Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

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Pop the question on bended knee... will she accept? It's rare I make a blog post that is mostly about videos. This blog post regards asking "Will you marry me?" to the girl whom you hope to love for a very long time. For my people in the United States, you may have seen commercials for Robbins Brothers where guys propose to the girls they love. So as a blog tribute, here are a few videos to help express the range of emotions when asking "Will you marry me?" and the responses that come along afterwards.

NOTE: This blog post is not dedicated to any person in my life. I just want to post this blog entry for fun and for my viewing audience.

--- Will You Marry Me? ---
This blog post is driven by YouTube videos. I found a few to have some fun here. Enjoy these videos I've found! :) Find out how the loved ones respond when "Will you marry me?" is asked!

Home Run!

I'm not really a baseball fan (I do love my Astros!), but one guy in the stands hopes to hit a home run by popping the question to his lovely girlfriend:

Climbing for Your Love.

It's always great to properly climb a hill or a mountain. However, one fellow wants to climb the mountain of love with the one he loves most. Find out if he'll climb up to Heaven... or if he'll slide (or fall) down the mountain:

Can't Contain Herself.

Can this girl contain herself when asked by her man if she will marry him? Will she accept? Find out:

Hole in One.

Think of this like a Par 3 hole on a golf course. One guy's looking to hit a hole in one by proposing to his girlfriend. Will it be a Hole in One, or will he have to settle for Birdie? Here's the proof:

Gift of a Lifetime.

Christmas time is here. Regardless of what presents this couple got, this one hopes to be the best present one can ever receive:

On the Shores of Love.

Nothing says romantic quite like taking a walk down the beach. Waves kicking up, walking on the sand... oh! I think I'll ask for her hand in marriage! Find out if this lady accepts his proposal or not:


I am not a cell phone person, but this guy is. He uses his Nokia phone to send a message to his girl by taking pictures of things to make his proposal. Will she say yes? The answer is in this video:

These are just a few proposal videos to showcase here.

--- The Fun in Proposing ---
What I think is the coolest thing about proposals is the creativity people have in popping the question. Even if the girl says no, you deserve credit for even trying to ask her the question in your own unique way. There's nothing wrong with being on bended knee asking for a lady's hand in marriage. The real fun is in finding a unique way to propose to the one you love most. I'm too old-fashioned and classic to find a unique way to ask for a girl's hand in marriage.

So how do YOU make a marriage proposal to the one you love most? Do you fancy a creative method? Do you fancy just being old-fashioned and go down on bended knee? However you propose is up to you. Thing is, you're showing your total love and adoration to the one you love most.

If any of you reading this blog post recently got engaged, I want to congratulate you and your fiancé/fianceé and hope the two of you have a happy and prosperous marriage. And remember... if there is someone you love, don't be afraid to...


I hope you liked my fun blog post on marriage proposals. Again, if you recently got engaged, congratulations! Hope everything works out for you between now and becoming married. Thank you for reading!

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