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Smile More

Sometimes, people ask why certain people don't smile much in pictures and videos. People would probably assume that since I don't smile too much, I somehow am not very happy or sociable. Offering smiles in our pictures shows a lighthearted and respectful side of ourselves. If we are not smiling, then something must be wrong with us. A blog post from a blogging friend (Alina of "My Silk Fairytale") of mine offered some insight as to why she doesn't smile in her pictures. The beautiful young Romanian fashion blogger answered the question as to why she doesn't smile much in her pictures. She simply mentioned that she just doesn't like her smile. Despite this, she'd go on to say that she laughs and jokes a lot often in real life. Some people just think people who don't smile much have something emotionally wrong with them constantly. If you want to read a bit more into what I just mentioned (and to see a nice outfit posted by Alina), check out her blog post entitled "Disappointment" on My Silk Fairytale.

I was reading the blog "I am Khatu" when in one of her pictures, someone commented (and complimented) that it was nice seeing Khatu smile and laugh in her pictures. Khatu normally smiles often in her pictures, but this person would later say smiling and laughing in pictures makes her look more real. Khatu is a lovely petite fashion blogger who showcases her beauty in her various posts. I've made mention to her in my fashion-themed blog posts before. So if you've seen some of my posts where I mention Khatu, perhaps you've seen her style and her posts.

I just don't take too many pictures of myself. For the ones I do make, I don't usually smile (or at least try to). People think I look angry or sad because I don't smile much. Honest fact for me is... I don't like my smile too much sometimes. There are certain times when I enjoy smiling while taking a picture or doing a video. Most other times, I just don't smile. People on YouTube have had their way making fun of my looks. I have gap teeth (one hater went as far as to say he/she could drive his/her keyboard through my gap teeth). I just don't like my smile enough to continually and consistently do so. Just because I don't smile much, however, doesn't mean I am anti-social or continually sad. I know I've had my moments when I've battled my own depression. I do smile in my blog posts after a joke or something. A simple ":)" or ":D" offers some lighthearted energy to my material.

I could try smiling more in my pictures and in more of my content, but I don't feel I necessarily required to smile. I could probably take a picture of myself crying my eyes out or mad at the world. Sorry to sound mean, but I don't need to smile in all of my content. Just because I may look unhappy means that I am unhappy. We are always seemingly taught to express our best assets and characteristics. If those assets include smiling, then so be it. But if we personally don't smile much or enjoy smiling, it doesn't automatically mean we are fickle people or don't care about others. It just means that we don't smile much. Not everybody smiles frequently and/or often.

What do you make of having to feel like you have to smile more either in pictures/video or in real life? Please note this post concerns smiling more in published material and in real life. Are you as conscious about your smile and your image? Please comment and thank you for reading!

If Alina and Khatu Are Reading This...

I made mention to two fashion blogs- Alina of "My Silk Fairytale" and Khatu of "I am Khatu." If either or both are reading this blog post after I've made mention to them, let me just say both of you have wonderful blogs. Keep up the great work with your material. And, uh... hello! :)

Both of these young ladies are beautiful with lovely fashion blog posts and many lovely outfits. Both are worth your time if you enjoy fashion blogs. Visit their blogs and follow if they are to your interest:
Alina's blog: My Silk Fairytale
Khatu's blog: I am Khatu

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Thank you so much for the feature, John!It means a lot!And thank you for introducing Khatu, love her blog!I tried to comment earlier, but I don t know what happened, the page just didn t load properly:-s

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