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Toys for Tots

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A charity I most respect is the United States Marines' Toys for Tots Foundation. Let me spend a little time to share my mind with all of you regarding this charity and what I think makes it such a worthy cause. It is my chance to share this charity in my blog here.

NOTE: This blog entry is all a commentary piece with my own personal commentary. I am not endorsed by or paid to post this blog entry (or for any of my other blog posts). Everything is all personal commentary and exposure.

Toys for Tots and Christmas Commentary.

Toys for Tots
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When it comes to Christmas, this is a festive and happy time of year. That happiness, however, isn't very pleasing when you are either a family struggling to get by from day-to-day or when you have children in the hospital who may never get to enjoy Christmas as most other kids and families. What I think makes Toys for Tots a very likeable cause (how can you HATE it?) is that the generosity of many other people and families helping to offer toys to those who most need them. Let's face it- Christmas is NOT fun when you're a kid that doesn't have toys or doesn't have any way to feel fun and festive. While no one good person should ever have to experience any sort of physical, emotional, or financial pain; children should never feel like life is horrible or that they can't be festive and happy. As for financially-struggling families, it's even more heart-wrenching because they don't have the money to provide their children with the hottest toys and gadgets and such for Christmas.

Because of these reasons, Toys for Tots is an invaluable cause to help make Christmas happier for those in need. I remember one time I saw a few U.S. Marines at a Toys for Tots stand. I think one guy was telling me you know, give what you have. Doesn't have to be toys. Money can be donated. The real task here is to help families who most need the support. Any time you donate to a viable charity sure to make a difference in others' lives, you feel good knowing you have made someone's Christmas brighter. That's what I love about Toys for Tots.

If Any U.S. Marines May be Reading This...

If you are a United States Marine involved with Toys for Tots (or even if you are not), let me thank you first and foremost for defending and protecting this great nation. It is great of you to get involved with a great cause like Toys for Tots. You all are wonderful men and women and tremendous assets to defending the USA. Any Marines serving overseas... keep up the great work and come home safely (along with the rest of our troops).

To learn more about Toys for Tots or to find , visit

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