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Sneaker Obsession

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Some wear sneakers; some are obsessed with them. Such people obsessed with sneakers (sometimes called sneaker freakers) are those who just find something enjoyable and comfortable about wearing sneakers as opposed to any other kind of footwear. There are guys out there who think there is nothing cooler than sporting a cool pair of kicks while heading out the door. There are girls who probably enjoy wearing sneakers more than wearing sandals (even including the ubiquitous flip-flop/thong sandals), pumps, flats, or whatever. Whatever the case, there are some people who love their sneakers and love having multiple pairs of sneakers. This blog post kind of highlights on the obsession of sneakers.

--- Sneaker Obsession ---

^ from: - Too many sneakers? Some obsessed with sneakers would say, "not enough sneakers."

There are many sneakers of many styles. However much sneakers mean to people depend on their creativity and their drive in owning sneakers. A number of guys have a pair of sneakers for them to wear proudly with their outfits. These can be sneakers for casual days, days playing sports, even certain guys who wear sneakers to the nightclub. Girls have many styles as well for sneakers. Many prefer simple leather sneakers while many more favor canvas sneakers. Some girls love skimmer sneakers (which I have blogged about before), some wear a regular pair of low-top sneakers, and some others even prefer a pair of high-top sneakers. Some girls even are appealed by high-heel sneakers and various chic sneakers (which I have also blogged about previously). Males and females love wearing sneakers so much that many feel they could do EVERYTHING in sneakers- go to work, go to school, get married, etc.

I am not obsessed with sneakers much to be honest. Though I wear sneakers often, I am not so casual in my dress that I'd rather wear sneakers than any other kind of shoes. I have only one pair of sneakers I commonly wear. I had a flat pair of American Eagle sneakers once. I stopped wearing them for the most part. In case you didn't know, I am not a brand-name guy. So I have these (dare I say) no-name athletic sneakers I mostly wear as far as sneakers are concerned. I have had pairs of sneakers from American Eagle and Skechers before.

--- What Makes Sneakers to Obsessive? ---
To me, there are a number of reasons depending on what sneakers we're discussing. The sneakers that come to mind most for me are Converses and Vans slip-on laceless sneakers. I have seen many a customized pair of Converse sneakers. Some people put all kinds of designs and color up their Converses. The ever-popular Vans slip-on canvas sneakers serve as works of art. In fact, the fact these are canvas sneakers mean they can serve as your own personal masterpiece... and you can WEAR these works of art! Just as much as there are many painters who paint pictures on canvas, there are people who like to create all sorts of designs on sneakers. I have certainly seen a handful of canvas slip-on sneakers and Converses that have been designed and colorized in so many ways. One pair I saw a girl wear once was some laceless sneakers that looked like they had comic strips on them.

Leather sneakers are often customized as well. I've seen a few old K-Swiss commercials where males and females showcase their K-Swiss sneakers in various styles ranging from customized to clean white. Everyone really into sneakers have their own unique style and what they look for in a pair of sneakers. For many, sneakers are more than just shoes- they are a reflection of one's style and character. Sneakers make statements about ourselves that we may otherwise not utter from our mouths.

Another part of sneakers and their obsessive character is the fact you can trade shoelaces. If you have a unique pair of shoelaces, you can take out the ones that came with the sneakers and put in the new shoelaces. Some girls even have ribbon shoelaces to go into their sneakers. With a wide variety of sneakers for both males and females, certain sneakers benefit from being able to replace the shoelaces with a unique pair.

There are many reasons why sneakers are so well-liked and so obsessive. These are just a few ideas. What are YOUR reasons if you love wearing sneakers?

--- What to Wear With Sneakers? ---
Sneakers are all about casual charm. Almost anything is worn with sneakers for both males and females. Guys have worn sneakers with all sorts of outfits (including suits). In fact, I've seen award shows where guys wear these show-appropriate suits and outfits while wearing sneakers. Girls certainly have many clothing options to go with sneakers. You have girls who simply go with the T-shirt and jeans look while wearing sneakers. Shorts are often worn with sneakers as well. There are also a handful of dresses and skirts worn with sneakers. I once even posted a blog entry regarding wearing sneakers with a blouse and dress pants. I have even seen celebrities such as [Texas' own] Demi Lovato, Sarah Silverman, and recording artist M.I.A. sporting sneakers with fancy dresses. Both Demi Lovato and Sarah Silverman wore fancy mid-length dresses with Converses while M.I.A. wore some high-top (or maybe low-top) leather sneakers to the Grammy awards while pregnant. Many (myself included at times) see wearing sneakers with a formal dress as a fashion no-no. It's different wearing sneakers with formal dresses, but not often liked by many people.

So proudly wear your sneakers if you so love them! If you think sneakers are or can be obsessive, I have a few websites for you sneaker fans to check out. Most of these sites may mostly pertain to just men's sneakers. Have a look:

* SneakerObsession - (this blog post was NOT named or inspired after this website!)
* Sneaker Files
* Sole Redemption
* SneakerHunt
* Simply Sneakers
* Sneaker Freaker Magazine
* Sneaker News
* My Kicks on Fire

* bebo group for girls who love sneakers called "Chicks with Kicks"
* flickr group called "Sneaker Freakers"

As usual, I may work to find more resources for all of you. Thank you for reading!

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