus
sweater dresses on Overstock.com

I hope I was able to help you here. Happy shopping (if you're doing any)! :)

What do you think about this combination of sweater dresses with boots? Do you think this is a great look or a not-so-great look? Comment away! Thank you for reading!

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