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Perfumes and Fragrances

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Do you smell as good as you look? Perfumes and fragrances help you to smell as good as you look. They can help to add some extra appeal to you and your outfit. You have the ability to charm others nearby while also looking and feeling good. This blog post concerns such toiletries designed to help you smell your best while looking your best. Think of colognes and perfumes and such as finishing touches to enhance your appeal. I have even added body sprays to this discussion. It is a discussion on these items. I was not sure how to give an umbrella name to this topic, so I am going on the category of items on Amazon to name this post.

--- Perfumes and Fragrances at a Glance ---
^ from: - Various perfumes and fragrances can add a layer (or layers) of appeal to your looks.

Sometimes, making a fashion statement involves things you can't see. The aforementioned items in this blog post all help to provide some scent to your looks. These scents allow you to smell fresh and add to your appeal. You should be able to smell as good as you look. You may have seen old cartoons where characters are attracted to the sweet smell of something... then of course, something dangerous happens to them. Well, smelling good and having some sweet aroma around you can add to your appeal.

Let's go little-by-little in explaining certain fragrances. (sources: Wikipedia, WikiAnswers,, and misc. other online resources)

Body Spray.

TAG Body Spray
^ from: - Consider yourself warned. :) TAG is among many different makers of body spray.

TAG Body Spray
^ from: - Body sprays are also for women, but you don't hear them mentioned much. This lineup is a set of cocktail-inspired body sprays for women from an Asian brand.

Body spray is the most casual, yet most effective way to smell your best. The likes of TAG, AXE, and BOD are among some of the most popular (especially among males). They can be looked on as casual cologne and even can double as deodorant. Body sprays don' Just spray on your body and get to smell good. What girl wants to be around a guy who looks good, but smells plain or like crap? I usually spray AXE and/or BOD to go with my looks.


^ from:, by way of - Aqua por homme cologne for men.

Applying cologne is great for providing a pleasant scent to compliment your looks. Cologne is classy and allows you to smell great apart from body sprays. Consider cologne for casual days or semi-formal functions. Cologne is bolder and lasts longer than body spray. According to, cologne has about 5% to 8% concentration of essential oils to alcohol. So surely splash or spray more cologne because of this concentration of essential scents. Cologne is generally for men.


^ from: - "J'adore Dior!" :)

Long-lasting scent is offered with perfume. Smell good for hours with perfume. Perfume offers so much pleasant scent to go with your looks. However, they can be more expensive than cologne. In addition (source:, the concentration of essential oils to alcohol is about 30% by volume. Perfume is a combination of multiple layers of scent to provide a powerful and long-lasting scent. Therefore, you don't need to regularly apply perfume every few hours because perfume provides long-lasting scent. Perfume is usually commonly worn by females.

Bonus Video! Check this classic video out, Dior fans!

What Do I Wear?

I mostly wear cologne now. I use Cuba Blue Paris Eau de Toilette Natural Spray. The Cuba Paris lineup of fragrances feature some fragrances shaped like Cuban cigars (their trademark). The bottle itself smells like a cigar (please note: I do NOT smoke, so I can not say with any distinction that I know what a good cigar smells like). I also have a Cuba Gold bottle of cologne, but I didn't like it that much. I used to wear BOD body sprays, but I mostly wear cologne now.

--- "Should I Try Perfumes or Fragrances?" ---
These items will help you to smell great along with looking great. Some cultures, however, disapprove of wearing cologne or some other artificial scents. I am not one to question or compromise culture, so this is completely up to you.

--- What Works Best? ---
I think it all depends on the setting and what you're wearing such scents for. I obviously don't want to wear body spray for a semi-formal or formal occasion. Likewise, I don't want to wear some major cologne for a casual day out. It depends on the setting. I think you need to visit perfume stores to REALLY know what good-smelling [especially] colognes and perfumes smell like. Perfume stores include actual perfume stores as well as perfume sections in department stores and malls. It's better that way because you can actually go to the store and smell the items yourself rather than rely mostly on reviews from other people. Also, certain people can be on hand to offer you free samples of certain cologne. So even if you aren't shopping for cologne, you can somehow get an idea as to what kind of cologne you may want to get in the future.

So if you know of any places that sell such items, you may want to visit those stores to help you in purchasing cologne or perfume that will vastly interest you.

--- A Warning About Certain Perfumes and Fragrances ---
If you are seeking low-priced cologne or perfume, you want to absolutely avoid any bootleg or phony items. Some fake cologne and perfumes feature any number of nasty or harmful materials. Materials like what, you ask? Well...

[Some] Materials Found in Fake Perfumes and Fragrances:
* antifreeze
* bacteria
* urine

Who wants THESE materials in their cologne to smell good? I absolutely don't want to smell like urine (let alone antifreeze or bacteria)! Quality cologne and perfume means spending quality money (unless you get some deals at a great price from one store). Remember earlier I discussed going to perfume stores? Another advantage to them (in conjunction with this section) is that you may ask for free samples of certain types of cologne or perfume. You will really have to do some detective work to tell if certain cologne is of any good and of good quality.

Here is a video showcasing what some fake perfume can feature. I recommend you watch this video to get a better idea of what fake perfumes can feature:

Bear these things in mind when shopping for perfume.

Maybe it's just me (and on a much less dangerous note), but I try not to put cologne or anything around my neck because I tend to keep trying to clear my throat or something trying to apply cologne to my neck. So I just put cologne on my upper body and my arms mostly.

That's it for this one. If you are interested in shopping for any kind of item mentioned in this post, you may look to Amazon and these widgets. The widgets are set to feature each of the three aforementioned items: body spray, cologne, and perfume. You may change the search text to include men's items or women's items.

Or, you may begin shopping for perfumes and fragrances on Amazon by visiting Perfumes and Fragrances on Amazon.

For Body Spray...

(TIP: add "men" or "women" to the default search text for more specific results)

For Cologne...

(TIP: add "men" or "women" to the default search text for more specific results)

For Perfume...

(TIP: add "men" or "women" to the default search text for more specific results)

Thank you for reading!

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